1. ravewulf says

    I would LOVE that. They would only get the support of their crazies and everyone else would turn against all of them. Now if only we could get some true Bold Progressives on the Democrat side.

  2. Pitt90 says

    Yes, nothing would guarantee a Democrat in the White House faster than a Palin-Bachmann ticket in 2012 for the GOP. Pleeeaasseeee dear God make it happen!

  3. Mike says

    Clearly, just uttering that nonsensical statement Hannity wins the buffoon of the decade award. Yes, it would be a democratic dream ticket – but there is absolutely no way Palin could win the Republican primary. Bachmann is a complete moron. It would destroy the party FOREVER. Ain’t gonna happen! Again, would be a gift beyond compare for the democrats, but just is too wacko even for FOX.

  4. E. says

    Batshit 2012 indeed. Only problem is I’d be worried that there might somehow be enough wingnuts in this country to make them an actual threat.

    I love how the crowd erupts in cheers at “putting our lives in God’s hands.” No thanks, I’d rather put my life in the hands of the capable, intelligent, bold, and progressive.

  5. Bud Burgoon-Clark says

    Beu-LAH! The smelling salts!!

    I’m just curious … according to konservative kristianist krazies (KKK) women are supposed to keep silent and not rule over men … not just in church, but in all situations … family life, etc.

    How do they square that with shrill conservative female big-hairs in the political spotlight / arena?

    Never mind that a good number of them are (facepalm!) DIVORCED!

  6. JT says

    I’m getting a little tired of all this gay terror over Sarah Palin. At least if she becomes President, you’ll be able to go back to having someone to blame for every gay-bashing from here to Timbuktu (like you did with G.W. Bush).

  7. JT says

    P.S. She’d be crazy to run for President anyway. Some gay would assassinate her. They already thought it was funny to hang her in West Hollywood.

  8. TANK says

    This will never happen. People don’t understand that while she inspires a fanatical tea partier fan base, she’s essentially not well liked or trusted by enough of the republican party to ever achieve a national victory.

  9. JT says

    It’s the only way to explain the constant attention to her, Boone. Why not cover the John Edwards saga? That’s better for a laugh, with much more interesting and bizarre characters. I’ll tell you why. Nobody fears John Edwards. I’m no fan of Sarah Palin, but this constant attention to her is getting pathetic.

  10. JT says

    Tank : Since you brought it up, the other repulsive chapter in the Duke case was when Alan Gurganus, that lisping white-mustached antibellum queen from North Carolina, wrote for the NY Times how he knew those northern boys were “guilta” while praising their “ambercrombah appeal.” It was creepy beyond belief, and really epitomized the lust/hatred of certain gays for young heterosexual athletes. Needless to say, as soon as the DNA results came back, Gurganus pulled that piece and hides under the table when the subject is raised.

  11. Wes says

    Umm, JT do you not notice the thousands of people she attracted at that rally?? She’s the most popular figure in the GOP right now, thats just a fact. She is a potential nominee for the 2012 nomination. Why the hell WOULDN’T we talk about it?

  12. Bryan says

    It would totally look like Goldwater’s outcome in 1964. The would get the deep south, and Alaska. They probably wouldn’t even pull off Minnesota.

    Lets hope that if that happens, there’s a true progressive who’s committed to equality on the Democrat’s ticket! Having them hand us the election would only be good if our alternative isn’t as conservative as Palin on marriage equality.

  13. gregorybrown says

    I’m not ready to write off such a possible ticket, nor the fact that it would bulld–e any halfway bright Republican out of the way by bringing even more loons out of the cracks to vote. But Sean R., it’s a sacrilege to mention Barry Goldwater in the same breath with either of these hags: he was a genuine Conservative. And, finally: if I were Sarah in the WH I’d be damned fretful about having Vampira B at my back.

  14. John says

    As long as they are devoted to God, guns, and keeping America safe from minorities, any Republican idiot can become President of the United States.

    Democrats run PhDs and lose.

    Republicans can run hookers, beauty queens, actors, professional wrestlers, etc. and still win.

  15. dave02657 says

    “And, uh, hasn’t Michelle Bachmann ever heard of Geraldine Ferraro?”

    Or, one of the greatest women that graced America and it’s body politic, Shirley Chisholm…

    “On January 25, 1972, (Shirley Chisholm) became the first major-party black candidate for President of the United States and the first woman to run for the Democratic presidential nomination…”

  16. Ben says

    And, uh, hasn’t Michelle Bachmann ever heard of Geraldine Ferraro?

    There are alot of things Michelle Bachmann has never heard of. That’s what happens when you’re stupid!

  17. JeffRob says

    JT, if you want to read endless groveling and back-slapping about the John Edwards saga, click over to any conservative blog in the universe.

    What you have to grasp is that instead of invoking fear or panic in us, Sarah Palin is the embodiment of relief from that fear. She is evidence that christianist conservatives are as far as ever from getting a viable candidate into national office. In short, we would fear her if she wasn’t as uneducated and unprepared for the job as her fan base is convinced she should have it.

    These are tears of joy, my dear.

  18. patrick nyc says

    This is too good to be true. The more the GOP moves to the right, Tea Birthers, the more the middle will move to the left. Bachmann says today that the GOP and Tea Baggers are becoming one party.

    We could not ask for a better winning strategy, lets just let Obama keep up the work, November is not going to be the blood bath for Dems that the MSM and GOP are predicting.

  19. Bart says

    Do you get a free tin foil hat if you support this ticket? I blog about Michelle Bachman a lot…she’s the nuttiest broad in politics right now (no offense Sally Kern, you’re crazy but you’re also rather disgusting…) She and Sarah “I Quit” Palin on any ticket would be my dream come true. I could blog forever and ever and ever.

    Man, has this country fallen down the rabbit hole that we are even discussing this? Though it’s insanity genius! They would get all 20 thousand T-bag votes and it would be the end of the Republican party. I say go for it!

    And as far as J.T. suggesting we are afraid of Sarah Palin… hahahahahahhahahahahahhahhahhahahahahahhahahhhahahahahahahhahhhahahhahahaahahahahhahaahhahhahahhaahahhahhahhahahahahhahhahahahhahahahhahahhhhah (breath) hahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahhhahahahhhahahahahahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhha.

  20. NancyBoyDrew says

    How can we make this happen? Nothing, nothing would make my heart sing like a Palin-Bachmann ticket… almost nothing. What a pair *those* two would make on the same Repug ticket.

  21. Rocky says


    “We could not ask for a better winning strategy, lets just let Obama keep up the work, November is not going to be the blood bath for Dems that the MSM and GOP are predicting”

    Try to convince that to the bitter batshit crazy homos who keep bashing Obama because “Hes not doing enough for the queers”

    Im beginning to think the homos aint no different for the fucking tea baggers and birthers.

  22. Mellotron says


    “As long as they are devoted to God, guns, and keeping America safe from minorities, any Republican idiot can become President of the United States.”

    L O L! SO TRUE.

  23. patrick nyc says

    ROCKY I was one of those people who first backed Hillary, then after supporting Obama felt let down by his taking us for granted. But since last summers Town Hall events, from where the Tea baggers came, and the hatred for Obama, which is clearly because he is a black man, I am ready to cut him some slack.

    He did pass the health bill, he enacted the stimulus, which affected me as an unemployed man after 30 years of working. He is a man of his word and we have to back him up. Just think if McCain won. We’d not only be fucked, Palin would have poisoned his ass by now.

  24. Zach says

    I dream of this ticket. It’s the ultimate expression of the nihilism driving the Republicans into the ground, and it would likely reverberate in the other 2012 elections (where I expect the Dems to recover much of what they lose this year).

    I doubt it will happen though. It’s more likely that they’ll pull a 2000 and pair the folksy idiot with a puppetmaster.

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