Stephen Dorff’s Body is a Hairy Wonderland


Stephen Dorff is interviewed in the new issue of Wonderland magazine. 

He's in a new film directed by Sofia Coppola. Says Dorff of the film:

"It’s really just about a young movie actor who is living at the Chateau Marmont and kind of going through an existential crisis. He doesn’t really like that he’s famous, doesn’t really like his life, even if from the outside it looks kind of dandy and all real cool. And then he gets a visit from his little daughter [Elle Fanning] and, in the course of events, they spend a month together, and through that time it causes him to look at his life. They go on this adventure, they go to Italy. It’s kind of a father and daughter rekindling something really special, and it causes him to look at his own life. It’s just very poetic and simple the way her other movies are. But she’s the best, you know? She doesn’t want me to talk too much about it, but it’s just such a special role to have gotten at this time in my life. Especially these days when there are very few filmmakers with such unique voices who do their own thing. To do her movie is even better than if I’d got the lead in some stupid sci-fi movie...The whole thing was amazing. I got kind of depressed after. I was kind of like: 'Fuck, how can I go do some zombie movie or these scripts they’re sending me?' So if anything, I’m sitting back. It’s hard because I’m kind of happiest when I’m working.

Two more shots by Derek Kettela from the spread, AFTER THE JUMP...



Posted April 2, 2010 at 11:15am ETC by Andy Towle
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