Second Effort to Recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams Poised to Fail?

A second effort to recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams may fail, with opponents apparently struggling to collect the 32,000 signatures required by 5 pm today.

RecallThe Oregonian reports: "The recall campaign has struggled, even though it was supposed to have enough money from big-money backers to hire professional signature-gatherers. The first recall attempt, which relied on volunteers, failed in October with a reported 30,000 signatures that were never submitted."

A message on the recall website read, in part: "Thank you for your support over the past year in a movement that demands to bring open, transparent and accountable local government back to our city.

The bottom line is we simply can not recall the first 'openly gay mayor' for lying, no matter how many gay men he had to bring down with him. Though, please know that Sam Adams is the one that sold out the GLBTQ community to solely protect himself. The recall has never been about taking away the hard earned rights of anyone, only about holding elected officials accountable.

Through the recalls, the veil has been removed, that has for too long obscured the dysfunction of how we, as citizens, are systematically manipulated in elections."

KATU says the veracity of that message has been called into question, though chances for recall seem slim: "Over the weekend, the campaign organizers said they were still about 7,000 to 8,000 signatures short of the goal.

Supporters say Adams should be recalled because he lied about his relationship with a teenage legislative intern, Beau Breedlove."


  1. Jake says

    There’s at least ONE thing that is transparent, their blatant homophobia. Why do they need to note him as the first “openly gay mayor”? What does that have to do with anything. If he were heterosexual these losers would be focusing their pathetic crusades on something else gay.

  2. lou says

    since when is an 18 y.o. off limits? I thought Obama was a threat to the US not a lil old gay mayor. O has loaned money to the enemy, apologized for things he had no right to, offended our allies, never produced a real birth cert. (his own lawyer admitted the one on the WH website was a fraud in a NJ court on 4/10/12) Pick your battles.

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