1. FMB says

    Gaga must have read this blog and the ongoing criticism that she doesn’t depict gays in her videos. Not.

  2. stephen says

    “This has been the greatest accomplishment of my life- to get young people to throw away what society has taught them is wrong.”

    And THIS is why I think Lady G is SO terrific.

  3. busytimmy says

    Love her comments and obvious intellect, just wish she would write better songs.

  4. Jim says

    I love Gaga! She amazes me how an artist can be so progressive, so driven, yet have a heart and spirit that is as gentle and as loving as an innocent child! She is a WONDER!

    P.S. Hey… honor Madonna too! This is NOT a horse race! Both women are amazing! Madonna paved the way; HONOR her!

  5. Robert says

    Can’t wait for the inevitable “Yeah, but the Alejandro video isn’t gay ENOUGH” from the bitter set.

  6. says

    Here comes the snark in 3… 2… 1…

    Yeah, but notice she didn’t come out and say, “No, I don’t have a penis.” Which leads me to conclude that either she doesn’t care if people think she has a penis or not, or that she’s “bluffin with her muffin” or that she actually DOES have a dangly thing between her legs. Who knows. Maybe it’s just an overgrown clitoris. ROFLMAO!

    End of snark. Thank you. That is all.

  7. drake onian says

    Awww it is amazing how when JUST DANCE first came out I was a hater, I admit it. I thought who is this pretentious wannabe wit the teacup. Then something clicked and I got it. Thank you Gaga for taking a position on an issue other celebrities, whether they agree or not, choose to eschew. I hope your career makes just as big an impact on our culture as Madonna! Nothin but love for you ma!

  8. Hum says

    Did she address how her song Alejandro is total rip off of Ace of Base – The Sign?

  9. SFRowGuy says

    That’s nothing. Most women do a have penis (and they will probably agree) … unfortunately it has some jack-ass man attached

  10. Sigh says

    A Rip off of The Sign?

    You wouldn’t know a rip off even it hit you with a baseball bat, it seems.

  11. Bernadette says

    What a liar she is! If she would love the rumor why was she behaving like an idiot at a German press conference where German music television host Collien Fernandes asked her if the rumor is true that she has a penis and Gaga replied that her ‘beautiful vagina is offended by that question’ and furthermore let her security people remove Fernandes from the press conference after having asked that question?
    That woman only uses the gay/intersex community for fame and you don’t even realize it.

    Watch it yourself:

  12. CC says

    ok. i am sad that everyone buys what she has to say. she is a 23 year old musician who wears masks and “makes art” and produces shitty music for the masses. Gay is cool, and she is trying to be cool and arty. She reminds me of teenager who is finding herself. She once said “you shouldn’t be making art unless you would die for it” . ..what?

  13. el polacko says

    i have no idea why anyone would pay good money to see this art-school reject, but it sure ain’t for the “music”.
    how sad that all it takes is for someone to say “i love the gays” for all the young homos to pledge undying fealty and fall over in a faint. “she likes me, she really likes me!” sheesh.

  14. bull says

    i cant’ stand her – and i cant’ stand her cuz she is friend with perez hilton who is a woman hater. yet she is fighting for woman.. LOL fuck her supporting and even sinking to the level of perez hilton. he is a washed up old queen that is trying to just use everyone.. hes’ a woman hater.
    i will never be a gag gag fan.

  15. J.D. says

    Penis? Whatsamatta, you never met an Italian girl before? I frankly don’t understand the basis for the rumor. I begin to suspect it was started by her publicist to generate more heat. In show biz and real life, we all know females way more butch then this one and males way more fem — we don’t assume they are cross dressing. That the penis thing was started by her own people makes sense. Everything about her is contrived and calculated — she studied (stole from) her role models well, and regurgitates a pastiche of gay pop culture from the last 25 years. Her career is like a grad school history thesis, definitely safe enough not to threaten the stodgy since it’s all tried and true. It thrills the kiddies though because, hey, it’s new to them.

  16. Matt says

    @BERNADETTE: erm.. please check both sides of the coin before you comment on it. the questions asked at the interview had to be about the EARPHONES, not about GaGa herself. if that German “interviewer” can’t hear she has to feel :)

  17. Bernadette says

    Erm, there is no checking of both sides of the coin, Matt. It doesn’t matter what the press conference was for. Caca says that she loves the rumor. If that would really be the case she wouldn’t have reacted the way she did but laughed it off and let Fernandes stay until the end.
    After all, shortly before that press conference took place the video with Caca on stage surfaced in which it seems as if there is a small penis saying ‘hello’ to the world from under her red dress.
    What interviewer in their right mind wouldn’t have taken the chance and asked her about it? Everyone would have done it.

  18. alcaatras says

    Why do we need to make someone GOD? You put her on a pedestal today and then break her down tomorrow. You say she is a messiah, and then tomorrow you feel disappointed. Let her just be what she is. A human being making music. Enjoy the ride while its good. and we can talk in 10 years time, if all this debate was worth it.