1. ichabod says

    You’re getting heckled, sir, because saying you’re for repealing DADT and actually doing something about repealing DADT are two entirely different things. We want action, not more promises.

  2. says

    Those hecklers are idiots. They stoop to the level of teabagger rednecks. I’m embarrassed by them & angry that their actions are counterproductive and surely a setback to the cause. Throwing a tantrum alienates our friends and hands ammunition to our enemies.

    The GOP already has the upper hand by conventional wisdom in 2010 & if they take back the White House in 2012, we’ll really have something to scream about.

    Get real!

  3. says

    You PC queens slay me. “Don’t piss him off”.

    PLEASE if you aren’t pissed off yourself then you deserve to be a second class citizen.

    We’ve behaved and asked “nicely” for many years and keep getting shat upon.

    Yoiu guys are like the gaybequivolents of “Uncle Tom’s” and I am embaressed and disgusted by you

    Grow some balls and fight for your rights!

    As for GetEQUAL. Donation coming your way! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

  4. yonkersconquers says

    This is a democracy. People who are being discriminated against, people who are treated as second class citizens in their own nation, can and should make their protest known.

    I think Obama needs to be made aware of the level of anger LGBT’s feel about his foot dragging. This will do no harm at all.

    In Europe political leaders are used to the rough and tumble of public protest. They don’t have so-called allies scolding them for daring to make their sentiments known to the fearless leader.

  5. Parkers_Back says

    Obama has already shown us that you can yell at him in an address to Congress and he’ll continue to kowtow to your contingency even if you never vote for any of his policies.

    Seriously, the appropriate reaction to outrageous behavior is rage. All you PC people can have a good time at the next HRC dinner.

  6. faeelin says

    I concur with those concerned about GETEQUAL. Obama was going to call tomorrow to lobby teh Senate to repeal DADT, demand they pass ENDA, and start holding meetings with wavering senators. But now? HE IS ANGRY.

  7. JR says

    GETEQUAL has proven themselves now as the gay tea party. This is very embarrassing to me and many others. To protest a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer (who has been a life-long advocate) when she is going to have the toughest race of her life is nothing short of idiotic. If you want to protest a republican fundraiser, fine, go ahead.

    GETEQUAL, shame on you. You have done nothing to help the cause, quite the opposite.

  8. ichabod says


    Where did you hear this information?

    If one group of hecklers can prevent Obama from moving forward on all these promises, then he is a fair weather ally, indeed. It would seem the man lives in an HRC-created bubble, he needs to know the real, justified fury that much of the LGBT community and our allies feel over his lethargy to make good on his campaign promises.

  9. Rann says

    To JR, Chance, Johnny, etc- This is not about Barbara Boxer per se and it is not about making Obama happy or appearing respectful. This is about equal rights and making sure Obama knows we will not just smile and be good little gays. You all are part of the resaon it has taken this long to get anything done. He has made us promises and done nothing to keep them except repeat them every six months or so. So, to compare these brave people to Tea Party people is just ignorant. They are on our side fighting for our rights. Rights that you do not want to badly I guess. Go GetEqual!!!! Heckle him some more. He cannot forget what we want and when we want it. Because if we keep waiting, do you think we will get them after this year’s election when the Democrats lose big time?

  10. JakeLondon says

    Some of the responses really are ridiculous. Protesting for equal rights is a noble cause. Obama acts like a teacher holding his hand up for quiet. America has completely lost the idea that presidents can and should be criticized when they are not doing what they promised. I totally agree with you Wolf some people here need to grow some fucking balls.

  11. Emily says

    The hecklers don’t look foolish — Obama looks foolish for being incapable of understanding the difference between “agreement” and “action.” No one cares whether Obama or Barbara Boxer personally believes that DADT should be repealed; we want ACTUAL repeal.

    How are we ever going to get anywhere if all we can do is tiptoe around the people in power, while they smile to our faces and then turn around and continue to support the same old discriminatory policies? What reason do they have to do anything for us if we don’t put pressure on them? Wolf said it better above, grow some balls and fight for your rights.

  12. DR says

    Sure, great, Obama talks about wanting to repeal DADT. And what’s the result? Confusion, a promise to study it to death, and maybe, MAYBE some action on it after the mid-term elections. Oh, and let’s not forget the DOJ brief with outdated arguments and a refusal to acknowledge that many of the folks quoted in the brief have changed their positions.

  13. Tim W says

    I see the Democratic and HRC shills have come out in force in the comments here. Maybe you get an extra cocktail at the next GLBT event the president has. This president promised to be a fierce advocate for our community and has done little but made pretty speeches. Then when the pressure gets intense he throws little crumbs at us. It’s time to hold his feet to the fire. Bravo GetEqual.

  14. Michael @ says

    Ah, the ObamaRahmbot Cockroaches are on High Alert early this morning, their six little legs high over their heads for Massa yet again.

    Well, he smartly kept pivoting back to Good Guy, but we briefly saw the real man behind the curtain last night as our “fierce NOT advocate” let slip his fierce RAGE. Just look at his eyes in this photo:

    They say, “How DARE you interrupt ME? How DARE you question ME? You’re NOTHING!” with the same arrogance of power repeatedly exhibited by Bush/Cheney/Rove.

    OF COURSE, he’s not their IMmoral equivalent but his emotional reactions betray his true indifference to us just like his betraying his repeated promises to personally fight to end DADT the moment he took office does.

    He could have legally stopped discharges 15 months ago. He could have ordered hospital visitation 15 months ago. He could have ordered his DOJ to find some other way to defend DOMA and DADT in court other than using the same loathsome homophobic justifications used to pass them in the first place.

    “I will never compromise on my commitment to equal rights for all LGBT Americans. I believe that we can achieve the goal of full equality for the millions of LGBT people in this country. To do that, we need leadership that can appeal to the best parts of the human spirit. JOIN WITH ME AND I WILL PROVIDE THAT LEADERSHIP!” – Barack Obama job application, February 28, 2008.

  15. Sean says

    It would have been really smart if he’d turned it around and made note of how long it’s been since anyone heard such a thing as a President being heckled, since SOMEONE made sure that didn’t happen for many years. THAT’S how much progress has been made. Be glad we have THAT, celebrate THAT, heckle away folks.

    Unfortunately no, he engaged them with rhetoric, and still don’t have a repeal of DADT, no ENDA, no marriage.

  16. Chitown Kev says

    Excuse me, but I seem to remember that when someone read a letter from President Clinton at the 1993 March, that the letter reader (and President Clinton, by proxy) was soundly booed.

  17. Holden says

    You don’t sh*t where you eat, GETEQUAL. This is redic. You DON’T protest at a DEMOCRATIC fundraiser, you idiots. Barbara Boxer is going to lose her election and let’s see how much support you get with a republican senate.

    Also, I know it’s hard to think about, but we are NOT the only cause that matters! This is political whether you like it or not and GETEQUAL is BAD politics. Thanks for nothing.

  18. Perry says

    BO deserved that, and will deserve it again, and yet again until he displays some balls and finally supports in word AND DEED equal rights and protections for LGBT folks. All those with weak stomachs and pollyannish sensibilities, go the f**k away! GetEQUAL, you have my support!

  19. says

    I don’t really get the comparison between GetEQUAL protesters and teabaggers? A good portion of the teabaggers think the President wasn’t born here or is a Nazi and hate all government except for the programs that benefit them. GetEQUAL, whatever you think of their methods, is on our side, fighting for our civil rights. Is it the anger that ties teabaggers and gay activists? Well, guess what, there is a long tradition of venting political anger in this country, from civil rights protests to ACT-UP. The teabaggers didn’t invent it.

    The idea that Obama was going to lobby on our behalf tomorrow but might now reconsider because of those awful, rude sissies who made him so angry is ludicrous. Serious leaders don’t let a few hecklers change their course of action or alter their support for equality. If they do, they aren’t leaders.

    I love how when Obama has taken steps towards our equality they’re dismissed as meaningless. But when he’s challenged in a less than polite way, suddenly he’s the sensitive do-gooder we can’t upset. It’s always something . . .

  20. Mark says

    Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform. Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world’s estimation. –Susan B. Anthony, reformer and suffragist (1820-1906)

  21. Rodney says

    That was remarkably like the Tea Baggers protesting taxes two days after getting a tax cut.

    For everyone out there who doesn’t realize it: Congress is quite possibly- outside the Catholic church- the world’s slowest entity. If they were Fed Ex, Tom Hanks would have retired before he ever got a chance to board that plane. To expect near-immediate enactment of a bill proposed just 85 days ago is to be unrealistic.

    The President promised repeal this year. There are still 255 days left in the year. Take a deep breath and just wait a minute. I swear, most of you sound like the spoiled princesses on “My Super Sweet 16″.

  22. Wes says

    “I love how when Obama has taken steps towards our equality they’re dismissed as meaningless. But when he’s challenged in a less than polite way, suddenly he’s the sensitive do-gooder we can’t upset. It’s always something…”

    I have a feeling its not the folks who think he’s a ‘do-gooder’ that dismiss his ‘steps toward equality’ as meaningless. I think you are citing contradictory attitudes from opposite camps.

  23. stephen says

    Obama is patronizing & somewhat tone-deaf on this issue…

    Face it, gay-boyz, you’re 2nd class & asking him to be accountable is never wrong- even as a heckler.

    Dismissing the guy’s comments as “hollering” while his own administration continues to defend laws it ‘disagrees’ with is exactly what drives peeps to heckle him in the first place.

    Get a pair, you bunch of “Auntie Toms” NO ONE is going to upset the status-quo for homos unless they’re made to!

  24. says

    Obama promised to repeal DADT in his first year in office – this was while campaigning. Then in October, he said it would be repealed within the year. Then comes earlier this year where he set up a bogus year-long “review” of the policy.

    In the next 30 days, Obama has the power to attach a full repeal to the Defense Reauthorization Bill. Which would immediately overturn the bigoted law. Congress and the Administration, behind closed doors, have both said that this isn’t going to happen this year. How many more times will we let him put it off?

    It’s swell that Obama wrote a memo authorizing hospital visitation for LGBT people…ooops…unless you’re fighting and dying for our country. We need to stand with GetEQUAL and keep up this work until something is DONE.

  25. says

    Obama promised a full repeal of DADT during his first year in office, according to his campaign promises. He then said last October to HRC, that he would repeal it within the year. Then at the State of the Union, again, another promise to repeal it this year. Now…we have a bogus year-long “review” of what a repeal would mean.

    Within the next 30 days, Obama has the power to add the language for DADT Repeal to the Defense Reauthorization Bill. That bill WILL pass, with or without DADT repeal attached.

    So are you going to stand with GetEQUAL and others demanding less talk and more action, or are you going to wait for Obama’s 2nd term to say to our service members “But hey, he gave us hospital visitations…whoops…unless you’re fighting and dying for our country.”

    May 2 – Rally in DC!

  26. Bakely says

    Holden, you are framing this as a Democratic vs. Republican issue when you say protesters should not be shouting during a Democratic fundraiser. I see this battle as a fight for the direction of the Democratic party, which has forsaken us on most important gay equality issues. We need to wake up our so-called Democratic allies and let them know we are not satisfied with the so-called leadership, and the BEST place to do that is at a Democratic function. This fight starts in our own family. We will get nowhere until the Democrats truly realize how they have hung us out to dry. I’m all for disrupting as many Democratic functions as possible until they start defending the Constitution they swore they would protect.

  27. Zlick says

    While I personally think this was needlessly rude, I see both sides of the argument. Keep in mind that while the Teabaggers were allowed to remain near the site of yesterday’s event, the LGBT protesters were separated and then herded to a spot 3 blocks away.

    When you can’t even be within passing-glance distance of the president, perhaps you need to take any opportunity you can to get the message across – including heckling his speech.

    That’s a little on the rude side to me for this kind of thing. I feel it’s alright for war protesters – after all, people are killing and dying in war. Ironic that the hecklers last night were pushing for gays to serve openly in war. Not the kind of thing I can wholeheartedly get behind, much less heckle the president over. But any port in a storm, and to each their own.

  28. MCnNYC says

    Im Torn….
    But with the Civil Rights Issues and ACT-UP… LIVES were at stake.
    People of Color and Faith were killed in riots during the fight for civil rights.
    ACT-UP was fighting because our community was being murdered and left to die because of our government inaction(Thank you Reagan) and corporate greed.

    But we have not done enough to demand our Equality and I encourage GetEqual but this may have gone on a bit too long and become ugly. And since we have decided to destroy HRC, where can our straight allies and family support us?

    WE understand this rage and anger.

  29. Joel says

    I concur with alot of the sentiments here. Good for GetEqual. I too voted for the President, and am disapointed he hasn’t been more agressive on the repeal of DADT. Why didn’t he suspend or outright repeal the ban by executive order himself? Has he forgotten his position to the armed forces of commander-in-chief? Does he not realise there are current and former military members who have vocally stated their support of repeal as well?

  30. LAXJFK says

    Wake up, Obama doesn’t even think we should get married. It’s not as if he’s our greatest ally. He was simply a lot better than McCain. ACT UP. Barbara is a great ally–give her your money, not the DNC.

  31. says

    @Wes: I agree. I was citing contradictory attitudes as an example of vastly different ideas within the gay community about how to demand our rights. I find it noteworthy that for all the anger towards Obama in many a Towleroad thread, there is a lot of anger in this thread towards the way the GetEQUAL people expressed that anger. In other words, there isn’t much unity within our ranks, part of the problem.

    I was also taking Faeelin’s comment at face value whereas my b/f thought it was obviously meant sarcastically; in the current political climate, sometimes it’s hard to tell!

  32. NYSmike says

    Obama really has no clue what Main Street is all about, or any of his “supporters.” This elite corporatist love to read hopey changey words…that’s about it.

  33. Truth says

    GetEQUAL is RETARDED! Do you really think Obama is the enemy? Why don’t they focus all this extra energy, time, and money they seem to have on a true foe of the LGTB community (say Log Cabin Republicans, Tea Baggers, or Catholic Church)?

    What a useless exercise.

  34. JT says

    I totally support the Teabaggers. And I totally support GetEqual. But I still support my President Obama. All of it’s just fine and the way it’s all supposed to work.

  35. jay says

    GetEqual is the dumbest organization I’ve heard of in a while.

    “Uh…Barbara Boxer supports gay rights and did not vote for DADT and is for repealing it. I have an idea! Let’s go protest and heckle at her fundraiser! That’ll help our cause for sure!”

    – “But…what about the people who are for DADT and who do not want gays to serve in the Armed Forces? What about those who think the presence of gays will weaken the Armed Forces?”

    “Nah, those people are alright. Leave them alone. We should heckle the other side. Yeah, that’ll help the repeal go faster if we heckle those vocally aligned with our ideals!”

    Shameful idiots!

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