1. Paul R says

    I’m getting a little tired of hearing about proms. It’s depressing. I hated mine, and had to escort three or four of my fag hag friends to theirs.

    I’d sooner go to a pep rally. It’s cheaper and shorter.

  2. Mike C. says

    Again, if the kid’s mother had not gone to the press and had this story plastered ALL OVER the web, news and blogs, it would have been less of an issue. People wouldn’t have been nervous, bigotted parents wouldn’t have felt a need to act out publicly, and I’m sure everything would have gone just fine.

    I feel like a bunch of people, on both sides, are trying to jump on the Constance McMillen bandwagon and make this a big issue when it does not need to be.

  3. Disgusted American says

    at this point – avoid the south and midwest – as a matter of fact…get the hell out of this country if at all possible..its Imploding with Hate,Bigotry,Religious Taliban hatred,and discrimination! Give me 2-3million – and Id freely leave this backwards,Lying,Hypocritical nation …Liberty & Justice for all my ass…..its all lies!

  4. Matty says

    This is effing SICK! God, some people are just stupid!

    But those guys are super cute couple :)

  5. FizziekruntNT says

    If Leesa Nixon had not gone to the school to protest the discriminatory policy and petition for change, these two boys would have been denied what most anyone pre-2000, myself included, waaaaay back in the 80s (ditto, Paul R.) was.

    Proms really DO suck and are a weak version of cotillion, debutante balls, etc. and a promenade was meant as an exit, sort of the last “hurrah” for graduating seniors. I believe the general consensus for most people, in the long run is, “Meh.” That certainly doesn’t mean they should be denied that experience.

    Chase and Jordan have every bit as much of a right to be a part of a traditional event, but in all honesty, it’s not even a taste of real success. The true success here is that they are openly proud of their relationship and are in love. That much is palpable. I wish them a long, happy, healthy, loving relationship.

  6. Dan says

    Look at these issues (year book, prom) and reflect to those of my own… I’m glad that my high school grad experience wasn’t so archaic.

    I don’t get why these schools HAVE to reinforce these ideas of prom but making it a boy/girl partner thing. For our graduation dinner (we didn’t call it a prom – I think it help not to reinforce the associated idea) – Sure, there are couples who went together. But it’s also widely acceptable for a lot of us to go as a group, i.e. I went with a bunch of guys, and girls did the same. Our parents were present and we celebrated our achievement of REACHING THE END OF OUR HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION! (Our year book photos are of us in graduation gowns – gender neutral and again, emphasize on achievement of finishing high school).

    I think when school admins, parents, and students continue to reinforce gender roles and their supposed appropriate behaviors, you will always find these conflicts. And while I’m sure people would argue that these cases help uncover hidden social prejudices and force us to deal with them – I think it’s ineffective because you ends up screwing up priorities and lose sight of what’s important: a celebration of a momentous achievement – completing a high school education.

  7. BART says

    Notice we didn’t see another student on camera saying a thing. Because by and large these kids classmates would shrug and say, “Whatever.” They’re more comfortable with open gayness, it’s not new to them, their hatred is only a decade deep not many decades.

    Who did they get on screen to comment, three gray haired douchebags, the first who starts his comment, “I believe in freedom BUT…”

    I believe those are honest well-meaning men who really know about the life of Jesus Christ BUT…”

    I hope these other hateful, semi-retarded parents do send their kids to some alternate prom. And pay for it. And I hope their children grow up to resent them for their ignorance and bigotry. And they will. These boys deserve much happiness and fun.

  8. says

    YOU’VE screwed up priorities and lost sight of what’s important, Dan.

    What’s important is to stand up for yourself and those you love and refuse to take any shit from the status quo.

  9. Mike C. says

    I’m not saying we should be silent, I’m saying the MOTHER should have been silent. She said that if the school allowed them to go to prom, she would not go to the media. Then what did she do? She went to the media! She went to the papers, blogs television. She even broadcasted the principal’s voicemail on the local news. It was only AFTER the mother went to the media, on TV and made it a big national issue that other community members suddenly raised a stink and everyone got a national platform.

    After the school said the guys could have gone to prom, that should have been it. They should have been allowed to go to prom without being a media or national spectacle just like everyone else.

  10. latebrosus says

    I like what Dan has to say. Anti-gay sentiment over who kids bring as their date makes it sound like the prom is some sort of heterosexual premarital rite.

    Which, for some, later in the backseat of the car, it is. But that’s beside the point.

  11. walter says

    the point is very simple, to hell with prom,
    it is discriminationn. plain and simple. the kids want to go to a dance. they are open and honest about who they are. thye deserve support and respect from all of us not snide comments and only a dance. when do we stop letting the “little things “slide. remember everything kids are denied make them feel different and these kids already have enough of that. make them feel accepted . what this country needs is more kids like them and less fucking red neck bigots.

  12. Bill says

    Heterosexuals can be who they are and heterosexuals want to make sure every non-heterosexual doesn’t get that chance. You either pretend to be heterosexual or else. That is the threat heterosexuals have made against gay people from the beginning of time and most gay people have gone that way because they didn’t have the support to be themselves. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! I’m so sick of living under this haterosexual dictatorship. I am so proud of these two young men being themselves and fighting for it.

  13. kansastock says

    The high school in my district had an out prom king last year. Yes in Kansas, if barely. I expect the kids are pretty much fine with this as opposed to their christianist parents.

  14. Steve says

    The parents are morons. Protecting your kids from exposure to gay people – at a SENIOR PROM? A little late, I think.

    And then when your kids go to college….oh, I forget, this is North Carolina.

  15. mike shackleford says

    Every generation has to fight for their rights, in their own way. That said these twinks are the new “freedom fighters” & deserve all the $$ that’s being wasted on HRCF, NGLTF,et al.

  16. iowa bear says

    @ Disgusted American
    “at this point – avoid the south and midwest”
    Really avoid the Midwest? I understand the south seems like it is 50 years behind the times but really the Midwest. The last time I checked in the state of Iowa I can get married and have the same protections as anyone else. I rarely see articles like this about discrimination towards gays in the Midwest. I understand a majority of reads think of the Midwest as fly over country but do not compare my state to the south until you have the same civil rights as I do in my state.

  17. John Dolwick says

    Mike C What are parents supposed to do buy into the system or stick up for their kids when they’re being craped. Here in the Tampa Bay area there is an alternative prom held every year. But this area has lots of KKK and other christian kooks

  18. Mike C. says

    I’m just saying, sometimes you have to make a deal. The kid’s mother made a deal with the school district that secured her son and his date tickets to the prom. That was wonderful and courageous of her and I applaud her. But, it was only after she went back on her deal, by going to every media outlet that would put her on TV or in print, and breaking the confidence of the school principal by publicly releasing the voicemail, that she started creating new problems. And now, she and the media have created a schism and gotten her son banished from a separate prom to be held.

    Face it, the mother should not have stoked the flames and gone to the media after her son was allowed to go to the prom. She should have left it at that, the boys would have gone to prom without any TV cameras, news stories or posts on Towleroad

    But you guys wouldn’t like that. Because if she hadn’t done that, there wouldn’t have been any blog entries for you to comment on or Facebook pages to join. We shouldn’t be making every gay kid’s senior prom into a national issue just to make a point.

  19. Mike C. says

    BTW, looking at the video again, why did the reporter have to interviewed at a gas station?? Lol

  20. JT says

    Yeah, really, @ Disgusted American. Why skip the MidWest. Iowa is cool. I’d skip California and New York, if you insist on skipping anywhere. And skip N.C. (land of John Edwards and Mike Nifong…and others..)but not the entire south.

  21. says

    A Gas Station? Quelle Horreur!

    More reason for you not to associate with such trash Mike C. After all what are they good for after you’ve sucked their cocks?

  22. Dan says

    @ David Ehrenstein – My point is not that kids should submit to the status quo. In fact, I think it’s very good for these young men and women to take a stand and I commend their bravery for doing so. I just don’t that they (and kids in general) should submit to these standards through some type of ritualized tradition to begin with.

    The whole concept of a prom is reinforcing this idea where a boy belongs with a girl and vice versa (i.e. where one kid is expected to bring another kid of the opposite gender). The whole construct and rules are based on this. For instance, they have to registers guests (for approval) ahead of time, they enforce dress codes, they get announced as a couple/ dates as they enter the prom, elections of prom king and queens, etc. So now, instead of celebrating an achievement – this becomes a human rights battleground.

    (I keep reflecting back to my own grad formal 10 years ago – where I wasn’t pressured or required to bring a specific date. (I’ve gone with a bunch of guys from my usual clique) – and yeah I could have gone with a boyfriend and I don’t think the admin would have made an issue because the focal point was celebrating what the graduates have accomplished – not who we brought to dinner…)

    At the core of it, I just don’t think it’s fair for any students (gay or straight), when little changes [to how these proms are considered and administered] could have made everyone’s life a lot easier. Particularly, I don’t think these GLBT teens should have been put in the position where they to have to put themselves out for the national scrutiny (and be judged publicly by their local community and beyond) or to bear our expectations on them as social activist/ rights pioneers. Can’t we (as adults) let our youth enjoy their youth without making things more difficult for them?

  23. says

    MIKE C:

    As I have said before, I never made any type of “DEAL” with the school not to go to the media!!

    Furthermore, the media came to me and asked for the story about what was going on, which BTW was after the school told Chase not to tell anyone about their decision, because they didn’t want other kids, who may be gay or otherwise, to change their prom dates!

    And after they told the media, that none of this ever happened and that they had a strict non-discrimination policy!

    What would you have me do, sit there with my mouth shut and allow them to stomp on the human and civil rights of these kids?

    The point of speaking out on this matter is this, if it makes it easier on one GBLT teen to enjoy their constitutionally protected rights in this country, at their school..well then it is worth all the bullshit.

    You do not end discrimination, hatred and intolerance by sitting quietly in the corner, the only thing silence does is enable the abuses, these violations of rights to continue and increase.

    I for one, want a better world for my children, their partners and all GBLT…what do you want? And exactly what are you willing to do to make that happen? Equality will not be handed to you, you are going to have to fight for it every step of the way!

    So either get out there and speak up and fight for equality or get the hell out of the way and back into your corner with your mouth shut! There is no middle ground either you want to be treated equally and are willing to fight for it or you just sit there with your mouth shut and hope that it comes to you! As for me and my house, we will shout it from the roof tops!

    As for why it was filmed at a gas station, well that is simple we live in the middle of no where and agree to meet them in town, to be nice.

    I am not trying to be a bitch, but honestly, don’t demand equality on one hand and then condemn those who are speaking out for it on the other.

  24. says

    Mike C:

    I am sorry if I seem too harsh in my previous comment. I am trying to fight so my children are treated just like everyone else!

    I want them to be able to get married, I want them to be able to have children or adopt and if I have to start by fighting the school just so they attend the prom, with the date of their choice, then I will start with the school!

  25. says

    We can’t forget about the South or the Midwest — that’s where the majority of the problems still are, as this case and all the others we’ve been hearing about aptly demonstrate.

    As for what FagHag Mom has been doing, bravo. -She’s doing what a mom is supposed to do.- Moms (and Dads) are supposed to fight for their kids, they are supposed to raise holy-hell, from the street corner to the media and all across the net.

    We’ve been listening to the nutjob parents nabbing headlines when they protest the teaching of even the mildest of positive information about homosexuality, all in the name of “The Children.”

    That people here are complaining about a mom who is looking out for the best interests of her gay kids AND the rights of -all- kids at the school, is utterly ridiculous.

  26. Paul says

    you know it is funny, I was talking to a friend at the gym yesterday who is from Mexico. In Mexico, a very Catholic country, same sex marriage is legal…that speak volumes to me about the forces of this country. Here…we can never seem to get away from the bible. People don’t use any common sense, they just stick nose into the bible as though it is some manual for life. it is really sad.
    And for those that don’t think the mother should have taken this to the press…how do these stories get out there if they are not publicized? do you think ACT UP would have been successful if it was quiet? Think about that. It is a small leap, but this will soon change the landscape.

  27. Arturo Beeche says

    Leesa, whom I have gotten to know quite well because of our shared experience, is a no-nonsense, to the point, call-it-as-you-see-it sort of person…she is extremely courageous, adoring of her kids, and an inspiration to us all!

    As a gay parent there are many issues one faces with one’s straight kids…who also have to face silly comments (“so which of your dad’s is the mom?” for example). It is tiresome. Our son came up with a solution so people would stop whispering…when we enrolled him in a private school, on his first day of class he introduced himself to the class by saying, “hi, my name is Zac. I’m adopted and have TWO dads…any questions?”

    He empowered himself and took away from his new classmates any chance of them using his family as a source of shame…my husband and I are very involved with his school (Catholic) and function perfectly well as an open, married gay couple in a Catholic school environment.

    We need more parents like Leesa!

  28. g_whiz says

    If she had not threatened to sue the school board her son wouldn’t have been able to go to the prom with his boyfriend AT ALL. The press could have gotten wind of this from any party at some point, especially if it had gone forward. She pays taxes in the school district, her son attends the school in question. He ought to be allowed to be incuded without this type of shunning. How we as readers found out about it is immaterial. Whats important here is that NC bigots are taking pages from Mississippi biggots book.