1. says

    Corruption in muni bonds was confronted by this Cuomo on a level that made a difference in other states. See Wall Street Journal article editorial page 2008.

    See about why Democrats, liberal commercial facists and the lunatic progressive in news media are having seizures these days.

  2. says

    I hope Andrew is being honest in his intentions to fix New York. This is a major job that not just anyone can properly handle.

  3. bading says

    I only hope that he has evolved since masterminding his father’s “Vote for Cuomo not the homo” campaign against Ed Koch.

  4. nightfallcub says

    holy cripes, this would mean that Sandra Lee would be New York’s First Lady! Kwanzaa Cake and Cocktail Time for everyone at the inauguration!

  5. Vince says

    @Nightfallcub: I hadn’t known they were dating until a recent NYT article. But yeah, I can see her planning the tablescapes and cocktails at all functions.

  6. Micheal says

    Nightfallclub: LOL!

    Alot of people love to hate on Sandra, and I’ve to admit I’ve found her annoying at times, but I believe her head and heart are in the right place. A graf from the recent NYT profile is particularly striking.

    “As her wealth has surged she has lavished much of it on her family. She paid for her nephew’s private tutor and college tuition, took her grandmother on cruises around the world and, for Christmas one year, bought each of her brothers a new pickup truck.”