1. scioto says

    She has a point. The 1870 Census asked if the person was “deaf and dumb, blind, insane, or idiotic.” Michelle falls firmly in that last category, so she fears they’ll bring back that question.

  2. TPL says

    Granted, she’s as crazy as they come and trying to find logic in any of her arguments is foolish at best but I can’t help but wonder how they’re going to round people up? And by what criteria?
    The reason the Japanese were (wrongly) rounded up during WWII is because they were Japanese-Americans and we were at war with Japan.
    Exactly who would be rounded up now? There is nothing on the 2010 Census form which asks anything more personal than one’s name and address. Political affiliation is not on the list of questions.
    Of course, batty Bachmann doesn’t bother to explain her delusional paranoia. The fear-mongering goes on and on and on and the idiots keep eating it up.

  3. alan says

    The FBI didn’t need any census data to find Japanese in California in the 1940s. They were pretty easy to identify just walking down the street.

  4. Come On says

    I love the “this is what happened 70 years ago…but I’m not saying it’s going to happen today”…nudge, nudge. She of the “death panel” stupidity. Maybe they should “round up” the morons like her! If the people in her district elect a twit like her, maybe they deserve to loose their seat! She is the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. Bart says

    I have repeated over and over and over, between Michelle Bachman and Sally Kern, there isn’t enough energy in their collective brains to light a nine volt flashlight. She is one of the most ridiculous people in politics today and an utter embarrassment to the Republican party. She’s simply stupid.

    Hey Michelle, 800 years ago or so people believed the world was flat. I’m not saying the world is flat but I’m saying it could be flat. And the sun could revolve around the earth.

    Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to be in her district? How does someone this obviously stupid keep getting reelected. Don’t drink the water in Minnesota, at least in her district.

  6. ERB says

    um, ok, so is she against guantanamo then? B/c that is an actual case of rounding up people and putting them in a camp with no access to courts…much like the japanese internment. But, you never heard her raise these types of allegations when Bush was in the White House…oh the hypocrisy of the right. The right, through the enactment of the patirot act, illegal warrantless wiretapping and cia operations, have denied liberty and civil rights than anyone…Obama is trying to return rights to people.

  7. Michael says

    Not to forget that the census is required by our Constitution since it’s inception. I’m just agog at these people, usually Republicans, who think they can just ignore laws and constitutional requirements if it doesn’t suit their political agenda.

    Wait?! They’ve been doing that most of my life so why should I be surprised.

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