1. Tralfaz says

    La Seacrest is a twunt.

    I think she’s been fucked up that last few nights.

    Her mauling of the boys is getting more out of hand this year.

  2. RonSalon says

    Did Adam Lambert sing, “Jeff, there might have been a time…?” Who is Jeff? His beau?

  3. reynoldo says

    God I hope that one never comes out. Same with Tommy Girl.

    Stay in the closet and stay the fuck away.

  4. romeo says

    I’m not watching Idol this year because of what the producers allowed to happen to Adam last year (and they did enable all that bullshit). However, I watched this week for Adam. He sounded great last night, but I wish he’d get some new songs. He needs better hooks than anything on the current album. Just my opinion. Also, he should stick to Emo hairstyles. Those upsweeps make him look hard. But, WOW, is he light years ahead of any of the talent this year or what?!

  5. You Be the Judge says

    Either Ryan Seacrest is a legal dwarf or Adam Glambert is hormonally challenged because the difference in scale between those two in that clip really freaks me out. Glambert looks like he has be stung by 1000 bees.

  6. Keppler says

    @David T: Seacrest is so hard to like because he’s a prick. Doesn’t matter whether he’s gay or straight. He’s arrogant, confrontational, and rather petty.

  7. reynoldo says

    @KEPPLER – You got it! Now I ain’t one to gossip so you didn’t hear this from me. But the story is that pretty much everyone that works at E!,KIIS radio hate his ass.

    He makes Faye Dunnaway look like Shirley Temple.

  8. James says

    Well, Lambert is quite tall (a bit more than 6′ I think), and Seacrest is quite short (around 5’6, I’d guess?)

  9. Sean says

    Ryan Seacrest’s Tongue Not Nearly as Talented as Adam Lambert’s”

    I would doubt that.

  10. Brian in Texas says

    I don’t mind Seacrest, but I don’t think he’s like you and I. I saw him on Oprah recently and as he was explaining his “drive” and his daily routine, all I could think was, WHO ARE YOU??

    I wouldn’t be surprised if his handlers took him home at night and plugged him in to recharge until they needed him in the morning.

  11. says

    @RONSALON that wasn’t a name… just sloppy diction. It’s often a trick singers use to facilitate a smoother sound. if you llisten carefully he single more on the vowels and leaves the crisper diction to the backup singers and backup track. He uses HELLA live effects… but i still love his presentation… 50% work but 200% output… can’t can’t on that.

  12. johnny says

    Lambert’s look at the camera is classic and it was really quick. Have to say my respect for him has gone up watching this week’s show. Too bad the singers didn’t take his advice about song arc. Idiots.

    What’s to say about Seacrest? He seems to be the most likely person for announcing the new arrivals to Hell. And it’s no surprise at all that he’s unliked behind the scenes, I had a boss just like that über-twerp.

  13. zenflo says

    I admit to being a bit surprised by the spot-on quality of Glambert’s advice. His own hairstyle, though, not flattering for someone who is a bit on the doughy side.

    It also appears that the reptilian-profiled Seacrest took possession of Paula’s water cooler after her departure, and kept using the same jug because he couldn’t lift if off.