Carrie Prejean to Opposite Marry at Prop 8 Supporter’s Hotel


Yesterday I mentioned that ex-Miss California and opposite marriage advocate would be getting married this Friday to NFL quarterback Kyle Boller.

What I didn't mention was that she'll be doing it at an entirely appropriate venue — the Grand del Mar Resort, one of two hotels in San Diego owned by Doug Manchester, who as you probably know is the target of a major boycott over his $125,000 donation to pass Prop 8 in California.


  1. walter says

    hey to the members of goproud just remember this where you held your convention. so you sold your soul to the devil.manchester hates
    you the gop hates you. wake up. time to rethink your priorities.your life and soul vs. a few crumbs from the table. the boycott of this hotel should continue.

  2. xvzxfg says

    why is this bitch still getting press? She’s a bigot, we all know it, her time os over, please stop reporting about her. All it serves to do is keep her semi-relevant

  3. David in Houston says

    Since the Huffington Post wouldn’t let me post my comment (I’m guessing “whore” is a bad word), I’ll give a whirl here:

    The idea that those two intellectual giants will be kicking out ignorant homophobic versions of themselves, makes me proud to be a gay man. Apparently, skanky two-bit self-righteous whores that make solo sex videos and have fake boobs can get married as long as they’re straight. Thank goodness the sanctity of marriage is being protected! Amen!

  4. Alan says

    In five years from now, while filing for divorce, I wonder if she will be talking about the sanctity of marriage. Her primary goal will be a big financial settlement.

  5. Mark says

    What? With her devout religious convictions she’s not marrying in a church?

    There must be something in the Bible requiring her to do otherwise, right?

  6. Dairyqueen says

    Why is the announcement of this stupid bigot marriage on a GLBT blog? This is just a slap in the face to our community. Who cares about this cunt? Bad post.

  7. marla says

    The marriage won’t last … maybe a couple of years tops. Also, check you calenders and do NOT be surprised if the first little quarterback makes its appearance in LESS than none months!

    I have an image I cannot get out of my head. At a key point in the ceremony or reception, a clever stealthy and righteous waiter or waitress delivers a juicy blueberry pie right to her smug face, ala Anita Bryant! Imagine the spatter on what I am sure with be a ‘virgin white’ gown. Ah, I can dream, can’t I?

  8. alexInBoston says

    I am not sure i’d want a wife whose va jay jay was and is spread all over the web! Would you want your child watching it someday???? or your father in law now that’s an ICK factor i would hate!

  9. marla says

    Rey, you think only hubby will get head on the wedding day? Maybe a waiter or valet or the best man will catch her eye – her GOOD eye … not the wonky eye (love those straight on shots of her where you can see she’s a little cross eyed!).

    I don’t think any worry about her staining the dress with jizz though, she seems like the sort of girl who swallows.

    And yes, Alex, it is a delightful thought to think of her father in law at some lodge meeting (do they still have those) and they pop a porno into the DVD player and … surprise, it’s Carrie! Will also make for some very awkward conversations with her kids, IF she has any … to quote a friend, I hope she has a ‘barren womb’ (a delightfully bibilical sounding phrase!). Makes it awkward if your position is that marriage is ONLY for heterosexuals so they can procreate … and you are BARREN!

  10. JJ says

    Why is her unholy marriage recognized, and good gay people’s not? Someone ought to pay the favor back at this lovely wading party. What jerks!

  11. jexer says

    5 years? doubtful. But I bet they stick it out for at least 2. Maybe 2.5 years tops… but more due to the celebrity madness angle than anything else.

    I hope things work out for her… we don’t need an angry bitter mouthy ex-beauty-pagent out there trying to upstage our drag queens. 😉

  12. justiceontherocks says

    The marriage will end about the same time as his football career, which should be about the end of August. He’s not now and never was a star, and he is not known for making good decisions on the field. Or off of it, we now learn.

  13. justiceontherocks says

    The marriage will end about the same time as his football career, which should be about the end of August. He’s not now and never was a star, and he is not known for making good decisions on the field. Or off of it, we now learn.

  14. planesdrifter says

    Kyle Boller is one cheesy looking fuck so they’ll make a great couple. You’d think Prejean would be getting hitched in a church not a hotel, but maybe they wouldn’t let the little poontang porn queen in one.

  15. ChrisM says

    how typical – beauty queen marries jock – both dead end careers but they’ll parlay there “fame” into some kind of inspiration speaking tag team duo providing quality marriage advice to wingnuts willing to overpay for their valuable marriage knowledge and insight …

    and how appropriate would it be if all of the gay employees of the Grand del Mar Resort (and you know there are plenty) just “happen” to come down with the swine flu the day of the wedding and have to call off sick – I know I wouldn’t be pouring any champaign for the bigot bride or any of her guests …

  16. Benji says

    You all are haters! Hate her beliefs so hate her? She doesn’t hate gays- just doesnt think they should marry. I hope your berkenstocks catch fire you losers!

  17. mike says

    I can’t wait until he gets to see the snarky vendictive side of her that gay people already know exists. She says it was the bible that made her act the way she did, but that was BS she was a b*tch first. When Kyle does something wrong, he’s in for it. And apparently his career has already peaked. If you’re a nice person then you use the bible to help people instead of slamming it in their faces.

  18. planesdrifter says

    I don’t wear Berkenstocks so no danger of flames here and I really don’t hate the girl. Her beliefs would be laughable if they weren’t being inflicted on us. You don’t understand snark, bitch.

  19. marla says

    Blueberry or cherry pie … I am soooo with you … at a key point in the ceremony. Imagine her stupid face and virginal white gown covered in pie. You may now kiss the bride. LOL

  20. Gambit39 says

    He’ll cheat on her in about a year or so and then she’ll be devastated but get a nice settlement for her time. Wasn’t she single not too long ago? This was a very quick courtship.

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