1. gr8guyca says

    Lots of people stripping down. Check. People writhing around. Check. More and more people. Check. Turns into a huge mountain. Cool. But….what’s with the elephant and the horse? Were they past lovers, too.

  2. LiterateDog says

    Art history class has ruined this for me! All I could think watching it, especially at the end when all you see is a mound of writhing bodies, was of Peter Paul Rubens painting “The Fall of the Damned”. Fuck you classics. Fuck You.

    Otherwise, an enjoyable video. Always gotta love Ms. Kylie.

  3. Colin says

    @ Simon – I don’t think so, the song itself is VERY Euro and the video isn’t vulgar enough for American sensibilities (groan…) That being said, the VERY Euro La Roux has somehow got to #7 on U.S. iTunes, so who knows.

  4. TANK says

    so where’s the air freshener? I’d imagine that that’s the star of every orgy. Also, was this orgy catered? But who would eat at an orgy? Be afraid…be very afraid.

  5. says

    I saw more than one male/male couple and there were all kinds of body types–if you look at the top of the pile in a few scenes there were guys who were not thin models.

    Great video that gives gays, lesbians, & bi’s more positive exposure, and I’m not even a Kylie fan.

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