FedEx to Offer Health Benefits to Same-Sex Domestic Partners


The largets private employer in Memphis will offer health benefits to same-sex domestic partners, Commercial Appeal reports:

"FedEx will offer health insurance benefits for same-sex domestic partners starting Jan. 1, 2012.

The shipping giant, which already offers the benefits in California and to FedEx Office employees, said the change comes at the request of employees.

'Employees have been asking for the benefit,' said spokeswoman Sandra Munoz.

It won't go into effect sooner because FedEx needs time to rebuild benefits that were cut as part of a belt-tightening to help weather the recession, Munoz added.

Munoz said details will be worked out before employees get the option of choosing the benefit during health insurance enrollment in the fall of 2011.

The benefit won't apply to heterosexual domestic partners, she said."


  1. SkepticalCicada says

    That’s right, Rick.

    And let us never forget whom we have to blame for that going forward: Barack Obama ordered the language correcting that discrimination stripped out of the health care reform bill, even though the House had already passed it, even though it had generated not a peep of controversy, and even though, as a tax matter, it could have been included in the Senate reconciliation bill with other tweaks to the bill, and even though Rep. Tammy Baldwin tried hard to get it included in the reconciliation bill.

    Another betrayal brought to us by that gutless wonder, our “fierce advocate” Barack Obama.

    I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m waiting to learn that health insurance plans in the new exchanges will have to drop domestic partnership benefits because of DOMA.

  2. Anonymous says

    @Skepticalcicada, Right on! These facts also make we very angry — and have gotten very little attention — but have a big impact on a lot of people. Obama is listening to our buddy Rahm Emanuel a little too much, I’m afraid.

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