1. Jim says

    I watched Betty White on SNL last night and had a ball! What a magnificent, funny, lady who is so full of LIFE! I wish people half, a quarter, or her age could have so much spirit! Happy Mother’s Day to our National “mom”!

  2. sparks says

    Betty breathed new life into SNL. In fact, I think last night was actually the first time in eons that I’ve laughed at all during the show’s monologue, much less out loud. The facebook comments were a riot!

    Goes to show that comedy is 10% writing, 90% delivery. Hopefully some of the regular cast members picked up some tips. Betty White is an absolute treasure.

  3. patrick nyc says

    Betty and the SNL Ladies did kill last night, great heading Andy. The link you posted is down for some reason. Maybe overload. You can see them on Huffpost and NYTimes. They even have a great Debbie Downer skit that was cut. Usually they have so much filler, when was the last time SNL had to cut a funny skit? The Downer skit is on the Times Hulu link.

  4. pharmerandy says

    Betty was divine! A couple of the skits were a little iffy, but I just want to know where I can buy her Dusty Muffin! Loved her.

  5. says

    She was funny but did anybody pay attention to how many homophobe/don’t-drop-the-soap type jokes there were?

  6. Jeff says

    ‘He’s barking up the wrong lesbian.’ …my new favorite line. (anyone else hoping for an ancient Sue Ann still after a crotchety Lou, with a walk on by Mary AND Blanche….!?? THAT would’ve brought the house down.)

  7. says

    You’re not alone Derek and not that off. You shoulda seen Facebook – everyone overpraising a typically poorly-written SNL. It seemed all the writers were interested in was a raunchy 88 yr old woman (raunch is merely desperate without content). Thankfully, the legendary Betty White proved she is still THE classic comic actress nonpareil, and her impeccable timing still 2nd to none. She ROSE above (get it? “ROSE”!?) the material like a 747.

  8. New Jersey Girl says

    RE: The Dusty Muffin: Just because there’s snow on top doesn’t mean there’s a fire down below…LOL! I was waiting for one of the girls to find a hair in the muffin.

    Bravo Betty, you warmed our Cockles!

  9. Adam says

    She did a great job, and the writers (gasp!) actually did a great job playing to her strengths and making her look good.

    Also, not trying to be bitchy, but the lesbian skit, while Little-Women-esque, is set several decades too late to be a direct LW reference.

  10. MichaelJ says

    I have to disagree with Sparks — that “comedy is 10% writing, 90% delivery.” Betty White was wonderful as expected, but some of the material, such as the opening number, was pretty lame and none were as good as Betty herself.
    Some of the better skits I’ve seen were the unaired, Web-only specials, such as Tina Fey as the Census Worker visiting Betty and Bronx Beat. Debbie Downer’s flashback to her childhood, where Betty was her grandmother was also kind of wonderful but too short; the whole skit should have been built around that.

  11. Bill Perdue says

    White was fantastic. But the writing was uneven. I was really disturbed that SNL continues its foul tradition of going to the well of gay jokes. How many skits had gay jokes? I counted 4 in the first 30 minutes. It is amazing to me that this show escapes the attention of GLAAD and the blogosphere.

  12. Kyle Sullivan says

    It was all right, and I do think the “Wizard of Ass” line is a classic…just not in that context. The one sad aspect of that skit as that people still accept prison rape as part of an inmate’s sentence.

  13. says

    We’re watching it now on the DVR. When Betty was on I was laughing. When she wasn’t on, it wasn’t very funny.

  14. Paul says

    Rue McClanahan must b so jealous of all the media attention that Betty’s getting. Hope she’s not jealous of Betty’s boogie! She delivered!

  15. TANK says

    Interesting choice of words for a headline, steve…especially in light of the post it’s above.

    The show was…very bad. I really hope that SNL gets cancelled as it’s a disgrace to comedy.

  16. says

    @Jeff – Yes, absolutely. My friends were hoping for a Rose Nylund spoof, but I was hoping for a Sue Ann Nivens one. Overall, I enjoyed it.

  17. Vince S. says

    decent episode. But missed opportunity with casting Ana Gasteyer as Dorothy and Rachel Dretch as Sophia.

  18. David T says

    Have to agree. I laughed out loud, and I can’t remember doing that recently when watching SNL.

  19. Stephen says

    Bronx Beat was the most hilarious skit. Betty explaining her young boyfriend/yoga instructor teaching her that YOGA stands for “Yeah Oh God Again” was the BEST line!

  20. Paul R says

    Aside from Betty’s impeccable timing and delivery, there was nothing special about this show. They rely on the raunchy old lady jokes too much.

  21. really disappointed says

    But what was with all the “saying someone is gay is funny” BS?

    Over and over and over again. The bomb guy, Gingey, the prison rape routine….

  22. Paul R says

    SNL has relied on sophomoric gay jokes for ages, perhaps hitting an apex when Tina Fey was head writer. It’s just easy, and they can’t get away with mocking most other groups.

    It’s astounding how unfunny the show usually is when you look at the list of writers at the end. There are at least two dozen, and that doesn’t include the “comedians” who star on the show. So you’re talking about 40 people who are paid to be funny who consistently fail, week after week, managing to generate 1 or 2 funny skits surrounded by dreck.

  23. Ted says

    Loved the entire show, Betty’s timing is classic and in control. My 13 year old son loved it too. I was kind of glad they didn’t go back to her old characters, they can do that next time she’s on. Wizard of Ass and NPR/Muffin were the highlights. And the biggest surprise was how many skits she was in. The hustle and bustle and she never missed a line. See you next season, BW!

  24. says

    SNL is sick, tired and old. It’s sick and tired of being old. (Thanks, Charles Pierce!)
    It hasn’t been relevant (or funny) in years, but I watched it Only for Betty. She did not disappoint. You Go(lden), Girl!


  25. Mike says

    Betty was a rock star but SNL’s straight boy’s club , gay bashing writing is really tired. I was really put off by the prison rape skit. Not funny at all. There are so many guys on the show, really wish the girls could somehow spin off and have their own show with more mature humor.

  26. Jimbo says

    I felt sad for her that the quality of the writing was so bad. Really lazy cheap comedy writing. The only genuinely funny thing was the Welk skit at the opening. The rest was just embarrassing.

  27. johnny says

    Yup, the writing sucked. With 40 writers that’s the best they can do? I say, shitcan about 30 of them and see if things improve. Too many cooks.

    It was nice to see BW, but sad to see so much poor writing exiting her mouth. She deserved better. The NPR skit was great, however, but look what it took: Bringing back two old regulars. And, of course, Kirstin’s baby-hands character always creeps me out and makes me laugh.

  28. darkmoonman says

    I was disappointed that the SNL writers couldn’t come up something better than their usual schlock, but I do credit Betty White with doing her best with it.

  29. Rikard says

    I have loved Betty for her MTM and Password years. Always thought playing fourth fiddle on GG to the other scenery chewers there was beneath her. I was suprised that she was in every sketch. I assumed the visiting women would be used to fill scenes Betty couldn’t due to age and energy, wrong. They were there to pay respects and try to catch some of the lightning in a bottle. For the cranks who think SNL is less than 100%. It never has been. As a fan since it’s first episode and ever since I can say confidently, if there is an age YOU remember it being perfect and supremely funny, that was YOUR golden age, a time YOU were were forgiving of frequently bad skeches.

  30. ChrisM says

    Betty was terrific – the writing however, wasn’t all that great. Just goes to show that even average material can be well done in the hands of a true pro. I’ve watched it twice and with very few exceptions Betty truly carried the show. Now how do we get the queen of sketch comedy, Carol Burnett, to host – she could give them all a master class in comedy.

    And they missed a real shot in not going back to the 20 year old clip of the “Golden Girls” episode where Rose, after suffering a heart attack, comes out of surgery with the line “Live from New York it’s Saturday Night”.

  31. rafi says

    That “Wizard of Ass” line had me. Though I think a lot of the skits wouldn’t have been funny with someone else, but Betty made them great.

    My other favorite was Seth Myers during the
    Weekend Update calling the Times Square bomber “Muhammad al Corey Feldman”. I can’t look at his picture now without laughing.