Photo: Nick Jonas, Brothers Give Some Love to Pastor Rick Warren


The Jonas Brothers joined Pastor Rick Warren as "guest worship leaders" at Angels Stadium yesterday for Saddleback Ranch's Easter service. Warren was a vocal supporter of Proposition 8 in California and has close ties to anti-gay Ugandan pastor and "kill the gays" bill supporter Martin Ssempa, though Warren has spoken out publicly against the bill.



  1. reality-based says

    That’s unfortunate — I mean those guys fraternizing with a lying homophobic scam artist like that.

    (Also, if Rick Warren is so darn tight with God, why can’t he lose weight? Might his chances at losing weight increase if he turned more to empirical research than he turns to God?)

  2. RW in LGB says

    Well, good to know the little no-talents are religio-fascists as well.

    More reason to hate their little smug ass-faces every time they infect the airwaves.


  3. cornflakegirl says

    The ugly Jonas (Kevin) is totally gay. They’re hugging a man that hates their closeted brother! Stephanie Tanner would say, “How rude!”

  4. Dignan says

    Rick Warren = scum. But, damn, Joe Jonas knows how to wear a suit! Looking good, Joe, looking good…

  5. anon says

    Yeah, I thought it was about Perelman at first too. Does the administration know about Warren’s support of the Ugandan bill? Do they care?

  6. Jack M says

    Bland adolescent musician meets bland ignorant evalgelist. Their combined 30 minutes of fame are up.

  7. sal says

    the jonas bros should put where they they stand on gay issues, you see them mooch with Ellen yet they mooch with this homophobe murderer.if they respect ALL their fans they would

  8. michelle says

    fuck yall the jonas brothers are not gay bitches. kevin not a closted faggot and hes not ugly.

  9. Nick says

    The White House is fully aware of Warren’s bigotry and homophobia and they rewarded him during the Inauguration as well as BO’s appearance at Warren’s coven headquarters. This is not news –

    As for the Jonas Brothers- this is not a surprise.
    They are proud Xtian celebates-remember? Their understanding of diversity and inclusion aren’t even on the radar -but they will take your money thank you very much-

  10. ravewulf says

    I never liked them anyway. They were essentially the next “Hilary Duff” replacements, except a lot worse. At least Hilary is on our side with the “Think Before You Speak” GLSEN campaign.

  11. TANK says

    Uh oh…they’re going to wake up mickey from his slumber in valhalla, and it’s back to being his slaves for the jonas brothers.

    What the hell do you expect? As long as people like rick warren are given large audiences of adoring followers in this country, this shit’s going to happen. Boycott jonas brothers…but seriously, if you’re a fan…you’re probly a pedo.

  12. MikeMick says

    As if we should expect more from these little asswipes? They’re probably not even homophobes, they’re just too dense to know they’re judged by the company they keep.

  13. Jai says

    Oh wait, we got ourselves a crazy ass fan girl named Michelle! Seriously, this is why I hate posts about teen stars because they attract these freaks. Although sometimes I think many of these fangirls are really lonely ol’ gay male trolls.

  14. Jai says

    On a more serious note… yeah, I agree. To hell with the Jonas Brothers. I understand that they are young guys and probably don’t share Warren’s sick views, but still. Even the fact that they are hugging that creep makes me ill.

  15. michelle says

    fuck yall faggots they are not gay bitches, yall our. don’t fuck with jb fans bitches , will tell you something you don’t want to hear. jb loves their gay friends ellen and perez and jessica orngeta. so shut the fuck up . yall gay and ugly and in the motherfucking closted assholes. jb have a millon fans even if they were, its nobody damn bussiness. motherfucking haters.

  16. patrick nyc says

    I just wonder how many times Michelle’s parents dropped her on her head to become this stupid?

  17. jamal49 says

    @michelle Um, the Jonas’ may not be “gay bitches”, but you are a bitch–a tacky, boring, run-of-the-mill, cheap-ass, know-nothing bitch. May the Jonas Brothers’ collective careers crash and burn in the toilet where they and that bovine bozo, Rick Warren, live.

  18. says

    I can’t wait ’til one or all of these little snots 1) has a messy sex-and-drug scandal splashed all over the news, 2) gets divorced, 3) comes and/or is forced out, and 4) ends up on “Biography: Whatever Happened to Tweeny Boy Stars Who Peaked at 16 Years Old and Faded Into Well-Deserved Obscurity?”

  19. sal says

    hmmm i wonder who demi lovato will choose,her gay best friend or her bf who smooches with lunatic homophobes

  20. JFE says

    I am shocked and disgusted…that the Jonas brothers would be used for worship at an Easter service. I mean, like, seriously? Is God part of the Disney Channel?

  21. says

    I actually downloaded several Hundred pix of these little boys, and about a dozen of their songs…for my niece…and there is Nothing Memorable about anything that they, uh, ‘sing.’ They are Boring….they are Bland…and Scrawny little nothings. Go Michelle…your turn.


  22. Jeff Dunivant says

    As friend of mine would say; they the Jonas brothers; would be cute if they were not so ugly. And stop saying Faggot that was sooooo last decade. As for “Pastor” Warren I hope that God strikes him down for his hypocritical stance on gay issues; may he burn in Hell!

  23. mark nick jonas lover says

    alright for rick warren go fucking kill yourself because im gay and i dont fucking appreciate you saying and doing all the shit that ur doing and another thing if you want to fucking kill all us gay guys then fucking try i dare you because theres one of you and millions of us!!!!! as for nick being gay fucking stop all this rumor shit if its true then say it if its not then ask it dont freakin spread it all over!! love you nick i think your the sexiest and would love you to talk to me my e-mail is!!!!!!!
    oh and forget about all them nick i think you and your brothers are just fine and will be great at what you do, as for rick warren, TAKE A FUCKING HIKE AND LEAVE MY NICK ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!