1. Crash says

    I don’t mind the takcy-factor of this thing. What I can’t stand tho, is the use of animal skins to cove the walls? Really? I am sorry, but, that is tacky.
    I can appreciate the design of the skins, but could Starck have not found simulated skins, rather than using real? That just creeps me out.
    The owner seems to think that his billions buys taste as I think most of the design is his and not Philippes’.

  2. ALEXANDRE says

    Let me clue you in on a little secret, yeahisaidit: ANY abode where human beings dwell that features a “nookie room”, walls of white stingray hides, and an entry hall that can be transformed into a disco is, by definition, tacky. I don’t give a fuck if that hideous boat was designed by Michelangelo or Philip Johnson… those three features make it tacky, that is, vulgar, tasteless, common, and lacking in dignity, girlfriend, whether you have the sophistication to realize it or not.

  3. josepe says

    let me be tacky , i want all of that,
    i used to work selling fur coats and the only ppl who complained about the coats were ppl who couldn’t afford the coats.
    yes i want to be tacky, vulgar and tasteless
    i cannot aspire to anything less.

  4. Leducdor says

    Philippe Starck is worse than tacky – he is out of style, THE capital fashion crime in France.(You can buy his line at the French equivalent of K-Mart: imagine how that went over in Paris. AND his furniture is simply uncomfortable & unusable.) I love mirrors & crystal, too, but c’mon, sweetheart, this boat is something out of a carnival. I could kill the billionaire for his use of animal skins alone. And a “nookie room”??? Oh, please. And if, as commented previously, this is more about the billionaire’s lack of taste than Starck’s, then Starck dipped as low by allowing his name to be pinned on this confabulation of lack-of-restraint.

  5. gr8guyca says

    I hate to be even remotely practical, but what happens to all of the crystal in rough seas? Piles of broken Baccarat, anyone?

    I know people who could actually afford this, but they would never, never, never be this grotesquely selfish. How about a $10,000,000 boat and a $290,000,000 contribution to help the poor and suffering of the world.

    Being “tacky” is the least of the offenses. I much more appalled by the monumental greed and excess.

  6. yeahisaidit says

    Oh, excuse me Miss Alexandre…I definitely stand corrected and will check with you first before I ever again have an opinion of my own about “ANY” abode…I mean, now knowing you wrote the law on the consideration of all such matters…you sure told me…take yourself too seriously much? MEOWWWOUCH….! And BTW, that’s a rhetorical question my dear…sheeesh…

  7. nic says

    WRETCHED excess. this asshole could have done so much for his own country. instead, he buys this unsightly piece of garbage. all of the russian billionaires made their money by being well-connected politically and/or screwing other people. fuck this.

  8. hk says

    As long as he gained his wealth fairy and legally i don’t care if wipes his ass with his money. He, hopefully, is not responsible for the disease and poverty that exist in the world and is in no way obligated to pay for their problems.

    His $300 million has probably generated 100’s of jobs, and will continue to as a yacht this size requires a sizable staff.

    As for the design the, bow and the lower body are sexy, but the multi story structure on top are awkward and ugly.

    The interior design is mildly innovative – i love those pool chairs- but nothing special. I am just not that into stark’s interior designs.

  9. TANK says

    “As long as he gained his wealth fairy and legally i don’t care if wipes his ass with his money. He, hopefully, is not responsible for the disease and poverty that exist in the world and is in no way obligated to pay for their problems.”

    Pay close attention, gents and gents. This highlights perfectly my claim that you’re either born with it or you ain’t. Most people are varying degrees in between, and the best they can hope for is mimicry of those who are born with it. Of course, you need some sense of it (the good)…and this poor slob has none. And he’s common.

  10. says

    eh… Not my cup of tea, but whatever floats yer boat… no pun intended.

    I wouldn’t mind the money though. I could retire and open the children’s shelter I’ve been dreaming to sponsor on my own (w/out government and special interests hands in)as well as provide comfortably for my family… contribute to “help” organizations I trust. How he got his money, well, that’s none of my business, unless through criminal acts. Then the authorities should handle prosecuting him.

    However, I may have issue with the animal skins/parts used to decorate. Like, are any endangered? Were ALL parts of the animals used or just their hides/horns? That’s a sensitive issue for me.

    Otherwise, it just seems…

    eh. <–unimpressed.

  11. Jimbo says

    The boat is gorgeous, a real work of art.

    The only thing bourgeois here is the little nobody queens pronouncing a disco and fuckroom (or even Ghost Chairs, or being sold in K-Mart) as being unworthy of their middle class approval!

  12. mike nyc says

    So like a tacky Russian businessman/gangster to want to have a hot designer from the late 1980’s. Starck made some snappy juicers and hotels in his day, but this is pretty cheesy.

    I believe Dr. Evil has this same yacht in Austin Powers, part 2. lol.

    Russians make American white trash seem fashionable.

  13. jamal49 says

    Ah, yes! The worst that corrupt money can buy. I wonder how many people he’s, um, thrown overboard in order to build his ill-gotten empire. I love nouveau-rich Russians. They’ve given an entirely new meaning and depth to the concept of “TACKY!” Vulgar is as vulgar does.

  14. ALEXANDRE says

    Thank you for your calm and reasonable response to my critique of your original post, yeahisaidit! You’re right, my tone was really bitchy, and I did come across as a condescending jerk. I was just trying to say that people of quality who have wealth don’t spend it in such vulgar ways… to be sure, they have elegant homes, and don’t live as ascetics, but they do so with understated tastefulness. They also devote a good bit of their wealth to philanthropic purposes, and try to instill in their children the archaic notion that with great privilege comes great responsibility. This unfortunate nouveau riche gangster does very little, I would guess, to make the world a better place, to help those less fortunate, or to use his resources with discretion or grace. He is manifestly a boor, and I’m sorry that I was boorish in my response to you. Peace, my friend!

  15. yeahisaidit says

    @to Alexandre…Hey now, no harm done, and besides, even if we might differ on our reaction to the design of this vessel, we both can probably agree that the best thing this man and his boat could do for us is to just: SAIL AWAY! Oh, and off topic Alex, I don’t know if you post off the top of your head, but regardless, based on your last couple, you really write and express yourself very well. I hope you are the type of person who can take a compliment…and as for the wish of peace, I do SINCERELY appreciate that…thanks, and back at’cha!

  16. says

    Okay..I’ve viewed – ewe. Tacky works. I’m concerned about the ‘nookie’ room it would seem to me that an unwilling individual could be taken to that room and once behind those thick doors taken advantage of without anyone ever hearing or knowing a’s called rape. ewe again.

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