Michigan’s Hope College Decides to Remain Homophobic

You may remember back in October screenwriter Dustin Lance Black was barred from a forum on Sexuality at Michigan's Hope College because it feared his advocacy on homosexuality "would be too strong for campus."

Hopecollege Alumni, student, and advocacy groups petitioned the college to change its policies on homosexuality. The Board of Trustees took up the issue on Friday, but no dice.

"The board of trustees didn’t allow a representative of the alumni group to be present or observe its meeting. Finishing its meeting Friday afternoon, the board released a written statement describing its decision and offering an explanation:

'The college’s current position on homosexuality is based on its interpretation of scripture. It is recognized that well-intentioned Christians may disagree on scriptural interpretation. Still, humbly and respectfully, the college aligns itself in its interpretation with its founding denomination, the Reformed Church in America, the orthodox Christian Church throughout the ages, and other Christian colleges and universities.'

As a part of its action, the board created a trustee committee to 'expand the college’s 1995 position statement in the larger context of all human sexuality.'"


  1. Bob R says

    Just another institute of “higher learning” promoting ignorance and superstition. I’m afraid there is little hope for Hope College or its students. Maybe they should try a real world college less steeped in medieval doctrine and thought?

  2. walter says

    what a great place to go to learn about the world, people and life. keep them down on the farm. keep them ignorant.shelter them form their ideas keep them from hearing both sides of a question. sounds like a perfect college for a degree in hate and bigotry

  3. Strepsi says

    “Christian Church throughout the ages” – NO. This is not true, as there have been gay popes, married popes, popes with kids in and out of wedlock.

    This school needs a HISTORY department, and the board should take a class or two.

    Required Reading:
    “Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality: Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Fourteenth Century” by John Boswell

  4. Toddyy says

    This is not surprising. What’s funny is that Holland, Michigan is right next door to Saugatuck, the resort town with a large gay population. There’s always been this conflict in that area between the gay community and the Christian Reformed loonies who are so prevalent in West Michigan.

  5. rebecca says

    First of all Hope College is not “Christian Reformed” — CRC. Hope College is the Reformed Church in America — RCA. So the person above who made the comment about the “Christian Reformed loonies” should get his/her facts straight. Second, it is getting to be tiresome that people equate a Biblical interpretation to be medieval. Also just because someone does not agree with homosexuality does not mean that he/she is homophobic. Furthermore, Hope College does offer a “real world” education. It is consistently on the Baron’s list of best colleges to attend. I went Hope College and then on to graduate school and never had a problem with gainful employment. Even in this time of economic downturn. I have not lived in western MI since college nor have I been “harmed” in any way by Hope College and the atmosphere. In fact it was rather refreshing to go to a college where the faculty and staff had values.

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