1. Jeff in NC says

    Agree with idea of the work-out video!
    May I also suggest . . .
    J/O Video
    Sex Video
    Brushing His Teeth Video
    Reading A Book Video
    Out Shopping Video
    Taking out the Garbage Video
    Just Sitting There So We Can Stare at Him Video.
    Any Video – the Nuder the Better!

  2. coolbearinmd says

    He needs to get some male clients on that show, too—with some boundary-breaking explicit scenes. And I need to get me one of them DVR thingies.

  3. neverstops says

    yah he’s a hot guy

    “The Mist” is a pretty wild film – liked him a lot in that

  4. Disgusted American says

    omg – THE MIST is one of the saddest, scariest horror movies I’ve seen in a long time….esp. IF you have a phobia about bugs,and crawly things…..Thomas Jane was good in that!

  5. john says

    Now there’s a real man’s chest for ya.None of these oiled up waxed types for me.TJ has always been a hottie.

  6. johnny says

    Yes, finally a REAL man with hair on his chest. Tired of seeing smooth boys online.

  7. Matt says

    Is it just me or can you clearly see his peen outline, head and all on the Men’s Fitness cover? Yummy!