1. says

    Is that Ana Matronic? What happened? She needs a sandwich!

    Second time hearing song, first time paying attention. Like it. You’re right about the video, Andy – could have made much more of an impact.

  2. huh? says

    Thank you, Jake, for not taking the Shears to your chest. You are so delicious. My computer speakers died, so I can’t hear the song, but it really doesn’t matter.

  3. PRE says

    Scissor Sisters followed by Malawi couple convicted – too great of a disconnect. Must log off now. How this all happens on a tiny (tiny) globe in the middle of space I’ll never figure out.

  4. ChristopherM says

    @Coke: Ana looks flawless, and regardless of how she looks, she is fantastic, talented, and beautiful.

    Great song, not a very good video. Is that Sandra Bernhard at the 0:52 mark?

  5. Paul R says

    Ana looks amazing (she got tired of the fat jokes), the video is void of creativity, and the song reminds me of an updated Elton John more than the Killers. Sure it will be a huge hit, at least in Europe.

    And yes, that’s definitely Sandra Bernhard.

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