1. canddieinncdideinnc says

    Everyone, take two minutes, now, and write an e-mail to your congressional representatives and tell them to press for sanctions against Malawi and stop all aid. This is inhuman.

  2. KFLO says

    What does a place like this contribute to the world? They already have nothing going for them – now the world will continue to know it as a incredibly repulsive place. I have no desire to visit Africa.

  3. Paul says

    Maybe Madonna should change her charity’s organization’s name from “Raising Malawi” to “Fuck Malawi” because I doubt any gay man or woman will be giving any type of donation to that charity in the near future.

  4. jefferson says

    Mia Kirsher from “The L Word” wrote a great piece for Huffington Post on these guys. What I want to know, similar to Paul is, where the FUCK is Madonna in all this? Is she scared they’ll cut off her baby supply if she makes any noise about it? I’m as disgusted by her as I am this case. This is the time when she can really make a difference. She has made Malawi her pet project for close to a decade now. How she can sit quiet for this, I have no idea.

  5. lorita says

    We do not care what westerners say at this moment. Leave us malawians alone, we are a sovereign state. Fuck westerners. This is not colonial times to listen to you. We do not want the silly comments from any country. Do you think all of us malawian citizen survive on Madonna or your aid. Shut up please. there is no room for homosexuals here. MALAWIAN

  6. candideinnc says

    Oscar Wilde spent 2 years in Redding jail, hard labor, for this same crime. It is heartbreaking to see this injustice!

  7. Rad says

    I have a sick pit in my stomach when I read about this case and these gentlemen. What is worse is that, if they were women, they would have just been kicked to the dirt and raped.

    How much longer supposed “enlightened” countries like ours, UK, etc… stand back and shrug?

    June is generally Gay Pride month here in the US. Why not do… something? From organizing petitions at your regional pride events to something as simple as lighting a candle in church and asking your fellow congregates to pray. Do… something. We have to keep Stephen and Tiwange in our thoughts.

  8. lorita says

    MALAWIAN (decent ones) should also take a minute, and march to our members of parliament to ask for death sentences for any one caught in silly, degrading and dirty acts like homosexuality.

  9. Chris says

    Lorita – do you honestly think it’s right, in the 21st Century, to imprison two people whose only crime is to love each other? They haven’t done any harm to anybody, and clearly just wanted the freedom to be together. Shame on your country for denying them that simple HUMAN RIGHT, and shame on you personally for supporting that decision.

    It said a lot that you consider basic fairness and tolerance for your fellow man to be an issue of other countries interfering, rather than simply other human beings being absolutely horrified (which is what it is, nothing more).

  10. candideinnc says


    Lorita is beyond shame. She is one of the bleating sheep who follow their primitive religions to their barbaric conclusions. Her only uniqueness is that she uses anticolonialism to defend her superstition and homophobia (which, ironically, were taught the Africans by their colonial “masters”).

    Lorita, I don’t give a damn about you or your backward country. The two young men who you are persecuting are the only thing worthy of attention here.

  11. says

    This horrific incident is the apex of inhumanity and pure hatred in its ugliest form. Sad to say the entire world needs to review what is in their hearts and minds and correct this injustice that is so prevalent all over the world in so many various forms. I believe homophobia exists on so many levels in this world and in the USA that a revolution against hate must begin. Our effort to change are not nearly strong enough.

    From parents who must teach their children from the beginning that hate is wrong to Hollywood producers and directors who continue to create unflattering and stereotypical gay characters. The battle must intensify to change the thinking of the world.

  12. bading says

    No Lorita, FUCK YOU and all Malawians who support this atrocity. You are nothing but savages, percursors to Astralopithecus Sediba. The Human Race will continue to evolve and your kind will be nothing more than fossil artifacts.

  13. Sean R says

    This is an awful case, and stems in part from the impact of so-called Christian missionaries on African societies.

    While Lorita is just homophobic, we should distinguish between Malawi and comments about “Africa” (which is a continent), so comment like KFLO’s are somwhat wide of the mark – in light of Arizona’s immigration law, it’s like saying I wouldn’t visit the USA. Africa is a diverse continent, so don’t tar it all with the same brush.

    I hope the Obama administration will do much more than express disappointment…

  14. lorita says

    You say shame on my country (Malawi) but I say shame on Europeans and Americans for trying to impose a lifestyle on us. When you say Malawi is using an old colonial act, are you not the same colonialists that came to draw these acts in our books, was Christianity not introduced by the same colonialists who are now trying to reverse it and convert us into satanism. Do you want to imprison Malawi in the name of aid, so that we can dance to the tune of homosexuality. To hell with all of you supporters of Aunt Tiwo. They are going to rot in our prisons. Any one is free come and adopt the homosexuals the way Madonna adopted the girls, or just give them assylum. Otherwise we are asking our government to change this colonial law into a death sentence.

  15. Laurie says

    Lorita, get the fuck out of this country if Malawi is so great. Can we please get her disgusting bigoted comments off this website ASAP?

  16. Mark says

    Malawi economy is 40% foreign aid–drop that and we’ll see how fast we see Lorita and her family in her hut cuddled up next to Sally Struthers on a Save the Children infomerical.

    I can’t wait til Madonna writes another Help Malawi blog post. Gay people should blast her for it–I know I will. Why we gay folks let her off the hook in exchange for a few shiny musical beads is beyond me. And if Malawi has enough money for these kangaroo courts and to imprison innocent gay men then let them pay for their own damn orphanages.

  17. lorita says


    Lorita doesn’t care whether her comments are taken off or not. At least I have achieved my goal. to tell you westerners to go to hell and stop commenting on Malawian issues. for your information Lorita is home and try – writing all the way from Malawi. Lorita is a working class business lady who doesn’t depend on western aid. GET LOST LAURIE. If you really believe in democracy and freedoms. Why do you want my comments to be erased. TO HELL WITH HOMOSEXUALS

  18. Paul R says

    I guess “buggery” is equivalent to “sodomy”? I always thought it had a disparaging connotation.

  19. says

    Lorita is an animal who doesn’t deserve to be dignified with a response. Leave her to wallow in her ugliness and hate, but don’t encourage her. She is pitiful and I feel sorry for her. If you really want to vent, call someone who matters, like the Malawi embassy in Washington. Their phone no is 202-721-0270 or email them at Lorita is nothing, save your outrage for the people who continue to barbarically beat down our gay brothers and sisters with one hand while holding the other one extended towards “the west” for a handout. They have NO shame.

  20. DavidW says

    Lorita doesn’t actually exist…..her English is too good for someone from Malawi…trust me I know Malawians.
    Hey Lorita………your silly devils advocate crap talk really isn’t appropriate in this context where such a very sad case of inhumanity is involved…….it’d be the same as joking about the concentration camps to a Jew who had lost their family in that time…….so apologise and do the right thing.

  21. lorita says

    JACK Lorita is back to tell you to shut up. No more comments about Malawi and Lorita pse. We do not need you. what is is nonsense about aid, aid aid, we get our aid from China. and remember Madonna had to persuade courts with her appeals for her to get our children out. Please respect us you westerners. Ndisiyeni ndi lankhule zakukhosi kwanga. Job 10 vs 10

  22. Laurie says

    Here’s a few more Bible verses you should re-read, since you’re a “Christian.” Isaiah 1:17, James 1:27, Matthew 5: 38-48, and probably most importantly of all, Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31

  23. says


    What a dumb ass you are… wonder your country is so ignorant and backward……if you now live in the USA shouldn’t you be grateful for their freedoms and education and culture ? Have you learned nothing ? Are you still spewing your barbaric, ignorant, vicious, homo-hate and pretending it’s Christian.

    What a shame on you and your pig-sty country to express your small minded bigotry in so vindictive a manner. Shame on you.

  24. CKNJ says

    I am African, and I can say that we are not ALL like Lorita and her hateful kind. She accuses Westerners of imposing their values on Malawians, but newsflash, you hateful bigot: YOU are imposing YOUR values on the two men. You think that makes YOU right and them wrong? You don’t accept or respect them but expect the world to offer that courtesy to YOU? Wake up!

    There is nothing ‘Un-African’ about true love between two human beings, there is definitely something INHUMAN about hate… I think Lorita has chosen obviously which camp she belongs in, I hope she enjoys wallowing in the filth that is her and her hateful kind’s evil hearts!

    Westerners DO respect Africans that DESERVE respect. LORITA and her evil kind deserve nothing but scorn and banishment!

  25. says

    Hi Lorita. If you are such a Christian then why are you so hostile. You keep saying Europeans but I happen to be African American. You seem to bunch us all into a group called “westerners”. Take a moment, Lorita, to calm down and think that about the fact that I and many others only want equal civil human rights for all. This includes you. I don’t believe you should be discriminated against for being a straight black woman and I applaud your accomplishment as a business lady. The commandment over all commandments in the bible is Love. I’m not even Christian and I know that.

  26. Laurie says

    We should do what Gaylib said and email or call the Malawi embassy. And be thankful we live in America. I know I am.

  27. wslandry says

    This whole country is down right sick in the head and there government will not change for decades if not more. I say stop all aide period!

  28. 1♥ says

    @ Lorita,
    You are a poor delusional thing. Africa’s Bantu tribe savagely murdered the true Malawian area natives a thousand years ago. The current occupants or Malawi are the equivalent of the Western colonialist except they were a few hundred years earlier. Malawi, with its poverty and corruption, is receiving the karma it deserves. And more is coming its way.

    You’ve proven how hateful, evil, and demented you Christians are. All you have is your hate and you and your kind will reap what you have sown. Your false god can not protect you and obviously it hasn’t.

  29. beggee says

    Lorita fucks pigs like the rest of the people of her nation. The homosexual people are the only hope for Africa.

  30. cutemotoboi says

    They want Obama to back off huh?

    Lets stop shipping them medicine and food and see how long it takes for them to call the white house begging for help.

    I certainly don’t want to my tax dollars funding human extermination!

  31. Laurie says

    We need to cut out the Africa-bashing, as tempting as it is. This is about Malawi. I know lots of other African countries have harsh penalties for homosexuality, but we can’t blame all Africans for this. Lorita and her ilk are fools, we all know that. Let’s do the true Christian thing (that she can’t do) and pray for Lorita’s enlightenment and for the safety of Monjeza and Chimbalanga. They are heroes.

  32. Barry says

    Lorita, do you even realize that your “anti homosexual” laws are not even African? They were imposed by the British to begin with.

  33. Michael says

    I’m not one to consider racist things, but I’m personally in favor of fireboming most of the African countries.

    They offer nothing to their local and global economies, are festering pits of (hetero) HIV/AIDS, and suck money from the bigger countries to pay for their private armies and religious zealots.

  34. FM says

    pressure should be placed on donors who are funding this government. is there a list?

  35. rickastley says

    …Lorita needs to stop talking about herself in the 3rd person.

    The worst injustice of all is injustice delivered by the legal system. It’s sad to see the law, and the courts, which are set up to uphold justice, legitimize intolerance. As an African, I am really ashamed that we still cling to these bigoted laws that were not our own. To those who complain about undue western influence, how about this: Get rid of these western sodomy laws, and their backward religion. No? I thought so. It sure is ok to complain about westerners when it’s convenient.

  36. FunMe says

    Lorita, you ignorant slut.

    So fine, we will take away all our US Aid and see where that get your freaking homophobic back-ass stink. I hope many mojos, bad ones, go your way. It’s called KARMA.

  37. FunMe says

    Lorita’s goals was to “stop commenting on Malawian issues.”

    Well comment we will. And more!

    Meanwhile ANDY, can you get the person’s IP address and exposed that lying sack of shit.

  38. rickastley says

    To Laurie…

    Prayer is useless. Religion is why this is happening. But I do agree that we need to refrain form indulging in an anti-Africa sentiment. I will not defend Africans, as most of them are homophobic. But not all. Blanket statements make you look ignorant. And as MJ would say, don’t be ignorant. I am vehemently against putting conditions on aid. By all means, pressure the government of Malawi. But advocating against sending medicine or helping helping orphanages is shameful.

  39. TANK says

    They contribute nothing to the world. It is an impoverished nation of no value. They have proven that they are incapable of rendering justice, too. it is an inferior country with inferior people.

  40. TANK says

    There is no way to change the minds of these people than to threaten something that they care about. There is no reasoning with them…none. you have to threaten the aid that they receive for them to discontinue human rights violations. That’s the only way that they will see the light short of military intervention (which won’t happen). In a lot of places in africa, you have to bargain with a gun…there is no other way.

  41. Laurie says

    Funme and RickAstley, you guys are right. Andy, please do some research into who this “Lorita” is. I find it curious that someone in Malawi would happen to find *this* gay blog to flame out on. I’m willing to bet that Lorita is a man living in America.

  42. sal says

    oh loretta your african sisters are mutilated over african customs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your grandmothers are murdered cause customs think they are witches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!africans need to stop hurting each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!time to GROW UP!!!!

  43. sal says

    silly beliefs that do nothing but hurt each other must stop,africa is in the toilet bowl even with all the natural wealth cause you guys dont know how to live with EACH OTHER!!!YOUR SISTER AND GAY BROTHERS AND ELDERLY AND ALBINOS AND CHILDREN AND VIRGINS AND DIFFERENT TRIBES ARE ALL AFRICANS!!!!!!!TIME TO COME TOGETHER OR CONTINUE THE SLIDE TO DESTRUCTION

  44. nattering nabob of negativism says

    Money talks and bullshit walks. If I were king of the world every decent country would cut off every red penny of foreign aid and in kind assistance. Hell, why not impose economic sanctions. Let them feel the pain of their hatred and bigotry. I know for example that the US Peace Corp is very big in Malawi. If this were comparably anti Semitic or racist there would be pressure to be out of there next week. I realize this is collective punishment, but fuck it, the whole country seems very happily going along with this. I have yet to read one word about local support. It is maddening to think that any of our US aid -which comes from tax dollars is helping this country. Hit them where it hurts. It might not change their minds but it is symbolic and important that we protest with more than words.

  45. mark halston says

    Hang the Judge.

    Google “Free Man On The Land”

    It’s time to take back your freedom.

    Gay OR Straight

  46. Jason says

    If there was ever a time in your life you thought you may one day pray for someone pray for these two men….

    They need the strength and will to continue. If there is ONE cause, ONE course of action and ONE issue that may just unite us as a community THIS is that issue….

    Some here say well thank God it’s not me, but what if it were you? What if it were your boyfriend, your partner, your husband, an uncle, or father?

    People, if there ever was a time to reunite from the fractured elitists who have hijacked OUR movement, OUR voice, and OUR cause now is the time to do so….

    NO more complacency, no more just phoning your Senator and hoping they care (because they don’t) it is time WE take to the streets of the Castro, Santa Monica BLVD, Broadway, and every single place where we are and FORCE sanctions against this hate filled country…

    You think this is bad? Wait until the Uganda Kill The Gays Bill is passed… Then you will see a revival of what the Holocaust was like for us 65 years ago…

    Mark my words there will be Pink Triangles amongst our Gay brothers and sisters soon in Africa….

    If you have a voice, if you can write, if you can do ANYTHING it is time the US’s TAKE back our movement from those who could care less about your rights, and your Freedom’s.

    No more to backward sleazeball politicians, gay elitist’s who’s idea of a protest is a lavish cocktail party, no to the luke warm charlatans who play our heartstrings until they pluck every last dime out of us ENOUGH!

    Grab a Bullhorn, a sign, and goddamnit make a stand for once!!

  47. Marcel says

    Wow…Ok,i get how countries don’t like outside countries to interfere in there laws and such…but this is very different then say the IRAN debacle…this is imprisoning innocent people for loving.If they feel so strong in there views, just exile them to another country where they can live there lives in peace.I mean really people, this is 2010. we really should have more tolerance and understanding.

  48. Harry says

    Stop feeding the troll, people, jeez.

    Who is the danger to society, two gay men or a government whose beliefs belong in the dark ages, not the 21s century?

    I hope with all my heart they get those poor guys out of jail.

    (Thanks Gaylib for the email address.)