1. ams says

    That game show clip was the creepiest, most repellent thing I’ve seen in a long time. I had to stop watching in the middle. “So where do 11 year olds go for date?” WTF? Ick, I need a shower.

  2. Steve says

    The Google upgrade is a bit creepy and strange. Some of the images of the buildings are 2D, even though they’re on a 3D grid. It looks the like old Hollywood sets, where the facade is just cardboard ready to fall down. They need to tweak it a bit.

    I’m also disturbed by the potential invasion of privacy thing on Google Earth. To be able to see which cars are parked in the driveway, and whether people have curtains on their windows, is just too close for comfort….for me.

  3. patrick nyc says

    The dog had more brains than the owner, he should have taken a crap on it, and the rug.

    As for the game show host, how sick are the parents, or just desperate to get on TV.

  4. Carl says

    {satire on}

    That game show clip should be watched by all Americans (and Canadians) because it perfectly demonstrates the unhealthy heterosexual lifestyle.

    Paul LaRabbera
    Americans for Truth About Heterosexuality

    {satire off}


    That man’s actions are utterly repugnant. That guy should get some help, behind bars.

    Children should NEVER, EVER, EVER be asked to kiss or hug ANYBODY. Grandma, or anybody. It’s basic matter of everyone’s right to own their body. (If children *want* to hug and kiss Grandma because they like Grandma, based on their own impulse and genuine, authentic feelings, that’s another story.)

    I had a great aunt who always wanted to be greeted with a kiss…on the lips. Could I go back in time, there is no way I would consent to such a thing, ever, and if she didn’t like it, tough, that’s her problem.

    Thanks for linking to this clip, Towleroad. We need to get ever more clear in our society on the rights of children.

  5. Come on says

    I remember that game show growing up….it has to be over 30 years ago! He fancies himself as the Richard Dawson of the pre-teen set. Kind of creepy. BTW the woman co-host is his wife!

  6. says

    *stares at screen for a few, allowing heart beat to calm*

    It’s amazing how shit can whappya upside the head even after 40+ years. I wasn’t expecting the force of that one…

    *looks up towards ‘tank’*
    What the hell happened to you, to make you as bitter as you seem to be?

    And lastly, to answer towle’s question…
    Yes & no. It was a ‘turning point’ decade.

  7. says

    Aww Tank Love,
    If I don’t find the humor in that video, than I guess *raises hand* I’m guilty as charged… I suck. But than again, that act necessarily isn’t always bad am’i right? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

    If it’s your shenanigan’s your saying I find no ‘humor’ in… *thinks for a moment*… after a few… shakes head… again I concede oh great one… I can’t think of a time I thought your comment was funny. So again, I must suck. Jeeze, I’m battin’ a thousand here.

    I was just curious. As far as pissin’ me off? Hell hon… I’m over 50, hardly anything pisses me off. NO… wait, I take that back… when my body decides to supercede my brain and does what the fuck it wants… that kinda pisses me off.

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