1. Barry says

    Because someone backs out of a LGBT event, they’re considered homophobic? I’m not sure I agree with that.

  2. Texas Jaybird says

    Hey, get real Barry and Hughman. Read this rapper’s reaction to finding out he was booked at a GLBT event. Yep, he’s as homophobic as rappers come!

  3. lessthan says

    Hey, he just said that he wasn’t willing to do “that kind” of event. That seems pretty homophobic. Also, Steve, why would you post a link to his music video? Why would we want to watch it?

  4. Dawnell_do says

    If he didn’t what too do the event, then just say so and don’t give people the run around, it’s a waste of time and money.

  5. TANK says

    Not me ^. But…now that you mention it, can’t really disagree…the few white rappers out there are homophobic, too.

  6. johnny says

    If you read carefully, the underlying message is what he DOESN’T say in his tweets. He could say things like, “I support LGBT causes” or something like that. Instead, it’s a bunch of back-peddling and obfuscation to try and get out of a real answer.

  7. Knopsi says

    The same people who like the shit you listen to Steve.

    Black Gay Pride Andy never posted anything about those celebrations before. But funny me and a buddy said yesterday watch this hit the Gay blogs when normally they don’t. This is lite stuff I dred what that racist site QueertyKKK will be saying about it.