1. Steve says

    Dan Choi has more BALLS than our politicians.

    Just as Clinton pissed me off with the DADT compromise, Obama is pissing me off with his wimpy behavior on this issue. Be a man. Take a stand.

  2. JRjr says

    My hat is off to every gay person in the military, each of whom is willing to fight and die for the rights and freedoms of all Americans, unless of course you happen to be an LGBT American. The language of this compromise bill on DADT is extremely disturbing and I do not celebrate it in any way. Obama continues to fail on the one issue we never thought would be: his leadership ability. It’s been long apparent that he is sorely lacking in this.

    It’s easy for me to say the following, and by saying so, I mean no disrespect: With the possible passing of this very incomplete bill, this is the time for EVERY LGBT soldier to stand up and come out, NOW. Pick a day and a time, and at the appointed hour, come out. Let the military kick you out, en masse, if they dare.

    Well, that is my fantasy. But quite seriously, unless every armed forces gay man and woman takes a stand, each is enabling the behavior that keeps them where they are. It would be a very brave thing to do, and a very risky one, and so I can understand anyone’s hesitation. But I think this might be what the military and our “fierce advocate” need to see and hear.

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