1. ravewulf says

    Of what I can see of his chest/arms, that looks nice. But his hair, yuck. It could just be this particular photo, but I think he needs a stylist.

  2. Ryan says

    I am pretty sure gay men love to talk shit about hot guys, because it makes them feel better for being ugly and having an ugly boyfriend. Quit the shit-talking and you’re gonna seem hotter.

  3. Eugene says

    “straight, unfortunately”

    Huh? Do you like it when some straight women call gay men “a waste of a good man”? We shouldn’t say these things.

  4. TANK says

    yup, not hot. I just aged him twenty years, too…It’s an odd compulsion…I do that to just about everyone I meet to see how they’re gonna look when they get old…and it’s brutal most of the time…and this is no exception. Brutal.