Liberty Counsel Offers to Back George Rekers in Defamation Suit

Anti-gay litigation firm the Liberty Counsel has offered to get behind George "Rentboy" Rekers:

Staver Officials at the Liberty Counsel said Wednesday they would back Mr. Rekers if he followed through on his threat this week to sue media outlets and others for trying to discredit him.

"I think [Mr. Rekers] would have a great case to file a defamation action," said Mathew D. Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel said.

"I think it was a completely arranged setup," he said, referring to the presence of writers of the free weekly Miami New Times at Miami International Airport when Mr. Rekers and his hired travel companion arrived in the United States April 13.


The Liberty Counsel's Mr. Staver said he believes Mr. Rekers' recent court appearances, in which the professor testified in favor of state bans on gay adoption, became "a major focus of people trying to discredit him as an individual."

"I think that it's the classic [tactic], 'If you can't destroy the message, you destroy the messenger,' … and I think this is a personal attack designed to cast aspersions on his character and reputation," Mr. Staver said.


  1. Miles says

    @Mr. Staver
    “I think that it’s the classic [tactic], ‘If you can’t destroy the message, you destroy the messenger,’ … and I think this is a personal attack designed to cast aspersions on his character and reputation”

    What he didn’t say is “so that is what I am going to do also”.

    Sure he is behind rekers, so he can give him the reacharound long stroke.

  2. DN says

    If we can’t destroy the message? Mr. Staver, your message hs been destroyed over and over and OVER again. The only reason you and your ilk think it hasn’t been destroyed is because you start from the assumption that you and your faith are right, and if the data doesn’t match the pre-supposed facts, then something is wrong with the data.

    You have not a leg to stand on and I will follow the news of this trial with glee.

  3. walter says

    these fucking morons just don’t know enough to shut up and go away. rekers did everything he is acused of. how is that defamation?he is the one that should and prosecuted for lying under oath. this group is scum plain and simple.

  4. Rascal says

    Given Rekers’ zeal for fabrication (he is so driven that he gets paid large sums of money for it), a trial-based exposition of facts would be utterly DELICIOUS.

    Bring it on!!

  5. says

    @ Homer: Exactly. Please sue. Please take the stand under oath. And please make sure the defense attorney understand that this opportunity is like a hug from Jesus after a mug of cocoa by a fire that smells of cotton candy.

  6. JusticeontheRocks says

    Staver makes me want to start a new dating site: Rentboys for Christian Homophobes. With an upgraded membership they can search for boys who want to be converted.

  7. romeo says

    I don’t know what kind of law school these guys went to, but how is it defamation when “Wreckers” was the one who contracted Lucien from the Rentboy website and specified the daily nude massages? The fact that someone photographed him with the guy in a public place does not constitute a “set-up,” merely a confirmation. All the media outlets dutifully noted that both parties stated there was no out and out sex. And you can’t sue the general public for putting 2 and 2 together now can you? LOL

    And are they absolutely sure they want Lucien under oath in that courtroom with his own army of legal defenders. Double LOL !!!

  8. Fred says

    Roman – I trust you are in close contact with the folks who have stepped forward to assist you, and there is legal assistance within that group. If not, please circle the wagons and get that assistance. If you have trouble locating assistance, please get word to me. I’m happy to make a few phone calls to see what I can do. Andy, it’s OK to give my contact info to Roman if he asks.

  9. Jon B says

    This is a prime case for a judge to levy penalties against the attorney for bringing a frivilous law suit. Both parties admitted what happened, so there is no question of fact here. If there is no question of fact, then the facts that exist are legally regarded as the “truth” and truth is an absolute defense to defamation. Add to that Reker’s status as a public figure, or at the very least a limited purpose public figure (which makes it exceedingly hard to get a favorable ruling in a defamation suit) and you have a totally absurd legal argument.

  10. David in Houston says

    No where in that statement does he say that Rekers DIDN’T do any of the things he’s been accused of doing. So, yeah, bring it on self-loathing homophobe.

  11. Brian says

    This is possibly the funniest development in this story, yet. No sane lawyer would take on this case and any sane judge would laugh them out of his courtroom.

  12. mikey says

    I’d bet it’s a phony offer.

    Family Research Council, NARTH, Focus on the Family, and their anti-gay cause, has lost a huge amount of credibility because of this scandal.

    Liberty Counsel’s public offer helps restore some of that credibility to the organizations, but odds are that behind the scenes they’re telling Rekers NO WAY!

  13. says

    *is laughing her ass off*

    Mr. Reker… really.
    Who ever is giving you advice… fire them.
    Your actions/announcements and those who support you (whom ever’s left)need to cease and desist. These idol threats and lame excuses are only serving to make your situation worse. The moment you clicked on you set your downfall as an ‘expert’ in any aspect of homosexuality.

    No one ‘set’ you up for this fall… just reported it… but you continue to dig yourself deeper.

    Frankly, I don’t care if your a closet-case or not. Someone else’s sexuality never was an ‘issue’ of interest for me. However, I understand why it’s an issue with when it comes to you and the LBGT community. You’ve hurt a whole group of humanity with your bias against Homosexuality so of course this event is ‘payback’ for all of your past actions.

    But man, don’t you have some sense of self-preservation? STFU Already! It’s like watching a train wreck.

  14. Steve says

    Bring it on – I want to see the lawsuit. We don’t have nearly enough detail on this situation yet (although the visual image I have of wrinkly Rekers and Jo-Vanni are pretty awful).

    As for defamation – can you “defame” a public figure? I don’t think so.

  15. ravewulf says

    We’ve only just desrtroyed the messenger now, we destroyed the message ages ago.

    Andy, love how you phrased this:
    “.. has offered to ‘GET BEHIND’ George ‘Rentboy’ Rekers”

  16. Gregoire says

    It’s like a red cape being billowed through the air, waiting for a bull called the Liberty Council to charge through it.

    I implore Mr. Staver — proceed with your lawsuit, post haste.

    And let the show begin!

  17. says

    From Wikipedia:

    “A close partnership exists between Liberty University and Liberty Counsel. Liberty University was founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell. Mathew D. Staver serves as the law school’s Dean. In 2004 Liberty Counsel became affiliated with Liberty University/Falwell Ministries and Liberty Counsel opened an office at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.”

    Well, that helps to explain everything….

  18. RONTEX says

    I’d like to officially nominate the classic song “Stroke” by Billy Squire as the theme song for the circus this will surely be if it goes to court.

  19. Red Katie says

    Rekers reminds me of the scene in… Midnight Cowboy, was it?… where the old guy throws open his pop-up shrine and commands the young man to beg for forgiveness. “I’m gonna work you, boy!”

  20. ChrisM says

    Believe me, there isn’t going to be any lawsuit. First off because there is no basis for a lawsuit. But more importantly Mr. Rekers under no circumstances wants any more of his sleazy hidden past to make its way to the media. A lawsuit won’t “make it go away” which is exactly what Rekers desperately wants to happen. It will only serve to make him a bigger and more public lying fool than he already appears to be.

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