1. peterparker says

    He *enjoyed* their European vacation and would like to be his friend!?!?! WTF?!

  2. Beef and Fur says

    $75 per day? Professor George is quite a bargain shopper. I wonder if he used a coupon too?

  3. Don Chicago says

    Seriously…$75 per DAY? More like $75 per HOUR, plus an Ewwww bonus for touching that creep.

  4. Ryan says

    Putting aside the political aspect of this case, overall it is a sad and depressing view into the life of a very troubled man, Mr. Rekers. Struggling with what he is, he engages in self destructive behaviour, and a lot of displaced anger. This story has similar characteristics to those of bullies. A bully often lashes out because he or she is filled with self hatred and an inability to come to terms with what he or she is. The anti gay agenda of Mr. Rekers would now appear to be displaced anger and resentment. He was not attacking gays, but himself. Sadly, alot of non implicated people suffered because of Mr. Rekers affliction. It seems to me that Mr. Rekers is mentally ill. No, not because he is gay, but because he demonstrates the same mannerisms and characteristics of those that have other anti social manifestations. Although, it will now be a feeding frenzy and some well deserved retribution, please keep in mind, that the events suggest that Mr. Rekers is sick. Our society allows for compassion towards those that are mentally ill and we owe that to Mr. Rekers. This does not mean that we have to accept his despicable statements, his lies or his misdirected negative positions. Rather, we should take the high road, point out that the comments and positions attributable to Mr. Rekers are those of an apparent liar and disturbed individual. Disapprove of the positions, the hypocrisy etc. but understand thatit was the result of a disturbed individual. The onus now is upon Mr. Rekers’ colleagues and supporters to recognize all the damage that has been done and to apologize and distance themselves from Mr. Reker’s policies. Unfortunately, that will not happen. Score 1 for the god people, I guess. Sadly, no one wins here, especially Lucien the rentboy. Amazing how exploitation is a vicious circle.

  5. Rascal says


    Taking this attitude effectively short-circuits any perceptions that the kid might have his own agenda. Whether it is actually true or not, it is smart.

  6. TANK says

    “A bully often lashes out because he or she is filled with self hatred and an inability to come to terms with what he or she is.”

    Not at all. Empirical studies flatly refute this popular, though false, belief. Bullies usually have extremely high self esteem, and enjoy being bullies (it gives them pleasure). They do not hate themselves; they love themselves–and love being bullies. Often they bully because they’re bored (or rather, because they can).

    This rekers guy could very well be extremely self satisfied and happy (smug son of a bitch). It is unwise to waste a second feeling sorry for him or caring about him at all. He is trash, and needs to be collected. Bury him so deep that he’ll never see sunlight again.

  7. TANK says

    And yes, ryan, people do win in this situation. A powerful hate filled, well connected bigot has been toppled, and this harms the entire antigay business.

  8. Jerry says

    $75 a day is barely a per diem, and I can’t really understand how an escort with any experience would pawn off his time so cheaply. I do cut the kid some slack for being young, but he’s got to wise up quickly if he’s going to survive any longer in that line of work. Hell, he couldn’t afford to keep an attorney on retainer if he’s only getting $75 a day.

  9. walter says

    rekers deserves no compassion from anyone.he is still blaming everyone else for his problems. he is also a rent boy he sold is ideas for a price. and also sold hate for a large segment of population. what ever happens to him is of his own doing.stand by and watch all his so called allies run for cover. they are good throwing their wounded to the wolves.

  10. stevenizzle says

    The real injustice is that Lucien actually did this for SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS A DAY. I mean, yes it’s a European vacation for two weeks, but the boy had to touch the nasty old man and lift his shit. For 8 hours a day, that’s basically minimum wage.

    I know Mexican workers who wouldn’t do that shit.

  11. romeo says

    Jerry, he got an all expense paid trip to Europe out of it. Hustlers do fill-in gigs all the time for less than their usual rate. I have friends that advertise on Rentboy. Work might have been slow. If he was in LA or NY he might get more work. In any case, Rekers was obviously looking for a bargain so he wouldn’t have been putting a lot of pressure on Jovanni, as more generous johns would. I can relate to why the kid took the gig. And yes, I think Jovanni is playing his cards very well.

    and to “name.” What are you, Rekers? LOL

  12. Fred says

    My best wishes to Lucien…
    Hang in there and THANK YOU so much for what you’re doing and what you’re going through!

  13. Kitty Boots says

    Let’s try not to bash the sex worker. The “hustler” is the one that had the balls to bring this hypocrite to task and shoot a bigger hole in the Rabid Right’s disgusting attempts at institutionalizing homophobia.

    Thanks to the comfort of the glass closet – Hey Anderson Cooper!- Sex workers are among the most progressive voices in the gay community.

    Rentboys Unite!

  14. GregV says

    I’m glad Lucien is not letting Mr. Creeper’s lies go unchallenged, but this piece reminded me of why Iam less and less enamored by the standard of journalism at CNN.
    CNN lets the hate groups frame these stories on whatever terms they choose without doing any homework or questioning anything properly. For the reporter to refer to the FRC as a group that “promotes the traditional family” is ridiculous. No one is against “the traditional family.” They are a hate group specializing in attacking gay people. It’s the equivalent of refering to the Klan as “a group that promotes American traditions.”

    And Anderson Cooper read the FRC’s press release verbatim without exposing the misleading nature of it. They had to “research their historical archives” to determine whether he had ever been a member? I recall a Towleroad reader a couple of days ago showing us a screen capture of the FRC’s website before this story broke proudly proclaiming Rekers and two other men as the founders of the organization.

    No wonder MSNBC is catching up in ratings. Rachel Maddow would have done some homework to give context to any quotes.

  15. veg says

    I like Jovanni.

    He seems nice, un-threatening, and gentle.

    He also seems honest.

    He doesn’t seem like an asshole like some who comment on this and other blogs.

    McDonalds and other low-income jobs only pay minimum wage, if that. The economy is terrible and for poor folks, it’s always been bad.

    $5 an hour for 8 hours is only $40.

    $75 a day plus a trip to Europe is far more than that.

    $100 an hour once a day for an escort is even more.

    $750 (that’s 20 days at $75 a day) and an all-paid trip to European is a fair package, especially if you get to see European. One hour of massaging a guy a day is truly not that much. I would have negotiated a rate on top of that for the hour.

    As a secular humanist in a world of commerce, I believe we should have the right to barter with our bodies and our services, including the right to sell (and have the government sharply regulate) commodities like marijuana.

    My fear is that by being interviewed and by going public, Jovanni has jeopardized his livelihood with the law. Escorts must never, ever be interviewed under any circumstances. Law enforcement can get you for not declaring taxes (though his income could be quite low).

  16. Joel says

    Somebody had his eyebrows done. Seems like a nice kid. I hope he does something great with his life, and can get past all this publicity.

  17. Zell says

    “Let’s try not to bash the sex worker. The “hustler” is the one that had the balls to bring this hypocrite to task and shoot a bigger hole in the Rabid Right’s disgusting attempts at institutionalizing homophobia. ”

    This is not true. In his first interview, the hustler stated that he was angry that Rekers had admitted that the two of them had travelled together. If he hadn’t, it would have just been the paper’s word against theirs.

    The rent boy here is no victim, nor is he claiming to be one. If a person believes, as I do, that sex work should be legal, it doesn’t make sense to describe a sex worker as a victim simply for doing his job. Yeah, Rekers is gross, but yeah, that’s why he hired a rent boy. And Lucien (or Jo-Vanni or whatever his name is) is getting his face and body splashed all over the media, and seems to be a willing participant. Ten to one he poses naked for whatever skanky publication it was that featured Beau Breedlove.

  18. veg says

    George Alan Rekers is gross because he is a horrible self-hating homophobe who has gone out of his way to advocate for the destruction of gay families and the debasement of gay people.

    But he is not gross for hiring an escort.

    Gentlemen who hire escorts are no worse than business men who barter and do commerce for any other type of service.

    A few older men and women of large or mid-sized financial means sometimes prefer controlled, limited, pre-scripted situations in which they can act out fantasies, find affection, or gain emotional and erotic release.

    It is stupid and terribly judgmental to denigrate someone for finding their own form of happiness.

  19. jexer says

    Hopefully ‘Lucien’ was compensated well for his interview. I’d bet he’ll have a very short haircut within the week, once the thrill of being recognized in public wears off.

    It’s unfortunate that Anderson didn’t mention that FRC made quick edits to their website to ‘vanish’ Rekers when this story first broke.

    As far as goes… you just can’t buy this kind of marketing, I bet they’re having a very profitable month. =)

    And Reker’s? I’m sure he believes he’s not gay. We’ve all seen how deep denial can go and to what extents people will go to avoid facing themselves honestly.

    Of course, the whole anti-gay organization seems like nothing more than a cheap tactic to attract deeply closeted self-hating gays to get touchy-feelie with. After all, they certainly won’t “kiss and tell”.

    Anyway, glad to see one more “credible witness” discredited. Shame that doesn’t invalidate all the legislation his “expert opinion” influenced.

  20. bobo says

    George Rekers got $120,000 from Bill McCullom, Florida’s current Attorney General and a Republican running to be Florida’s next Governor. All Lucien got was $75 per day. Seems like George is not only a hypocrite but incredibly cheap as well.

  21. GregV says

    “It is stupid and terribly judgmental to denigrate someone for finding their own form of happiness”

    Veg: I don’t disagree with you, but the only person I see in this story who has a history of doing that is Rekers himself, along with his hateful organizations. I don’t think anyone here really cares what he doe with his penis; it’s what he has done to meddle into and attack the lives of others that creates the issue.

  22. Jim says

    Finally there was an appearance on (a conservative news blog) about Reker (I had emailed them earlier in the week prodding them with “why no story”). You can read the comments from the conservative audience there for a view of their mindset. My own comments are among them. My aim is to hit them on their turf.

  23. Rascal says

    Ha! Thanks for that link, Jim, that comment thread is HILARIOUS (and just a little bit frightening).

    What becomes so clear in reading comments like those that appear on that site is the ease with which religious conservatives can just make things up and believe them… When your entire world view is based on a made-up mythology to begin with, you have license to just ignore facts and intellectual rigor. What fun!

  24. Z says

    $75 for 8 hours is barely minimum wage. He probably agreed to it because he wanted to go to Europe. I hope his rate has gone up substantially and that he goes on to do great things in his life.

  25. Hank says

    Why does AC END the piece with that statement from the fundies about not acting on your fallen nature and accepting the grace of Jesus? And when is SHE going to come out btw, speaking of prominent closet cases? No she is obviously not a public homophobe and therefore nothing like Rekers. But the disingenuousness of her reporting on gay stories as if they have nothing to do with her personally is getting creepy, and it sends a weird message of its own about the limits of acceptance. In fact, the more liberal, tolerant, and gay-positive a game she talks , the creepier it gets. Because it suggests that all this is really just talk, just pretend , and at the end of the day the unspoken, and unspeakable way things really are is that we should, must and will always stay hidden, and not disturb anyone by actually claiming a full , free, and open place in public life.

  26. Hank says

    Or to put it more succinctly, how surreal is it that Anderson Cooper is outing someone?

  27. veg says

    GREGV: Thanks for the comment.

    I don’t think men or women who hire escorts are universally bad or creepy people. They are just finding their own form of happiness.

    However, I do think Rekers is a despicable person for destroying so many lives with his hate, including his own life.

  28. Chuck Mielke says

    I think “Lucien” (aka JoVanni) is doing his best to protect his own interests. A career is a career, even if some think it’s immoral. If Rekers is hiring lawyers to fight a defamation case, it’s not hard to imagine that he’ll want to ruin his former “travel assistant” for real or perceived insults. Rekers, after all, told “Lucien” not to talk to the media but the young fellow did so anyway. It’ll be interesting to watch.

    Anyone want to set up a fund to help “Lucien” fight a court battle?

  29. Trasker says

    What Greg said. This was terribly disappointing piece by CNN. You should not be able to read or hear anything on Rekers without also hearing that he founded FRC. We need to make sure that Tony Perkins is constantly mentioned in the same breath.

    “Research historical archives” my ass. That was so patently ridiculous and to have it unchallenged is brazenly biased which is shocking coming from Anderson of all people.

  30. elg says

    “Or to put it more succinctly, how surreal is it that Anderson Cooper is outing someone?”

    Why this obsession with Anderson Cooper being “out”?

    AC is not on the “down-low” (i.e, married to, or sleeping with, a woman). He is not a politician pushing anti-gay legislation or an anti-gay preacher. It’s been reported in the gay media that he has a boyfriend. He’s probably “out” to the people he needs to be out to: his family and friends.

    AC is a reporter doing a job. He doesn’t owe anyone anything. What does his being “out” or not have to do with the credibility of the story? AC can “come out” to the vast anonymous public, if he ever does, in his own good time.

  31. New Jersey Girl says

    Oh Fuck off, Veg – you are so full of shite your eyes are turning brown. This asshole hired a rent-boy from a porn escort site, paid him for Nude Massages where Reker was ‘HARD’ – ‘Excited’…with a ‘happy ending’

    He’s a self-loathing closeted fag who’s made blood money off promoting the hatred of gays ona national level.

    How dare you stick up for this P.O.S.!

  32. rick says

    @ Hank,

    Would you call a closeted lesbian a “he?” I am gay and just because I like dick, does not make me a woman. You should seek professional help if you are having a hard time distinguishing gender.

  33. Wheezy says

    My two cents:

    Rekers, the pig, has for years and years, that homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt or even be around children at all. He’s repeatedly sold the idea that conflicted LGBT teenagers can be “cured” of their sexual orientation. Rekers *himself* adopted a twink, er teenager boy, the same age as Jo-Vanni, all the while testifying in courts that homosexuals should be barred from adoption and it was in the children’s best interest to be removed from their LGBT parents.

    He has also exported his homophobia overseas and put LGBT persons at risk for murder and rape.

    George Rekers is vile. He is the most loathsome form of hypocrite. He has irreparably harmed thousands, if not millions, of people with his hypocrisy and lies. He deserves no pity. He deserves nothing but contempt and condemnation.

    As for Jo-Vanni Roman….I hope he does better out of this than Mike Jones does. Prostitution should be legal. Your body, your choice, so on and so forth. *However* it should be strictly regulated. Jo-Vanni might be 20 years old and an adult *now* but who’s to say he didn’t start younger? Rekers chose him because he looks like jail bait. The entry age into prostitution for boys and transgendered youth is 11-13 years old and for girls it’s 12-14 years old (usually closer to 12).

  34. Anon says

    @gregory They’re not comparable. Cooper is not a bigot, does not claim to be straight, does not strive to eliminate gay rights, and people consider him either out or only glass-closeted. They’re worlds apart.

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