1. MG says

    Is he confusing Ellen with Rosie? Sounds like some of the Fox News demonizing crap they would spew at Rosie.

  2. johnny says

    Odd. I guess some folks think gay = U.S. hater, but where they come up with that crap is a mystery. She’s never said anything that could even be vaguely misconstrued as being against the U.S.

  3. Wes says

    She’s not even a political figure. He said that, and audience members applauded, solely because she’s gay.

  4. killervirgo says

    It could be a simple mistake. The audience would have clapped because of the applause sign. I cringed when I heard the dad make the statement, but his idea of her “not liking our country very well” could had been due to gays not having equal rights. I don’t like the country very well because of this reason … but I think things will eventually change.

  5. Robert Rhea says

    Sounds like the Tea-Bagger crap to me. Gay, Supported Obama, etc must be a “damned, socialist, liberal”. Anyone who’s not just “Gods, Guts, and Guns” is a U.S. Hating Terrorist.

  6. TampaZeke says

    When you heard the accent was there any doubt where he was going to go?

    To people like him, if she’s homasekshul, then she MUST hate Amurka.

    Too bad the audience, I’m sure out of politeness, didn’t sit silently without applauding.

  7. Wes says

    Some of the applause was enthusiastic. I’m sure there were more “Palin people” present.

  8. rodger says

    I wouldn’t read too much into the applause, since the audience is instructed to clap enthusiastically after each answer.

  9. bobbyjoe says

    Errr… that should be “Family Feud” (but could I have made a more literal Freudian slip?)

  10. Trasker says

    I take this as a reminder to us of the hatred that exists towards us that is so close to the surface but often hidden. The rest of the family was so nice and encouraging but Dad? Not so much. No matter how me meant it, just rude…and yet he thinks its ok to say such things.

  11. latebrosus says

    That’s what this country has come to: people feel like they can spew their ill-reasoned, unsubstantiated opinions wherever they want and think it’s “right to free speech.”

    Is it really?

  12. d-nice says

    i live in az, and the tea party movement promotes anti gay rhetoric identifying anything lgbt as un-american, anti-god and wrong.

    there is so much hate, as i drive around in phoenix with equality for all bumper stickers, i get the finger, and get almost run off the road by the 4×4 gas guzzling pickup trucks with mccain palin stickers & “you lied” obama stickers.

    these people need to be put in their place they aren’t right. they claim the constitution gives them the right to act uncivilized, spreading lies & hate. claiming their founding fathers are infallible and their bible the word.

    we need to be more vocal & more aggressive with our cause!

  13. cameron says

    i wonder if he knows that ellen degeneres has raised over 500 million dollars in disaster relief for this country she hates so much.
    pretty sad statement. i wonder what he’s done for his country…

  14. Michelle says

    I like how the presenter changed it to “the country” so it sounds like the meant the countryside and not the US. Ellen is a classy lass and handled it lovely.

  15. Craig says

    If you pay close attention, you’ll notice the rest of his family kind of just stands there all “WTF, DAD?” before remembering they’re supposed to clap no matter how retarded the answer. There’s definitely a beat or two before they clap.

  16. KIPTON says


    why hasn’t the mainstream media gone to this asshole’s door and asked him exactly what he meant? i’m guessing they’re from a small town or the ‘burbs, so what’s their local paper? someone should find out and contact the editor.

  17. el polacko says

    not sure what the dad was trying to say with his answer, but the knee-jerk comments here about the tea party movement/fox news/sarah palin speak volumes.

  18. Pyre says

    I like her slightly passive-aggressive offer for him to have the ground fall out from under him.

  19. Jamie says

    I bet you anything this douche has Ellen mixed up with Natalie Maines, and how she called out Dubya for being an embarrassment – dopes flipped out and burned their Dixie Chicks CDs (that they had already bought) and called her “Unamerikun!” Then threatened to kill her. Natalie is just some blonde liberal blow (who happens to look kind of like Ellen) to these laughing stocks and to Hollywood-hating pop culture idiots, “Libs, they all look alike.”

  20. J Rich says

    She is on AMERICAN Idol. She clearly hates our country to be associated with such dreck.