Parents Disown Florida Prom Queen for Being Gay, Doing Drag

Omar Bonilla, a 19-year-old student at Flanagan High in Pembroke Pines, ran for prom queen and was one of the top three in the running, but school officials said they feared for his safety and forbid him from coming to prom in drag. They also found a convenient way to bar him from doing so — by citing and suspending him for parking in a visitor's spot in the school parking lot. 

Omar_bonilla Bonilla was then invited to a Pridelines gay prom, the Miami Herald reports, but while he found acceptance there, his parents have thrown him out on the street:

"Dressed in drag, Bonilla attended the Pridelines party — along with 250 other youths from Miami-Dade and Broward counties — and won the prom queen title.
'My message is to be true to yourself and don't be scared of what people say to you,' Bonilla said. 'Don't be scared to be open and show your true colors. Don't care what people say, and be strong.'
The school flap and resulting publicity helped Bonilla achieve his dream, but it also cost him — his parents on Sunday told him to turn in his keys and leave home, he says. His parents could not be reached for comment.
'I got all my belongings in the car,' he said.
Bonilla said he would stay with friends overnight and that he hoped to live with relatives."


  1. walter says

    a true loving family. this kid needs all the support he can get. i hope he turns out to be famous and then tells his understanding parents to fuck off.

  2. Disgusted American says

    I never understood how some parents could be so cruel, to treat thier own children so badly. Geez, even after Jeffrey Dalmer killed and Ate people, his parents didn’t disown him….wow. My brother was a alcholic and on drugs and my mother refused to throw him out on the street (she woulda worried herself to death)…so much for that Unconditonal Love….no doubt this guys folks are church goers….pfffff.

  3. Emelye Waldherr says

    Just like the case in Mississippi and Constance McMillan, they didn’t care that he was gay but they did everything they could to keep him out because he cross dressed. More proof, as if any were needed, that gender identity and sexual orientation can’t be separated in the political milieu.

    I pray he finds supportive relatives so he can continue his education and create a rewarding successful life, since (as we all know), living well is the BEST revenge!

  4. Rocky says

    @ Rodney

    What the fuck is your point?

    I lived with my mom until age 26.I was there to help her and she helped me.Thats what a REAL LOVING family does,they help each other out.Kicking a person out when they are 18 and cant afford it is stupid and shows lack decency for your son/daughter.A real parent will be there for their kid no matter how old they are.It seems to me your father saw your brother as a burden and wanted to dump him the second the opportunity came.Some parent he is.Im glad my family is tight-nit and we stick together.And in reality parents should be doing what they are suppose to do as a parent and making sure their child has a good life,that would include paying for or atleast helping their kid pay for college.Some parents need to be bitch slapped and in the case of this Florida Prom queen,her parents need a good punch in the mouth and throat as well as a serious beat down.

  5. Rodney says

    My point, Rocky, is parents don’t have any legal obligations to their children whatsoever after they turn 18. If this guys’ parents want to kick him out, they have that right. Why his parents kicked him out is something else entirely. Tragic.

  6. says

    “that would include paying for or atleast helping their kid pay for college” What?!

    Time to grow up. Couldn’t wait to leave. Was gone at 17. Homophobic, nasty people. The only thing I shared with them was genetic material. At the end of their legal obligations, my parents didn’t owe me a damned thing. Or I them. No regrets, no looking back. Liberation. Ever hear of working your way through college? Many of us happily did. It was freeing and empowering.

  7. Filberto says

    If he’s gay, what’s the point in dressing in drag for the prom? If he wants to become a woman then that’s a whole other issue. It just sends out a confusing message for all concerned including his parents I’m sure.

  8. lookyloo says

    (I know it’s not totally the situation here but) It’s annoying and, in my opinion, counter productive when people claim that male and female cross-dressers are being discriminated against because they’re gay. Also, I doubt the LGB(T) community would step up if a straight guy wearing traditional guy clothes ran for Prom Queen.

  9. queenzafrona says

    Where are the people in the community that are willing to help? Tell him to come to California, there are all kinds of orginizations to help and he will be homeless no more. Tell him to try the lgbt center in LA.

  10. Jerry6 says

    I hope one of his other relatives takes him in and helps him until he can take care of himself. It took courage to do what he did. so he will survive, but at his age he still needs the guidance and help of supporting friends and relatives.

    Good luck!

  11. hinbww says

    My parents knew I was gay when I was six years old, I just wonder what his parents would have done if they knew back when he was six. My parents loved me and were proud of me up to the day they passed away.

  12. Regan DuCasse says

    Derrick Martin, and Constance McMillan are here in my hometown of Los Angeles, CA. They are here as guests for a fundraiser that benefits gay youth.

    They are doing well.

    As for this situation, this kid looks beautiful in his prom dress and I wish I had a child that brave and fun loving.

    Because yes, a child might end up on drugs, being involved in crime, physically handicapped to the point of invalid.

    To have a youngster who is gender variant, or gay….pfft!
    Not a reason whatsoever to abandon them and treat them as if they’d done something awful to someone else.
    Or themselves.

    And yes, it boggles my mind too, but there ARE parents of serial and mass killers and child abusers who didn’t abandon their own.
    They visit them in prison on a regular basis.
    Go fucking figure.

  13. says

    This kid looks great for prom, too bad he has such rotten parents. To hate the LGBT community more than you love the child you have raised for 17 years is just disgusting. Yet, those parents are mainstream and not the one’s being chastised and kicked out. Straight love is beautiful, LGBT love is beautiful, but hate and intolerance is ugly.

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