1. says

    It’s no real revelation that Phelps calls himself a Democrat. He’s run for Governor of Kansas three times under the Dem label.

    He’s always soundly defeated in the primary. Even in backwards ultra-conservative Kansas, his vitriol is too severe to appeal to the masses. Most recently (1998), he was crushed and received less than 15% of the vote.

    In reality, though… He’s as much of a Democrat, as his cult is a church.

  2. says

    btw, for those interested in learning more about these scum…

    Louis Theroux’s BBC documentary, “The Most Hated Family in America” is a brilliant look into their disfunction and hate. Another good one is “Keith Allen Will Burn In Hell” produced for the UK’s Channel 4.

    Both can be viewed online (youtube). Leave it to the Brits to do great doc work. Nick Broomfield is like an idol of mine.

  3. Keppler says

    Why does it surprise you that Fred Phelps is a Democrat? I mean, it’s not like the Dems have shown any real interest in or support for gay civil rights. In fact, isn’t the president whose justice department just launched a spirited defense of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” a Democrat?

  4. Thisguy says

    Everyone needs to chill out about the Democrat thing. The only reason he’s a Democrat is that they’re so weak in Kansas they sometimes don’t even field candidates for big, major offices (governor, senator, etc.). So famewhore Phelps jumps in and tries to use it as a podium for his views. Obviously, this is pretty horrifying for KS Dems, but at least he’s never actually won a primary (or gotten close, really).

    The comment: “He’s as much of a Democrat as his cult is a church” sums it up very nicely, I think.

  5. Norm D PLume says

    Yes, Fred Phelps is a Democrat. Which is EXACTLY why I refuse to be a member of a party that allows any fucking racist, sexist, or homophobe to join. If you support the Democratic Party, you support homophobia, racism, and sexism. You can’t wash a turd.

  6. Sami in Vancouver says


    That city is my hometown, Vancouver, British Columbia!

    It was a very good interview, too!

  7. Jerry Murphy says

    I broke that bitch daughter of his in DC when they were protesting a mass gay marriage ceremony. I spit at these freaks, grabbed my crotch, as did a whole bunch of kids boys and girls did the same with theirs, and we told them what their jeusus was about –

    And that bitch lost her smile, doubled over, and screamed epithets I’d never heard before. They are so hateful they should be put in an insane asylum.

    But these people do not deserve to be on the face of the earth. I pray that someone who doesn’t have a family, and has eg incurable cancer, and only has a few mos to live, will send them to the hell the deserve.

    I prayed that a vesuvius would erupt under the hate filled catholic church, now run by a nazi Pope

    And in a way my prayers were answered – A vesuvius like eruption of exposure of pederasty by the church has erupted all over the world. This institution – the curse of western Civilization since it teamed with emperor constantine about 400 AD, is being exposed as totally corrupt. Hopefully by the time it is all over, the Catholic church will be a shell of its former self, and a lesson to humanity of what hatred of minorities in the name of God is all about.

  8. Jerry Murphy says

    Maybe Phelps is a democrat. No reasson not to support democrats. Phelps is so crazy that anything can happen.

    Including one of these days, like that creep Ted Haggard – the minister who hated gays – well his gay prostitute BF will out him.

    I’d love to give old Freddy boy a great blow job. After the dentist filed my teeth to a razor sharp edge.

    My sons dog will eat anything including its own droppings. Wouldn’t it be great seeing that prick’s prick getting chomped and swallowed, and shit out later.

    Should go in the Smithsonian.

  9. Philip Allen says

    The fact that Fred Phelps is a Democrat is by no means any fault of the Democrats. Phelps is allowed to belong to any party he desires. But I even doubt the Democrats would even be aware that he is one. And I’m convinced they would exclude once they knew-

  10. Philip Allen says

    Im pretty convinced that if I saw the “genius” on the street I would punch him in the face. Just enough to make his stupid looking face bruise

  11. Lisa says

    Fred Phelps and his crazed family will not go to hell because of the hatred they spew. They will go to hell because of the children they have turned against God.

    God is love.

    Faith is not the same as religion.

    MEN wrote every “holy” book.