1. wtf says

    this is the caliber of person we have in congress. this is the reason we fail as a nation.

    when did we start electing fools? 50 years ago? longer? I’m sure if we study this we can find a direct correlation between our downfall and the election of idiots to our government.

  2. Buster says

    Well, you know, it’s not the best reason to vote against DADT, but if he’s right, it’s a perfectly good reason … the government should not have ANY occasion to have to inquire into a serviceperson’s sexual orientation and we shouldn’t have systems in place which invite people to cheat us of our tax dollars. And if he’s wrong and just needs a good cover story for his vote, this sounds like a good one to me.

  3. Disgusted American says

    so basically he did not vote for the repeal because it discriminates..he ONLY voted for it – because people were saying they were gay,and taking sign-on bonuses…? ahhh I c….this guys an ass, I told him as much in a note I sent to his ofc….told him I didn’t think “squinty eyed” people should hold public ofc/ cause we can’t trust them since WW2…of course I was using sarcazm in that statement…since he has a “used to be” minority has NO Problem discriminating against LGBT americans.

  4. says

    Straight soldiers faking the gay so they can get out of military commitments is a myth. In my 12 years in the Army, I never saw this happen.

  5. TampaZeke says

    He is so full of shit.

    If, during the time he served in the military, the ENTIRE military discharged less than 700 servicemembers per year then how can he possibly have “personal experience” with “too many instances” that “[HE] saw”?

    He’s a disgusting liar and Log Cabin Republicans are disgusting for endorsing this man with a 100% perfect record of anti-gay positions.

    Did HRC endorse him too? He seems like their kind of man too.

  6. Arturo Beeche says

    This soul-less mouthpiece clone is only there due to the idiocy of his two Democratic opponents…whose ambitions wrecked the election…pitiful on all sides!

  7. davii says

    He’s correct. I mean, yeah its not the best of reasons, but its true. People use these loopholes just to get out ofdeploying. Same thing with pregnancy; not all, but some females will purposefully get pregnant to exempt themselves from a tour. I have seen both instances firsthand; the unit is then undermanned, which causes a certain degree of stress for those soldiers trying to fill the void ontop of combat stress. You may not find what he says admirable, but don’t get it twisted. Slimy people do use this law as an advantage to cash out on taxpayer money and dupe the service, undermining our readiness. And I again say this as a soldier currently serving.

  8. says

    I can only imagine this was a Spam-induced fantasy and that these gigantic sums were delivered by fairies in pink tutus, but thanks for the vote, Rep. DJou! You can now return to planet Earth.

  9. says

    This is just like the Underpants Gnomes!!!!
    1. Steal underpants / Re-enlist
    2. ??? / Say you’re gay
    3. PROFIT!!!!!!!!

  10. says


    Here is a quote from Mark Twain in the late 1800’s regarding his level of respect for Congress. “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

    Idiots in Congress is not a new phenomenon.

  11. Dusty says

    Hey, if that’s the story he wants to use, let him. We still get his vote. I’d rather someone weasel for us than weasel against us.

  12. Michael @ says

    The Secretary and the Chief of the Army sent a message to troops over the weekend assuring them this “is not a done deal.”

    So, remember repealing DADT is not necessarily the same thing as ending discharges, and it won’t be unless we consistently, and loudly, make clear that’s what we expect.

    The only CERTAIN thing from this is that it is craftily timed so that we won’t have any idea of whether discharges…or even just some discharges…will ACTUALLY end SOMEDAY until after midterms.

    So the Dems have bought themselves some time

  13. james says

    I have no knowledge of this guy at all… but citing one reason for repeal doesn’t mean he does or doesn’t support other reasons for repeal. I think if he were virulently homophobic, he would have cast a different vote. He’s probably on our side.

  14. TampaZeke says

    JAMES, you obviously didn’t take the time to do the slightest bit of research into this man’s political career. If you had you wouldn’t have made such an uninformed and inaccurate statement.

    He ISN’T on our side on ANY issue; including DADT. His reason for voting against DADT was even homophobic, casting gay people as selfish, scheming, manipulative lowlifes who defraud the government and hurt the military for their own selfish gain.

    His vote was to keep “the gays” from getting any of those “special rights” that anti-gays make up and then talk endlessly about.

  15. jakeinlove says

    I could see that happening, but I wouldn’t say it’s some mass epidemic. At least not nearly used as often as a woman choosing to get pregnant to get out of the service.

  16. says

    This guy is an idiot. What he has managed to fail to realize despite his military experience is that ANYONE for any reason could receive a bill in the mail from the government if they have not completed a specified term of service after earning a bonus….not just the big bad gays trying to scam the taxpayer.

    Even I owed the military a few bucks after I was discharged from honorable service including service in Iraq. Talk about a farewell gift.

  17. jamal49 says

    Interesting. I guess one could say that straight guys have come a long way, baby. In the 1960s, in order to get out of serving in the military (the draft was in effect then), hundreds of straight boys claimed they were gay so they could get out of serving their country (to save their cowardly asses, I guess). Now, they do it to bilk the U.S. taxpayer. While the guy’s reasoning is a bit suspect, I’m glad he voted for repeal. He’s a republicon so he’s gotta answer to the baggers and all. This will give him good cover.

  18. Thomasina says

    Seriously, I think some politicians get all their education on this issue from M*A*S*H reruns.

  19. HawaiiBill says

    While Djou was running here in the special election he touted his “moderate” position against DADT but never gave that particular explanation. Interesting that it is only AFTER the election that he talks about it. And that interview is getting NO play here in Hawaii.

    For the record, the idiots at Log Cabin and GOP Proud both endorsed him (HRC did not)…even though both organizations know that he is against ENDA, for DOMA and has been loudly and publicly proclaiming his “faith” and his opposition to the recently passed Civil Unions bill here (still awaiting the Republican Governor’s decision). He was featured prominently at the large anti-Civil Union rally at our Capitol.

    Fine, we got his vote on DADT (though we didn’t need it), but make no mistake about this guy, he is NOT an ally of the GLBT community.

  20. says

    He is either ignorant, or flat out lying. Anybody discharged under DADT before they complete their tour of duty must pay back all scholarships or sign up bonuses they got. That goes for any discharge besides an honorable one (and even in the case of an honorable discharge any ongoing bonuses are discontinued). The military is not shy about billing soldiers. I am staggered that he claims to have served in the military and yet not know this. Perhaps his claims of military service are fabricated.

  21. says

    Unless the policy has changed since I was in the military, this Congressman is speaking out his arse. While I am glad he voted ‘yes’ on the repeal of DADT, his reasoning is not valid – they don’t get to keep the money. I suspect in some way he is saying this to justify his stance to Republican’s, vice just saying he thinks it is wrong, since that is not part of the Republican bigoted party platform (and this is a election year). Is he married?? Just saying….

  22. Buster says

    Oh good lord, people! Do you eat your children, too?

    No one is asking you to offer Mr. Djou free blowjobs, or vote for him or give him money. He voted on our side on this issue. YEA!! Were his reasons suspect? Sure. Is his argument b.s? Quite possibly. But attacking people when they vote WITH us is not creating the welcoming environment we should offer wavering congresspeople.

    If you mean to suggest that you’ll only accept a vote in your favor if it’s cast for what you consider a factually or morally valid reason, I hope you bring a parka to Washington, ’cause you’re gonna be standing out in the cold on Pennsylvania Avenue for a long, long time.

    As someone said above, a vote is a vote. The man’s a Republican who just made a strongly pro-gay vote and is presumably looking for a way to spin it to the conservatives who vote for him. So leave him alone and put your energy into going after people who DIDN’T vote with us this time.

  23. AG says

    Ah, politician originally from Bizzaro world. Other decisions Bizzaro politician considering:

    * Clean Water Act improvements passed, because dirty water a precious resource Bizzaro politician must hoard. Buying stock in dirty water.

    * Health Care Reform act passed, because sick people too cheap to buy insurance that insurance companies no offer to them; now insurance companies will have to offer. Take that, sick people!

    * Minimum wage raised, because it will force increase to maximum wage for wealthy Bizzaro politician supporters!

    Bizzaro politician so proud of self, but can never remember when “Yay” mean “Nay.” And me stay home when it Opposite Day (so me can vote “Present”).

  24. JT in the Army says

    This guy obviously never looked at a single enlistment or re-enlistment contract.
    Any bonus is tied to a specific time in service. Severance of service short of that time results in the soldier having to repay a portion of their bonus.
    My 6yr contract bonus states I must stay in my MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) and in service for a minimum of 4years of my 6yr contract or I have to repay a portion of my bonus based on time remaining.
    I know of guys who have their re-enlistment saying the must stay in their MOS for the entire length of their re-enlistment.

  25. Mark440 says

    It AIN’T a MYTH.

    I am personally aware of at least one re-enlistee who got his bonus and then just simply wanted the hell out.

    He got himself all drunked up and submitted himself to a couple of oral encounters. Next he goes to his chief, tells them he’s gay – and out he goes, bonus in hand.

    The problem isn’t these guys taking the money and getting out. The problem is that they use a law designed against us for personal gain – and full release from their contract. These guys also get counted in the discharge numbers.

    It should be noted the dude was married, had his wife with him, and still pulled it off. Not a single one of those dumb fucks knew what hit ’em. They just followed the rules.

  26. Paul in Honolulu says

    I have first-hand knowledge of dipwad Djou. When it looked like he was losing in the last political race, he trotted out the most odious antigay stinkpile of lies about same-sex marriage one could ever imagine. And that won him his seat. So much for Hawaiian aloha.

    But his inanity has reached the bottom with his “rationale” for repealing DADT. Even before DADT, sign-on bonuses were offered, the same scam could have been used by prevaricating enlistees even back then. The stupidity of Djou’s argument defies even simian logic. He’s steeped in homophobia and is more an avatar of Jesse Helms than an “independent.”