1. Wil says

    Wait, the showers in the army aren’t open? Then what the hell has all this “But what about gays in the showers?” bullshit been about? Seems it’s a non-issue. (Not that it was ever a real issue.)

  2. Paul R says

    I think it’s a funny spoof that skewers stupid concerns supporting DADT, and is dead on in terms of straight stereotypes about gays. But I bet there will be many diverging opinions—not just from the people on this site, but from the military and the general public.

    I also suspect that at least one guy involved in the video’s production is gay (or at least has gay friends or relatives), but of course they can’t reveal that.

  3. Chitown Kev says

    Oh, that’s lip-SYNCHED, Andy…apoologies of the pedantry.

    This is a nice, fun, frivilous sorta of thing and it’s exactly what the fundies are afraid of but I applaud it.

  4. slippy says

    Meet Me In The Back With The JACK and The Jukebox! <3

    You don’t have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight. 😉 haha. Rock On

  5. Mark says

    This is really funny and clever. However, it does feed into the cliche stereotypes about gay men not being “real” men–and that they are sexual predators.

    Although we get the joke, I’m not sure if everyone does. Opponents use this very sexual chaos theory to oppose allowing gays to serve open in the military. There are many who believe (or want people to believe) that gays serving openly in the military would look just like this–and they feed that fear with things just like this.

    Hopefully this doesn’t turn into propaganda for bigots.

  6. says

    I was deployed to Iraq before I was discharged under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I must say it is very moving to see such support from combat guys who are currently there.

    Let’s get this law overturned!

  7. Alan E. says

    “This is really funny and clever. However, it does feed into the cliche stereotypes about gay men not being “real” men–and that they are sexual predators.”

    I think the point is that everyone in the video is supposed to be perceived as gay, and that repealing DADT will (in the minds of fundies) make everyone this gay. The army will just be one big gay party. It’s supposed to feed into the cliche. They are basically saying that what the fundies are saying is just ridiculous. I personally LOVE it. I think this one was better done than the Telephone video because they over-hyped the gay stereotypes.

    Shower scenes were the best when they just showed everyone looking at everyone else over/under/around the stalls.

  8. Rich T says

    This is support? It seems like it makes fun of gays portraying them as sissies and then offers more fear to those who think that this is the result of gays serving openly. No kudos here!

  9. Smartypants says

    Well-said, Alan E. In classic rhetoric, these guys are using reductio ad absurdum, “a form of argument in which a proposition is disproven by following its implications to a logical but absurd consequence.”

    “Oh heavens, if the homos get in (or come out) in the military, then it will be singing and dancing and soap dropping in the showers. Heavens to Betsy and clutch my pearls!”

    This is fantastic. Smart boys. And very hot. Stay safe guys and keep laughing.

  10. greg2 says

    Wow that brought back memories of my active duty days…over 25 years ago, 20+ guys dancing with each other in the NCO club! On more than several occasions.Fun times in Wackernheim!

  11. Wes says

    The creator’s video caption was edited to add the following:

    “The video is an EXAGGERATED act of a possible future military that is open to any sexual preference.

    No one is gay… that we know of. Not that there is anything wrong with that! (political correctness) I am NOT saying it IS ok to be gay in the military. I am not saying it’s NOT OK.”

    Obviously distancing themselves from making any kind of statement. I dunno if that insertion of “political correctness” is supposed to explain the gay supportive statement that preceded it as obligatory or something (as opposed to genuine), but it looks like these guys may not be exactly gay rights advocates, just a bunch of typical guys being frivolous and stupid.

  12. Bill Perdue says

    I was all ready to be offended, but I think it is really skewering the ridiculous claims of the homophobes that if you let gays in the military, it will turn the Army into one big bathhouse. It is so over the top with cliches that it is clear that the joke is on the anti-gays, not the gays. Also, the fact that these guys are laughing about the whole thing shows that the issue is not nearly as big of a deal as some people make it out to be. So all in all, I think this is a pro-gay video.

  13. JauntyJohn says

    It’s fun.
    It’s funny.
    It shows that the real troops, not the suits making political pronouncements and posturing for their electorate, have a perspective and a playful sense of humor about the whole issue. At one point the intimation that a man might be gay was cause for a punch in the nose (at least) — and there are still plenty of places in the U.S. where that is the prevailing attitude (let’s not talk global for a second, depending on where you’re talking about it’s obviously MUCH worse). Here we have a bunch of straight guys riffing on gay panic and laughing it off. Sweet and supportive and creative, that’s my vote.
    and if they can start to move on from the “guess who’s gay” game, then maybe we can too?

  14. TommyOC says

    So… I love the video…

    But I’m totally failing to see where it gets deep into the political debate. I don’t see the expressed or implied statement that they’d be cool with gays in the military. It just looks like a bunch of guys having fun with stereotypes, and kudos to them for being comfortable with same… but it still doesn’t help our cause.

  15. Wes says

    TOMMYOC, its not making a statement. Gays are reading into it what they want to, but the creator has specified that the video is neither supportive or critical of DADT.

    “I am NOT saying it IS ok to be gay in the military. I am not saying it’s NOT OK.”

    Pretty useless. Kinda sad that they wouldn’t just outright show support for their gay service members, but then maybe they’re afraid to actually make any kind of substantive statement.

  16. Wes says

    Gawker has been updated with a clarification from the video’s creator:

    “Hey, I never said it was ok to be gay. I also never said it wasn’t ok. I understand you have a web site to run and this could be a real controversial topic by saying that “codey says It’s ok,” but please don’t bring this negativity towards me. I never said it was ok. The beginning of the video is a guy reading the paper in shock that is has finally happened, then the dancing which is an exaggerated view and joke of it. I do understand your job but please please don’t make me look bad. I know this is pathetic but you have no idea what will happen to me by claiming that I support that. Thank you for considering this. Thank you also for considering the video on your home page. The title is wrong, but I appreciate the publicity. Thanks.”

  17. Paul R says

    So the guy who made it almost certainly supports gays in the military and thinks it’s absurd for there to be such hue and cry about it (“I know this is pathetic”). But he has to muzzle himself because of the shit it might attract from his superiors and peers (“you have no idea what will happen to me”). As always, there’s no freedom of speech in the military. Sad.

    Though I don’t understand how anyone with half a brain wouldn’t realize how quickly this kind of thing would spin through the Web.

  18. Mike says

    Paul R: Agree completely. Most young people today could care less about being gay. It is a non-event; and for that matter, it is a non-event with most people. The majority of folks making an issue really don’t care either. They are just using it as a fund raising event. And the politicians are just pandering for votes. Most people really don’t care, so why not say you are against and pick up a few extra wingnut votes.

  19. jcflondon says

    Maybe I missed something, but how does this video show them to be in support of repealing DADT? It seems to me that this video actually perpetuates the stereotypes put forth by the Republicans as to why gays should not be able to serve openly in the military. Especially with last comment about the need to “take a shower” after the video…I think it’s awful. Why don’t we dance in black face to show our support for integrated military.

  20. Mark says

    I think this video very creative and funny to some extent.  However if you really look at it is merely lampooning gays with ignorant stereotypes and commonly held beliefs about them. Mentiong DADT at the beginning is just giving it a thinly-veiled level of legitimacy.

    The only thing I see here is ignorance about gay people. What if white soliders had made a video in blackface with all kinds of racist stereotypes back in the day when the desegregation of troops was an issue?

    This video is certainly funny and clever, but I don’t agree that this video is making a statement–and see it as the soldiers laughing more AT us than with us.

  21. Jack says

    Yeah, I don’t know. Their hearts may have been in the right place when they made this video, but I have strong doubts that it will do any favors for our community or help the cause for equality, in and out of the military. I’m not trying to be a wet blanket, I swear. Sorry.

  22. Mark says

    I think most gay soldiers would be offended by this portrayal–or the belief that if they were able to openly serve they’d suddenly be leering at other men at the urinal, go-go dancing on tanks, or sticking their asses out and prancing around like strippers. We want equal respect and recognition, not “we accept you even though you are a f-ggot”.

  23. John in Boston says

    Am I missing something? How does this show support for gays/bisexuals? It’s just a series of cliches…..essentially they aren’t laughing with, but laughing at, gays/bisexuals.

    BTW: I’m a vet, am not into musicals, Madonna, Lady Gaga, antiques, shop till you drop,don’t have a lisp/am not ‘soft’ spoken, etc., And I’ve always done my best to not be a walking stereotype (the best way I know how to help the gay/bi cause), which isn’t hard or an act on my part, because I’m not. None of this means I hate or disrespect more feminine or so-called metrosexual males.

  24. Toto says

    I dont understand why people see a video of shirtless guys dancing and grinding each other and think “OH WOW! They must definitely support my sexuality and equality!” This is nothing more than another video of bored troops goofing around. Its pretty cliche by now considering every top 10 dance song that comes out gets at least one these. And they are definitely not gay since they always think that PT is a great substitute for choreography.

  25. says

    can you seriously update this post? Their video description reads: “I am NOT saying it IS ok to be gay in the military. I am not saying it’s NOT OK.” – – They’re just making fun of brave men and women who want to serve our country openly. Distasteful. What a waste.

  26. Dback says

    The gay humor didn’t bother me too much (son of an army man here)–it’s almost weirdly progressive, for the military. I find it interesting that 98% of the video avoided traditional gay stereotypes of hairdressers, effeminacy, etc. that you’d think military folks would be emphasizing–nope, these guys were built, tough, and could shake their moneymakers. And if they were a little randy, it was portrayed almost playfully instead of “Oh no, the gays are going to get me!” (Notice in the shower it wasn’t a gay guy cruising an uncomfortable straight guy, but two smiling guys cruising each other.) And yes, I think if you asked among this platoon, there’s probably at least a couple closeted soldiers, and they can shoot just as straight as anyone else can.

  27. amknyc says

    someone has to be gay in there, because they got that whole “bath house” element down…with the dark rooms and the strobe lighting…it reminded me of the basement of the Unicorn in Chelsea.

  28. nic says

    the vid is completely offensive. while gay men and women are seeking respect in the military, these monkeys are adding fuel to the fire of the idiotic notion that gay people will diminish our armed forces to silliness and debauchery.

  29. FunMe says

    I was just at a military base in North Carolina. My niece’s husband had his buddies in his brigade over for a BBQ. Later in the evening, he told them he was coming with me to a gay bar to go dancing. NONE OF THEM cared.

    The next day I went with him to the military gym with some of those guys.

    The were really cool.

    These are the guys that are going to change the world, especially the military, for the better.

  30. Argos says

    I think a few of the stereotypes are exagerrated… someone needs to tell these guys that gay erotica is usually hypermasculine, not a male version of a Penthouse pole-dancer (eeeeeew!). But other than that, I take this as a skewering of Republican predictions of a battlefield bathhouse. I imagine the video is giving more than a few at the Pentagon a serious case of heartburn!

  31. Skooter McGoo says

    If this is not supposed to be political in it’s intent then why was this the subject matter? If you wanted to do a video of a popular song then do it, however I think this was intended solely of the purpose to solidify stereotypes and fears of what repealing DADT will do to the military. I think this was also done because of the controversy the film maker knew he would create with it to bring world wide attention to himself at no thought as to how this would effect the many still trying to serve that must remain in the closet. I think this only hurts the cause of equality.

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