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Watch: Celine Dion is Still Amazing


You may recall the YouTube classic 'Celine Dion is Amazing' by Rich Juzwiak at FourFour.

There's now a sequel which proves she's still just as amazing, culled from her documentary.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. I'm a fan and even I think this is some funny sh*t!

    Posted by: Blake | May 19, 2010 4:21:10 PM

  2. holy fuck this was funny...LOL! "You look great..."

    Posted by: TANK | May 19, 2010 5:07:03 PM

  3. I would really like to comment on this, but this is really beyond comment. Is Celine actually from, maybe, Roumania, as she has all the aspects of a Roumnian streetwalker, with (obviously) half the intellect and strangely only one half the fashion sense of your average eastern bloc country woman… this is starting to sound like a song, I have to go now…

    Posted by: larry | May 19, 2010 6:13:12 PM

  4. She might be freaky- but she can still sing

    Posted by: jaragon | May 19, 2010 6:25:13 PM

  5. oh now it's Celine the bitches are bitching about, FUUUUUUUUUCK!

    If you are a fan of hers, catch her latest tour on blu ray, Amazing concert!

    Posted by: Marc | May 19, 2010 7:03:50 PM

  6. I'm SO not a fan of her music, but she seems like an awesome, awesome lady.

    Posted by: jefferson | May 19, 2010 7:25:00 PM

  7. I still love her post-Katrina comments on Larry King Live. They include gems like "when I open the television" (this means "turn on the television" to us normal folk).

    Posted by: Drew | May 20, 2010 12:16:33 AM

  8. This girl can out sing any "fag hag" I know!

    Posted by: Chris | May 20, 2010 8:21:30 AM

  9. That video was highly entertaining. I don't listen to her music much, but she is clearly an amazing person.

    Posted by: RB | May 20, 2010 8:43:14 AM

  10. Celine is one of the greatest vocalist of all time and I think a pretty great person too. We saw her live and it was an amazing experience. I'll definitely buy the Blu-ray.

    Posted by: Bobby | May 20, 2010 9:43:41 AM

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