1. cd says

    Thank you for Shadowboxer and for these shots, as he’s really such an undiscovered talent even now. I hope he finds his dream role on film or TV and soon. Thanks Steven.

  2. john says

    Stephen Dorff has had the hottest chest/torso in hollywood for years.Absolute woof!!
    Chris Evans comes a sexy second.
    Loved SD in Britney’s Everytime & that movie with the family he terrorised where he had his shirt off on a regular basis.Mmmm.

  3. TANK says

    Yes, I agree rip this. He used to be hot…now I don’t get the praise, because that ain’t an attractive man. Those tats, too…he looks dirty. Plus, he has no talent whatsoever. If it weren’t for his looks when he was younger (and connections), he’d be passed over in community theater. I’m guessing that there are a lot of husky, beefy bears who read this site. Oy

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