‘Blindsided’ by Gates Letter, Rep. Patrick Murphy Vows to Press On for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal This Year

Rep. Patrick Murphy, the chief sponsor of the House bill to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", says he and other lawmakers were "blindsided" by Defense Sec'y Robert Gates' letter on Friday, and vows to fight on for repeal this year.

Murphy  Says Murphy to The Advocate

"After my three years in Washington, I think when folks tell you to walk away, that’s usually a sign that you’re getting close. So we have to keep working, people need to call their members of Congress, their Senators. Obviously, the letter was a setback, but I know we’re on the right side of history here and we’re going to keep fighting till we get this done this year…I said from the get-go that just because change is hard it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. We have a bi-partisan bill to repeal 'don’t ask, don’t tell' in the House of Representatives. We have Republican support, we have Colin Powell now on board, we even have Dick Cheney calling for repeal. We need to keep fighting."

Murphy says he and Senator Carl Levin are "putting their heads together" to figure out the best way to move forward, and that he hasn't talked to anybody who thinks that Friday's letter means DADT repeal is off the table for this year.

Murphy also says a "delayed implementation" approach is not off the table either.

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  1. Gridlock says

    Nevermind that Gates wrote a letter, specifically ordering the US government (its immediate superior, well, till now) not to do anything… nevermind that this was dumped on “faggot friday”, the friday afternoon/evening media graveyard where this administration drops ALL its gay-related news (because nobody in the media gives a rat’s ass what happens on friday afternoon and it’s gone/dead by monday)…

    Doesn’t it seem a wee bit convenient? Obama probably ordered this shitbag to drop the letter in order for Obama to shrug his useless shoulders and say “Whelp, the military doesn’t want to do anything till after the midterms and if you disagree with the military you’re an unpatriotic SOB and you hate ‘Murrica”

    It’s so fucking transparent.

  2. Smartypants says

    It’s lucky we have Murphy on our side. As an Iraq war vet he brings a level of credibility to the repeal effort that few other elected officials in the federal government have(including Obama). I hope he’s right that Gates’ letter means we’re getting close to success.

  3. walter says

    in this country the military must follow the civilan government. gates is a civilan and must follow the direction of the president. does anyone think that obama didn’t know about gates’s letter. and being released on friday and obama out of town on sunday the day of the protest accident or deliberate? repeal isn’t going to happen if congress grows a pair of balls. and LGBT citizens should stop depending on the president.

  4. Ted says

    Gate’s letter is total bullshit. When else does the military not order their people to do whatever the brass wants? They do it every fucking day, and they follow their orders. And, who the fuck cares about what family members of the military think about the issue, how does it affect them? They worried their boys are going to come over to our team?

  5. Robert says

    I just donated to Rep Murphy’s re-election campaign. I can’t vote for him because I don’t live in his district, so this is a way to support his great efforts.

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