Man Drives Alaotra Grebe to Extinction


The Earth has lost this beautiful species:

"The Alaotra grebe, also called the rusty grebe, had been highly vulnerable as it was found only in Lake Alaotra, eastern Madagascar, according to the Swiss-based International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which compiles the Red List of endangered species.
The grebe was wiped out by habitat destruction, by the introduction of a carnivorous fish called the snakehead murrel and by nylon gill-nets which accidentally caught and drowned many birds."


  1. jraves says

    There are none of these birds in captivity so they are well and truly extinct. It is indeed a sad day when we ‘officially’ lose a species, particularly when it is totally attributable to human activity. As for why it has taken to long to declare it extinct, the IUCN (which publishes the Red List) is very cautious about declaring species extinct and doesn’t take the declaration lightly.

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