1. Rad says

    Well, for what it’s worth, Al-Qaeda has a television show that spouts hatred and arrogant, thoughtless, radical opinions, and so does Bill O’Reilly. Fair is fair.

  2. says

    Yes, the moment I heard this on TV, I thought, “I’ll bet this will be on Towleroad tomorrow.” Bill called the commercial a “political” statement. How is love a political statement?

    And comparing gays to terrorists is disgusting.

  3. jason says

    O’Retard will never get it, partly because he’s a commercial goon who’ll say anything to stir up his base of reactionary bed-wetters so prized by his cretinous boss Rupert Murdoch.

  4. DN says

    Their whole debate is just stupid. O’Reilly’s viewers are mostly conservative… and conservatives generally believe that free enterprises should be allowed to make their own (good or bad) business decisions.

    So if we look at this ad through a conservative lens: If it turns out this ad turns people off McDonald’s, they’ll lose customers and that should be the end of it. And if it turns out people apppreciate the ad, McDonald’s will GAIN customers. Oh but wait, Bill O’Reilly (and Fox News by extension) only support free enterprise when it suits their agenda.

    Once again, it’s Do As I Say, Not As I Do journalism at its best.

  5. rovex says

    Its a french ad, so why does he care? Its not an issue there, but clearly would be in the so called land of the free (as long as you are white, rich, straight and christian).

  6. says

    Why in the F!@# is he worried about an ad in France? Is he on a worldwide anti-gay crusade? Maybe he would feel more at home in Uganda! Doesn’t he have more important matters to discuss, like demonizing Obama? LOL

  7. says

    Ha, Feral, you beat me to it. And the next ad after that will be aimed at douchebag talk show hosts who don’t know the difference between a loofah and a felafel.

    McDonald’s has been doing “lifestyle” ads for years. (Perhaps distracting from the food itself, and the grim reality of most McDonald’s.) But I guess the gay angle–much like the spicy chick pea–confused poor Ol’Bill.

  8. Leaf says

    I’ve never commented on this site, mostly because i’ve never felt the need to. But this man disgusts me. To try and figure out how this man process his thoughts would be an exercise in futility.

  9. peelie says

    Is there a special way that a gay person eats that some of us are not aware of..and then again what exactly is the look that would distinguish a member of Al Qaeda compared to a regular Muslim…Just curious if Bill O even knows.

  10. says

    Shaking my head with a look of stunned disbelief on my face. Really Bill? This ad is the most pressing issue on your docket? Wow! These conservatives really need to get out more often and partake in the rest of society instead of surrounding themselves with only like minded people drinking only their brand of kool-aid. They seem oblivious to the fact the rest of the world is moving on without them.

  11. says

    To be fair, he was obviously making a joke about various walks of life pertaining to the “Come as you are” slogan. I don’t think he was giving comparisons to gays here. Too much sensitivity if you think that.

  12. Jon Mitchell says

    Just to point out: as of 2008 Blacks make up 12.4% of our population, Hispanics make up 15.4% – Is 10% small enough to validate discrimination? What about less than 4%? Should the Native Americans be more marginalized because they represent a smaller percentage of the overall population? Bill-O is a clown and I hope he eats McDonalds every day.

  13. g_whiz says

    Yes, because I enjoy it when gay people are compared to radical terrorists in a slippery slope argument. Yes, its wit not stupidity. Or wait, if you give some “radical group” attention, you have to give “other radical groups” attention. Massively funny. Can’t wait to have O’Riley on SNL.

  14. BobN says

    Hey, O’Reilly is just feeling left out.

    But he should just calm down. A McDonald’s commercial targeting dildo-talking, employee-sexually-harassing pervs is due to be released in September.

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