1. Kyle Sullivan says

    Beautiful, soulful eyes…and the rest ain’t bad, at all. Dunno about the “icon” thing, though.

  2. Kevin says

    I’m sure he’s quite attractive, but those photos are so photoshopped, he looks like a painting. Good grief.

  3. slick says

    Yes, the first thing I do when I see an emerging new celebrity is call the production company and get into an earnest debate about whether he’s the next It boy. The boy’s cute; the story’s BS.

  4. Paul R says

    He’s very cute, but yes, those abs are fake. The area below his navel doesn’t even match across the two pics. I’m not even sure his two pecs match in the first pic.

  5. steve talbert says

    He looks malnurished – dark circles under his eyes and bones sticking out of his stomach/lower chest cavity. I have no clue who that would be a sex symbol for except someone who is into necrophilia.. gosh he even makes Patterson look normal.. and that’s hard to do.

  6. Zanny T says

    Seriously? This guy?

    I’m from India and I call BS.

    This is just a silly publicity stunt. Who does what those guys are talking about?

    It’s 2010. No one is so repressed that they need to ask for ‘shirtless pictures’ like that, when thousands of even more explicit images are just a google search away.

    The thing is, the Indian press has no idea of ‘the gay community’. So most of the stories they write about gay people are ironically pulled out from the reporter’s ass!

    And, to reiterate, THIS GUY?

  7. Soren456 says

    I don’t think you can be an icon just because you want to be. Especially when your only qualification is quasi-soulful eyes.

    I’d call him an icon manque.

  8. Visitor says

    Oh lord, picky picky picky. Tell you this, Indian men are the next big thing. The guy on Rubricon (Hal) HOT, this guy HOT. Kareesh on Heroes, tall but HOT.
    Ok I wish his nipples were a little bigger.

  9. Absolutely says

    Sex symbol? Icon? To who? He’s “cute” at best. Nothing more, nothing less, but sex symbol or Icon, I don;t think so!!!

  10. Chris says

    This seems like a planted story to me. Isn’t the “shirtless photo shoot” a standard thing for a Bollywood actor?

  11. bravo says

    Most Indian guys I’ve met were rather hairy. It seems like most Bollywood studs are waxed smooth. Has manscaping become popular in India?

  12. bambinoitaliano says

    This is India . Still very close minded country when it comes to gay right. To have an actor openly embrace the attention of gay men is very rare. If he is willing to be the first to step up and be an ally. Years later who knows he might be the icon.