News: John Tesh, Earthworms, Hot Chip, Thomas Roberts, Malta

Road David Frum publishing excerpts from the journal of a gay officer at war.

Ipad  RoadRod Townsend on "meanness" and the internet: "The facility the Internet provides to allow impulsive, negative, lazy thought to come out is unmatched. We have "cyber-bullying" in our schools and advertiser dollars and book deals going to blistering, boisterous bloggers. Just like a lot of things in life, the first step is to take a moment and think before acting."

RoadOne-time lovers: Oprah and who?

RoadShould gay business owners out themselves to job candidates? "Work is not a place where you're talking about your sex life. However, because we are eight gay people and sometimes we talk about things that happen to be gay related, I just felt compelled to tell him."

RoadJared Leto not afraid of a pink mohawk.

RoadWhy is the time on photos of the iPad and iPhone always set to 9:41 or 9:42?

RoadConan O'Brien announces move toTBS?

Gm_grindr  RoadGeorge Michael's Grindr habits discussed.

RoadFrom the underground: Earthworms form herds, make group decisions.

RoadI Love You Phillip Morris gets new release date: July 30.

RoadThomas Roberts gives interview to GQ on being a survivor of the Catholic Church: "I don't really know why the problem exists. People who take on a role as a leader within the Church though would be much more human and approachable if they were allowed to have a loved one, a partner, someone to share their life with, so that they can actually relate to people on a human level. We’ve put many priests on pedestals. They’re supposed to be infallible, and it’s simply not true. They’re just human beings."

RoadMale model fix: Greg Kheel.

RoadMalta city council wants phallic monument removed before Pope's visit: "in the opinion of the council, the Pope's first visit among us risks being a source of embarrassment to the people of Luqa and the Maltese in general, due to the obscene 'monument' which is still dominating the 'LIDL' roundabout on one's entry into the village."

Road  The Glee promos just keep coming

Xtina RoadA glimpse behind-the-scenes on Christina Aguilera's clip for "Not Myself Tonight".

RoadHot Chip covers Shakira's "She Wolf".

RoadFred Karger tells Southern GOP that he might run for President: "Karger said he held the press conference Saturday at 11 am and threw a party Saturday night in a suite in the conference headquarters hotel – the Hilton Riverside – 'which was a mix of Republican attendees to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference and some friends of friends – the LGBTers.'"

RoadNew site launched for gay and lesbian Mennonites.

RoadGrowing up gay on Long Island… 

RoadInvestigations begin on woman who sent her 7-year-old adopted Russian son alone on a one-way flight back to Moscow: "Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called the actions "the last straw" in a string of U.S. adoptions gone wrong, including three in which Russian children died.

No charges have been filed in this most recent case, but the family retained an attorney Friday as inquiries from Tennessee and abroad mounted."


  1. says

    Well, I’m waiting for McCain to make a statement to heterosexual people, and how adopting children (from Russia or anywhere) is not the same as visiting the humane society. Or returning something to Macy’s.

    I wonder how many gay parents killed their adopted kids in the last year…

  2. says

    @JONBENET: Bravo!

    Having said that, I understand that a lot of these Eastern European kids are truly effed up and it is a huge strain on their adopted families. I don’t condone what this woman did, but, they must have had some serious problems to do such a thing and I have to wonder if they got any help from local child services.

  3. Lael says

    The woman is obviously an unfit parent. Period. You make a commitment to raise a child, you keep that commitment. Why didn’t she seek treatment for him? She had the money for international travel and adoption. Therefor she had the money to get proper help for him and work it out.

    I am frankly ashamed of her being American. She wanted her feel-good adoption and bragging rights. “Oh, yes, I adopted a poor Russian boy, aren’t I special?” Care to place bets on her personality and motives?

    Even if you just cannot bear to deal with a situation, you find the correct, legal and moral way to undo things. Letters and phone calls are not that hard. Sticking a letter in his hand does not end a legal obligation. HER child is sitting in Russia, alone. Charges need to be brought.

  4. TANK says

    The response by the Russian foreign minister was completely justified. The downside is that this vile piece of trash (the adoptive mother) has jeapardized the chances of deserving kids from finding fit parents. I hope that DCS is looking into the kids she already has, as I don’t believe her a fit parent. Also hope the grandmother is part of the investigation, as she’s culpable. This is an international humiliation.

  5. Paul R says

    Yes, the adoptive woman is a piece of crap. But Russia and China have both placed severe limits on foreign adoptions and used them as cash cows in recent years (and China has added antigay and other discrimination to the mix). Not to mention, both countries despise the thought of well-off Americans essentially buying their children, and would prefer to keep them in crappy orphanages. There are a whole lot of other countries that desperate singles or couples (including gay) should choose first.

    And Derek, lots of adopted kids are screwed up—and I say that having two adopted brothers from the US who are a bit screwed up. And they were adopted in the 50s and early 60s. Adoption has inherent risks and isn’t for every prospective parent, and if you can’t handle those risks then you shouldn’t adopt. I don’t think I could, even in the US. Foreign adoptions are much riskier.

    I don’t see why the woman couldn’t have received local help, since it would have been considered her child as a US citizen.

  6. jason says

    Christina Aguilera’s video? Looks horribly sexist. Why is she surrounding herself with half-naked women? I don’t see male singers surround themselves with half-naked men in their music videos.

    Christina, you’re just another spoke in the wheel of male heterosexual fantasy. Your videos are tailor-made towards straight guys. Fuck off, dearie.

  7. TANK says

    oh nos!!!!!!! NOOOOOOSS! Jason, I think the female bisexual double standard is back! RUN! RUN, MOTHERFUCKERS! While you still can! MURDER KILL DEATH! Oy vey.