1. Tim W says

    Sam and The Duke’s Men of Yale performed at the American Payroll Association Congress end of May. He is definitely a true talent and sounds great in person.

  2. adam says

    Hi, i’m new to posting comments on this website. Wow . . . that was awkward. Either way; i greatly appreciate the posting of a video that isn’t a ‘California Girls’ headache filled with ugly drag queens or gay men with bodies that . . . i would appreciate a lot more clothed poorly dancing . .

  3. says

    Nick Pitera has a wonderful voice, great virbrato while the other guy Sam Tsui has the weaker voice (and the comb-over doesn’t help his appeal either). Lovely duet tho’. We need more of them. One recent duet from Glee – “Over the Rainbow” was totally amazing and inspiring. I have always wanted to hear two men sing Judy’s big song and sing it like no other male duet. And they did just that. Brings tears to your eyes!

  4. says

    My mistake the guy on the left is NOT Nick Pitera but Sam Tsui and Tsui has the better voice, better vibrato. Pitera (Italian I’m assuming) has the comb-over and the weaker voice. The Sam guy is very cute too. (I had to look them up on Google image because someone above said Sam was on the left and I had assumed he was Nick. My bad!)

  5. RJ says

    Two of my favourite Youtube singers. Nice duet, though for some reason, Nick’s lower register here isn’t quite as good as it has been in other performances. He did an amazing trio (with himself) singing “Like A Prayer” and a great duet mashup (again with himself) of “Already Gone” and “Halo”.

    @Tofer David: I agreem Sam’s MJ medley is amazing.

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