1. Marc says

    oh god, if you don’t “get” her, then you don’t get her.
    Nobody cares if you do get her or if you don’t get her.

    I enjoy her music, and find her entertaining. Does that mean i get her?

    I don’t care, who cares?

  2. jason says

    In my opinion, Lady Gaga was never very gay-friendly to begin with. Her “pro-gay” shtick was partly an invention of her marketing people, and was designed to endear her to the dance-friendly gay male population in the critical early phases of her career.

    Her official videos are essentially marketed to the heterosexual male mentality. Most telling, she’s failed to show any male-male sensuality in her videos. The only kisses she and her marketing people will apparently allow is between a man and a woman or between two women. This is the classic straight porn modus operandum.

    I have no respect for Lady Gaga or her marketing team, and nor do I have any respect for the retarded gay guys who follow her and her hypocrisy.

  3. Jeremy says

    Jason, shut the hell up. You’re tired and boring and spouting nonsense.

    Why should she need to reinvent herself right now, and how do you know she couldn’t? She’s really only been famous for a couple of years now, so it’s not like she’s been riding the same horse for decades.

  4. says

    The bigger yawn is reading the comment section on any Lady Gaga post. Want to talk about redundancy? How about the bitchy-queen schtick?

    Fine, you don’t like Lady Gaga, but why do you feel the need to declare it so loudly? Why do you care what other people like? Busybodies don’t have much going on, I guess.

  5. KB says

    It’s so funny how people compare her to bowie, jones, madonna….etc. I’m 43 and have followed all of them. I just don’t see it…I think Gaga is fresh, new and fun to listen to…what i DO know is that any time there is hate…it most likly stems from jealousy…Just sit back and enjoy it…geez…..and as far as her using the gays for popularity, come on.

  6. Bryan Harrison says

    STIPEFAN: Perhaps, but of course the fact that your posting about her means you’ve been gotten by her whether you get her or not. 😉

  7. Paul R says

    This song has been out for weeks—she’s sung it on several shows and it’s done well on the charts. Why in the world has it taken so long for the video to be released?

    I bet Jason had something to do with it. After reading his comments on Towleroad, Gaga reviewed the initial cut of the video and realized that she’s built her career on entirely homophobic grounds. Thus the revised video will veer from heteronormative protocols depicting male/female and female/female couplings as the only possible forms of sexual interaction or arousal in all media portrayals. Kudos to Jason!!!!!

  8. Ben says

    It has that dead lighting that Klein has been inflicting on Madonna for the past few years.

    And how can people not enjoy Gaga? She writes mindlessly repetitive silly pop songs that stick in your brain like good drugs and then plies them forth with faux arty videos and cheeky promotional tactics! I’ve not enjoyed a pop star this much since Madonna’s Like a Prayer/Blond Ambition/Truth or Dare days.

  9. says

    Every time there is some gaga news the same old people come out and say “back in my day!” and “i dont get this!” … Seriously, can you accept the fact that you’re old and can’t understand current music trends? There’s a reason all the young gays love her – she loves us right back. She just did a show in Japan with her male dancers making out on stage. Don’t say she’s not “gay friendly enough” – That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

  10. ventura says

    I have HUGE expectations for this video because of Klein. I think he’s done amazing directing Madonna’s tour videos. say What you will, if anything Gaga has allowed us to get exited for videos again…not even Madonna makes good videos anymore, and look at the crap Xtina gave us 2 weeks ago.

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