1. jamal49 says

    Gee, I’ve looked and looked and I don’t see any heroin. I DO see a moderately interesting B/W photo of someone I assume is THAT Rent-Boy. I guess this pic convinced Rekers that this was THE guy who could carry Rekers’ baggage. I’m sure Rekers saw the cross hanging from the boy’s neck and said “well, he’s christian and that’s all the vetting I need!”

  2. larry says

    Hey Tony Veloz…

    Shout OUT, you beat Hedi Slimane by a mile… and this is from an art director in Paris, keep on movin on.

    The model’s cute too…

  3. smallhandff says

    Dee Dee Ramone mashed w James Dean. An art director’s cliched idea of the type of “flame” that’d draw a deeply repressed, self loathing p.o.s. Xian. Then again, no one does kink & Americana half as well as the Brits.

  4. johnny says

    @Jamal49: “Heroin chic” is a style from the late 80s, it features waif/skinny boys/girls, usually dark hair, lots of pale skin, stubble, loads of chains, etc. Doesn’t necessarily show needle marks. Think Keith Richards but young.

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