1. BART says

    Tea baggers are estimated to be five percent of the American population, gay Americans are aproximately 10%. We need to figure out why these tea baggers are against what the founding fathers fought for — a country for all, not just pissed off, paranoid white people who feel that someone is getting something they’re not and that the big bad government is out to get them.

    For people who often hold up a Don’t Tread On Me flag, they seem to believe that it applies to anyone but them. As if their values are American values. Sorry. They are far more suspect than those they protest. And far less “American.”

  2. Xman says

    seems to me that there more concerned about there own agenda and not the ones of the country. Wasn’t there a POLL taken by CBS that showed that a majority of these idiots in the tea baggers make more than $50k a year? corporate money suckers who like the POPE they’ll use the GLBT community to stop a democratically elected PRESIDENT. or anything that goes against their so called VALUES

  3. arch says

    As a Brit with a passing interest in US politics I must say that I am finding it very entertaining watching the right wing tear itself apart over the gay thing.

    The truth that we all know is that the more reactionary an organisation or movement is (GOP Catholic church, Royal household, british conservative party etc) the more closeted gays there are hanging around those organisations.

    This “grassroots” tea party movenment is very interesting because it seems to represent a sort of attempt to purge the right wing of those who do not fit – almost an inquisition which rather reminds me of Andy’s post yesterday about Duke uni. and also the attempts by the church in rome to blame the whole kiddy fiddling thing on the gays.

    I say just sit back and enjoy a good old civil war driven by pure prejudice and pray to god that the right wing of the republican party never get in to power in your country again like they did in the 1990s.

    By the way does anyone know why right wing and reactionary groups seem to attract a certain type of gay men?

  4. Tintin Malfoy says

    Some advice to Miss Graham, if you play with fire, expect your petticoats to get burned.

  5. chasmader says

    Change is very hard for people. Especially those people (White, Straight Males) who are used to being in charge of things.

    It doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it helps explain it.

    As for Lindsey & Mitch: YOu are right there in Dante’s Inferno, next to the Jewish Nazis.

  6. anon says

    I don’t think the tea party people have a coherent political philosophy, nor that this guy represents the whole lot, so their problem is more one of political centripetal effects that will keep them from creating a true political movement–and they can’t seem to create leaders from within either (something gay rights knows all about). Why bother with Graham if you think he’s part of the problem?

  7. JusticeontheRocks says

    Not for a moment do i want to defend or give credibility to the tea baggers, an all white group that reminds me so much of the Klan my ancestors proudly joined. But something about what the South Carolina fellow said is intetersting. He has far less problem with an openly gay person (Rep. Frank) than with a person he perceives to be in the closet (Sen. Graham). Just one more indication that both the value of the closet and the dangers of coming out are overstated.

  8. patrick nyc says

    ANON I was thinking the same thing. The Tea Baggers, like our community, does not have any one leader to speak for them. But unlike our community, which covers every aspect of a true community, race, religion, political range, and even sexual desiree, the Tea Party is mostly conservative, white, angry, Christian, bigoted and most well seen here straight.

    This clown is full of shit, he is a liar for saying that ‘nobody is going to hold it over Frank’s head’, all one has to do is hear them call Frank a faggot, or hear the hate speech they spread all over the country. He even lies more when he says “I don’t care about your private life, Lindsey. But as our U.S. senator, I need to figure out why you’re trying to sell out your own countrymen, I need to make sure you being gay isn’t it.”

    If he did not care about his being gay, he would not make it an issue. While I hate Graham for his political views, his being in the closet and voting anti-gay, I hate him more for supporting these ass wipes. Ironic, my favorite flavor, that the people his support is giving them voice, is now eating a Senator whose views are 99% in line with the Tea Party movement. It’s that 1% Lindsey that will bite you in the ass.

  9. says

    This speech has been butchered. See it in its entirety to understand the viewpoint. Gay-baited? Oh please. What’s wrong with being asked if you are gay? What’s wrong with admitting you are gay?

    The speech:

  10. New Jersey Girl says

    The average tea Party attendance BEFORE healthcare reform passed? 4000.

    The average Tea Party attendance SINCE healthcare reform passed? 500

    Do the math.