1. Frank says

    I wonder if heterosexual couples are forced to show marriage licenses when they share a room? If this is about “sin” and not anti-gay animus, then why do the Christianists give the hetero fornicators a free pass?

  2. Matt McD says

    haha, the guy’s response is awesome. Part of the problem is that stupid idea that same-sex relationships are all about sex. If a straight couple rents a bed, they might just be sleeping in it. If it’s a gay couple they HAVE to be having sex. It’s almost as if they think the gay couple is using the B&B like a cheap motel or something.

  3. jakeinlove says

    If you want to hold your religious convictions open or go to a church. If you want to run a business you have to be subject to the law of the land, not the law of religion.

    Even the bible said Render unto Cesar what is Cesar’s.

  4. says

    I was distracted by the fact she has some sort of nest on her head, but her argument was nonsense, and the admirably rational man at the end was exactly right. If you want to run a public business for profit then you need to abide by public law, which in this case prohibits discrimination in public accommodations based on sexuality. If the owners want to police the sex lives of their guests based on religious prejudices that conflict with public law, then they should keep their home private. Quite simple, really.

    Furthermore, the inn’s website gave no indication that gay travelers weren’t welcome there. If you want to encourage or discourage a particular clientele, then it’s your responsibility to make your prejudices known. There are ways to do that; gay B&B’s do it all the time. Then people can make an informed choice before booking a room.

  5. BC says

    Why would they go there? My partner and I would not intentionally go to a Christian based Bed & Breakfast simply b/c we know that we probably would get crap for going there. I agree with RayBob – lets stop giving these places money and publicity and see what happens. Because now, it’s on this site and I’m sure it’s on other gay/liberal sites, so it will get picked up by the right-wing sites and then more anti-gays will go to this bed and breakfast. By calling attention, we are just filling their bank accounts.

    We saw this same thing with Ms. California. Had the gay “community” simply said that what she said was stupid and let it go, she would have not gotten as popular as she did. She would not be writing a book. The gays (Perez Hilton) created the controversey which made her even more famous and now will make her money.

  6. says

    “My partner and I would not intentionally go to a Christian based Bed & Breakfast simply b/c we know that we probably would get crap for going there.”

    You missed the point, BC. The owners gave no indication on their website that it was a Christian-run B&B or that gay guests might not be welcomed like other guests. The male couple went there because it looked nice to them. When you book a B&B that appears welcoming to all, you shouldn’t show up at the door and be refused. First off, it’s illegal (where there are accommodations discrimination protections, as there were here). Secondly, it’s rude.

    I don’t really see this story helping their business, but any gay person who does a search on this place will now know not to go there, so the story provides a service. Assuming they’re not shut down for violating the law.

  7. Sargon Bighorn says

    “Some sort of nest on her head” LOL bingo! Yeah it is amazing how that gal attempts to suggest that “Gay” sex is something other than “Str8″ sex and that “str8″ sex that soils the sheets is fine and dandy, but “Gay” sex that soils the sheets is not. Idiots all.

  8. Charlie says

    Perhaps some attorney’s will chime in, but I think the discrimination being practiced here would be permitted in the US. My understanding is that most Fair Housing laws are written to prohibit discrimination for places with 5 or more units. If you are renting out rooms in your house or reside in a small apartment building you own you are permitted to be as homophobic (or racist) as you like. This might not be popular, but if I understand right it is the law. And apparently that is not the law in the UK.

    The idea of rights in conflict is always interesting. Again in the US our court system makes determinations which right is more fundamental in light of the Constitution. They don’t have a Constitution in the UK some I really don’t know how these things are decided.

  9. Patrick says

    The website of this B&B says it is welcoming of all guests. ALL GUESTS.

    For those of you who think the owners should be able to do what they want ask yourself the following questions:

    1)Why should anyone have to phone ahead to see if they could stay at a place advertised as open to all guests?

    2) You booked and paid for the room in advance online or at the local travel kiosk that automatically manages accomodation for several businesses in the town (common in the UK). You arrive late after a long day of travel. Would you want this to happen to you on your vacation? Why should you be responsible for lost deposits/time based on the owners deception?

  10. sal(yes the original) says

    SOOOO let me get this right if a muslim inn wanted this lady to cover her head up and body (from head to toe)she would be fine?religious rights huh….i KNOW hes arse aint gonna take that shiz

  11. Hawk says

    The guy in the video nailed it, and people don’t blast back with it often, or call them out on it.

    If you want to run by your religious views, then DO NOT run a PUBLIC business. Run a privately owned. Public run business are based on LAWS of the land, NOT your own religious views.

    I hate it every time they pull the, “we are not against the homosexuals” BS… yes, you are, so stop staying “i have lots of gay friends”, and “we don’t hate them”… it’s nothing but a red herring, so STOP it. You just as bad as the KKK in their hoods… If you don’t have th balls to show your face and say the words out loud, then stop speaking. If you can’t hold your head up high on your views, then you views must be wrong, or you don’t hold them in high regards.

    I don’t care if you do think being gay is a choice, which so many tests, and studies tell you otherwise, treat everyone with the respect that Jesus would. Live and let live. And if you really want to pull the choice card, Civil rights for Religion should be then taken away right now. Being religious IS a choice. So, pull that card,a nd I say pull your rights due to that. I can’t have mine you can’t have yours…

  12. Andrew says

    It’s funny how unmarried couples who are just as likely to fuck in a B&B establishment are welcomed for the commercial profit yet the homosexuals are rejected. Both scenarios are equally sinful if you believe what the bible says (I don’t for the record) yet the born-again brigade once again find it acceptable to distinguish and create their own self-imposed sin scales of what is and isn’t acceptable.

    Well, I hope they lose the business as a result. Business is business and there are laws that we all have to work within.

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