1. Greg says

    You know, I think Mr Brown just earned my vote in the forthcoming election for having done that. It’s hard to imagine David Cameron (his chief opponent) being interested.

  2. petes says

    It’s hard to imagine David Cameron lacking the self-respect to be such an arse-licker. Gordon Brown chastises the voters of California for passing Prop. 8, but Prop. 8 exactly mirrors the same-sex marriage situation in the UK (i.e. civil partnerships but not full marriage). This video is pure New Labour (i.e. George Bush’s BBFs) spin.

  3. sm says


    That’s a gross misrepresentation of everything labour’s done over the past 13 years. They’ve removed all anti-gay legislation and introduced rafts of, sometimes unpopular, pro-gay legislation. The vast majority of the labour party favours gay marriage, and i happen to think the governments approach of introducing a less controversial measure first, to accord gay people equal rights, which has boosted public support, is something to be incredibly proud off. Do you not remember the lesbian ivf vote? That the tories opposed? and public opinion opposed? Sarah brown marching at the front of gay rights marches? It’s a labour peer who introduced the legislation to allow religious civil union ceremonies only a week ago. You can legally change your gender, on the national health service, which is pretty radical for any country in the world

    i don’t know if you’re british or american, but if you’re attempting to politically point score against labour go for a different target (of which there are plenty) than gay rights, when labour has been the only party that has afforded british lgbt people equal rights.

  4. robert says

    Petes: I hate to disappoint you but in the UK civil partnerships are 99% identical to marriage (i.e. in all the important things, such as recognition, property rights, etc.). The only real differences are (a) name and (b) not being conducted in a church.

    Some may still consider that inferior to marriage but it is not *vastly* inferior and has little relationship to the Prop 8 situation in California, because it’s here and working and accepted.

  5. Graham Anderson says

    I like to think I know a fair bit about politics and current affairs in the UK, and I have no idea who this guy is, what the award is or why the British PM is recording YouTube videos for him. I can only assume they’re personal friends.

    Of course, at election time its worth remembering that the Labour Party needs to shore up its support with the pink vote – which the Conservatives have so spectacularly blown with Bed-and-Breakfast-Gate. Chairman Brown also apparently expressed a desire to save BBC 6music – which leaves me equally puzzled. Perhaps he just supports anything his spin doctors put in front of him? I can’t really see him grooving away to Joy Division on Shaun Keaveney’s breakfast show while getting ready for a day governing the country – unfathomable…

  6. yank in UK says

    Thank you PM… why the hate when anyone tries to support us?????
    can you see Obama up here with the same message???
    i am a yank, living in UK.. Gays in military, civil unions across the nation, the PM directly making a message for the community…
    USA is AGES behind the UK!!

  7. DavyG says

    There really is no two ways about it. If you care about gay rights, you should vote for Labour. They’ve proven themselves to be probably the most pro-gay government in the English-speaking world (at least, probably in the whole world ever). Gordon Brown clearly is genuinely interested and concerned about the welfare of LGBT people. Cameron just wants their votes.

  8. Robert in NYC says

    Hmmm, if my memory serves me well, Prime Minister David Cameron recently addressed marriage equality at the Tory Party conference last month in which he supports it fully because he is a conservative. Under his Tory/Liberal Democratic coalition, a marriage equality consultation will begin in March 2012. Never happened under Labour and we’ve yet to hear the Labour Party adopt it as official party policy.It’s all very well Labour’s leader, Ed Miliband, supportint it but the party hasn’t officialy endorsed it as policy. Only the Liberal Democrats have thus far.

  9. Robert in NYC says

    Greg, refer to my comments. David Cameron IS interested, believe me. He has stated t hat he wants to see marriage equality the law of the land before the end of the current Parliament in 2015.