Photo: Jake Gyllenhaal and Adam Lambert Share a Sofa


Gyllenhaal and Lambert are reportedly appearing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross this week. This blurry photo of them was tweeted from the show's green room, as Russell Brand looks on from the wall.

So what do you suppose they chatted about?



  1. says

    Adam: “This guy Ross is quite the horse’s ass, huh?

    Jake: “How he’s gotten a show in the first place is beyond me, he’s just a twat.”

    Adam: “Then again all these Brits watch him, so I guess we’re stuck.”

    Jake: “Only for a few more episodes, they fired the guy.”

    Adam: “Great. ‘Cause he’s such a dick. So, do you wanna make out?”

  2. Bob says

    I find it interesting that Adam is sitting with his legs crossed in a more butch way than Jake. Doesn’t sitting with your legs crossed that way crush the goods, Jake? It always does when I try it!

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