Country Singer Chely Wright Makes it Official: She’s Gay

The official People cover story breaks two days early following reports that broke late last week and over the weekend:

Chely-wright "Country singer Chely Wright's reasoning was sound. 'There had never, ever been a country music artist who had acknowledged his or her homosexuality,' she tells People. 'I wasn't going to be the first.'

But now Wright is changing her tune. 'Nothing in my life has been more magical than the moment I decided to come out,' she says.

Wright, 39, recalls of her youth in the South: 'I don't have a memory in my life that doesn't include the dream of making music.' But during her childhood and rapid ascent to fame in the county world, she also experienced a community in which homosexuality was shunned. 'I hid everything for my music,' says Wright."


  1. Jon B says

    Good for her… I just found out that a kid who played on my D3 college baseball team is gay… way more excited about that. If you’re going to do some crazy ass PR stunt, make sure people will care or that shit will blow up in your face.

    You know what I think is funny about the whole thing… how must Queen Latifah and Kelly Clarkson feel about being the front runners for a while? At least one of them would have been a big celebrity… this is just silly.

    If you want us to forgive you, Howard Bragman, next time you better be bringing Taylor Lautner to the table.

  2. Stewart says

    Er, didn’t KD Lang set the ball rolling on country and western stars – and who the hell is she anyway? Calculated move timed with release of new album – looks like the self serving coming out strategy is now to be a regular on the celeb circuit.

  3. Alex says

    KD Lang won a Granny for Best Female Country Vocal in 1990; was 1989 female volcalist of the year and 1987 New female vocalist of the year Academy of Country Music Awards

  4. peterparker says

    @ALEX: I don’t know if you intended to type ‘Granny’ instead of ‘Grammy’, but it is hilarious and appropriate. Mind if I use it?

  5. Lazycrockett says

    Kd Lang’s Shadowland was produced by legendary Owen Bradley. That’s bout as country as you can get. Chely needs to step back and respect.

  6. JoeyB says

    And the world said: “Who?”

    People Magazine and The View are both wasting time and space on this person?

    I mean, good for you – coming out and all – but, how is this a cover story?

  7. Brian says

    I am proud of Chely for coming forward. It is not always easy for anyone to come out. And to be someone in the country music industry is really hard. For all the people who are giving her crap because YOU don’t know her is pretty unsupportive. Maybe instead of saying you are disappointed because you don’t know her you should find out more about her. I have listened to her since her first album and LOVE her!
    WAY TO GO CHELY! And welcome to the FAMILY!

  8. Hubert says

    “For all the people who are giving her crap because YOU don’t know her is pretty unsupportive” …

    Well, I blame it on no one else but Howard Bragman and all the blogs (incl. this one) that sold this story like to the heavens.

    “Oh, come May 5, you’re gonna be blown away by the biggest coming-out story that ever was! This person will be in People, on The View, on Larry King Live, on radio, it’ll blow your mind, dude!”

    Uh, ok. *rolls eyes*

  9. bettyboop says

    I think what people are forgetting is that just because you don’t know her, doesnt mean she isnt a “celebrity” of some sort. In 2004 she was the female Tobey Keith, apparences on Glen Beck and a lot of other right wing shows to talk about military support. You may not know her, but the people who watch those shows do and this will get more notice from *that* audience than some 90210 starlet announcing she likes boobs

  10. Harrison says

    Part of me wonders if the press people knew her coming out wouldn’t be seen as a “big deal” to many people, and so the plot was for them to make it seem like it was and then let all the blogs go crazy about the story and figure it out prior to it officially being announced… let the Internet do the dirty work, if you will.

    And good for you Chely. As they just said on the episode of “Will and Grace” I watched: “Congratulations and welcome. You’ll be receiving your kit in a few weeks.”

  11. Lez says

    Got to admit I’m another who has never heard of Chely Wright, and yes I do buy country music.

    But having said that (and even if some have said, just in time for a new album release) congrats to Chely for taking that step out of the closet.

    Each time someone else steps out it gets lonelier being in.

    Not to dampen everyone’s “k.d. lang” statements; but maybe Chely is referring to American country singers because as we all know (and love her all the more for) k.d. is Canadian

  12. Ron says

    I think it’s great that Chely Wright has come out, and I support her 100%. I am a big fan, and I would like to think that everyone would be supportive and positive, whether they know of her or not, instead of being snarky and rude.

  13. fy says

    If you don’t know who Chely Wright is, that means that you weren’t listening to country music until a couple years ago, so who cares what you think. She’s a great country singer, and still will be long after you go back to pop, or rock, or where ever else you came from.

  14. Julie says

    kd lang is not and has never been featured on mainstream country radio, whatever the Grammys (or Grannys) might think. Chely Wright was–her song “The Bumper of my SUV” was a reasonably big hit a few years ago (I think 2004 or 2005, thereabouts–I think it’s a dumb song, and I don’t know a lot of her other work, but if you haven’t heard that song, then I’m guessing you only started listening to country radio very recently or you listen to alt-country or something. kd lang is featured much more–or was–on “adult contemporary” stations and that kind of thing, and I frankly think you’d be hard-pressed to find a mainstream country music fan who listens to her.

    As for the first “out” gay male star, my money is on Kenny Chesney. I’ve been waiting for it…

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