1. David in Houston says

    Strange commercial. The other new commercial on YouTube is even more bizarre. I’m guessing bizarre = good.

    All I kept thinking during the Janet Jackson video was that she must be working part-time at the Space Mountain attraction (based on her wardrobe). The movie looks to be overwrought sappiness. The song was okay.

  2. dbfeb says

    Jason: Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you.

    Old Spice: So you sold out. First Old Spice commercial was interesting and to me marketed to Men and Women. You got scared due to rumors of the guys softness so you found another Black guy who would sell into the Black stereotype. Nice.

    Janet: I still love you but I don’t know, you’re looking and sounding tired.

  3. J.Wo says

    I have loved Jason Mraz for almost 10 years now. His music and personality is just amazing. Thank god every day that I live in Canada, but I do think the world needs more Jason Mraz’s out there.

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