1. David in Houston says

    Yeah, I wonder how many straight guys asked their mommy for a Soloflex when they were a kid?


    I commend Towleroad for NOT posting a misleading headline to this story unlike some other blogs that took Journalism 101 from the Perez Hilton University. Others had negligently omitted the verb “to be” in their headlines just to get clicks.

  3. critifur says

    @Mike: That is clearly not the (same) famous actor Bradley Cooper in the photo with Chris Salvatore.

  4. Adam says

    @Crit: That is Bradley Cooper the actor. He and Chris are friends. How can you possibly not think that is Bradley? Just look at that nose. Compare the nose and teeth to any pic you’d like.

  5. MarkDC says

    “Mom, can we get a Soloflex?”

    When I was a boy I wanted to be a pro wrestler or a pilot…not the Soloflex guy.

    Boys usually want to BE something. The body, the muscles, the “look” is a given, purely ancillary. The normal boy thinks: “I want to BE James Bond or Batista.” NOT: “I want to LOOK LIKE James Bond or Batista.”

    Only girls and Gay little boys are self-conscious enough to care only about how they’ll look when they grow up.

    Based on that distinction (and his dating Zellweger) I’d say Bradley just outed himself.

  6. Drew says

    @ MarkDC: Yes, you figured him all out now.
    Sorry girls of planet Earth, Bradley’s been outed by us gaydar professionals using nothing but a fond childhood memory.
    We’re that good!

  7. SFRowGuy says

    that’s very interesting, I fantasize about Bradley being the Soloflex guy too … and I need a personal demonstration…


    @ MarkDC
    You read much into things…perhaps even TOO MUCH!!! What it must be to be in that head of yourn.

  9. Hugh says

    @markdc, What you just “outed” is the fact that you’re an angry, repressed, retro-faggot w/zero sense of humor and in serious need of a good shrink and a packet of mood stabilizing meds!