Gay Vancouver Couple Attacked, Bitten by Thugs

A Vancouver couple who returned home on Saturday night were attacked by two men they found urinating against their townhouse. The Province reports:

Vancouver "Two thugs viciously assaulted David Holtzman and his partner, Peter Regier, as they tried to enter their townhouse on Keefer Street at around 10:45 p.m.

'We were out at a concert and came home and found two guys on our steps peeing against the wall,' Holtzman told The Province.

'I said, ‘Do you really have to pee there?’'

The man replied with extremely vulgar, anti-gay invective, he said.

Holtzman said he and Regier were attacked without provocation. He received about 50 punches to his head and body and was twice bitten by his attacker.

He still had blurry vision in one eye Sunday, but an eye doctor has told him he likely will recover.

Both Holtzman and Regier suffered concussions, with Regier beaten so viciously he was taken to hospital, where surgical staples were put in his head to close a wound."

Although there was a UFC fight going on in the area, police say there appears to be no connection between it and the couple's attackers, thought they will continue to look into it.


  1. Michael Cummings says

    There seems to be a lots of anti-gay violence coming from Canada lately. I remember posts from Canadians decrying the violence here in the U.S., saying how much more evolved Canadians were. Guess not. It’s scary how there seems to be more and more violence against our community, even in seemingly safe havens like Canada. I know I have altered my day-to-day behaviors by enrolling in a self-defense class and in a firearms safety class.

  2. MitchNYC says

    I’m noticing the same thing Michael. I guess the conservative regime in emboldening thugs and morons. And I think you has the right idea. No more Mr. Nice Gay with these assholes.

  3. Marc says

    Wow, I live and work in the same area and have to admit, it IS the worst neighbourhood in ALL OF CANADA, so go figure. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often than it does.
    The area is infested with addicts and quite dangerous at times.

    I bet you didn’t get to see that HUGE part of Vancouver during all that nicey NBC Olympic coverage didja?

  4. John says

    And before the usual suspects start blaming immigrants and assorted minorities, most of the violence is being perpetuated by lily white, young Canadian born males.

    This is definitely a homegrown problem.

    And many people in Canada are seemingly in denial about it. Because the reaction has been characterized by an utter lack of urgency. That goes for both the authorities and LGBT community alike.

  5. Matt says

    This is horrible and of course you can be caught off guard or overpowered but come on people, FIGHT BACK with anything you can! Bite the motherfucker back, gouge out his eye, kick him in the groin, ANYTHING! It was two against two for God’s sake.

  6. TANK says

    Not victim blaming, but if you don’t fight back…this will happen. And don’t just fight back…kill these people in self defense. Scream gun before unloading into their heads just so you’ve got plausible deniability.

  7. Get Real says

    It is well past time for gay men to arm themselves with guns, or at least bear spray. This sort of human debris needs to learn the hard way not to screw with us.

  8. user says

    this kind of unprovoked and extreme violence should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. i sincerely hope these two thugs face jail time. they are clearly a dangerous threat to public safety.

  9. Bill says

    Haterosexual hate in action. Here we have two haterosexual males who believe they have a right to do whatever they want to a gay person’s property and if challanged use violence.

  10. says

    Couldn’t agree more with those advocating fighting back. If anyone messes with me, they might ultimately win the battle, but I gaurantee they will not go unscathed when all is said and done. I’ll bet they would think twice before attacking anyone else. As a gay man, I prefer fondling balls over kicking them, but if given no other option, kick them I will.

  11. E. says

    I truly don’t understand all these comments about fighting back. Yes, that’s important and necessary, but where in the article does it say that these two guys just lay there and submitted to a beating? It’s hard not to sense a whiff of blaming the victim in these comments, which is a really sad and unwarranted response to a really sad and unwarranted crime.

  12. Mark says

    I live in Vancouver, and although this is a transitional area, it is unlikely that the two who did this were “locals” from the downtown eastside. Get a grip. Likely these were two guys in town drinking for the evening from the burbs. I know both Peter and David and it is unlikely they fought back with more than simple defense, nor should they. If these thugs are up for beating up gay guys they are just as likely to carry weapons and more of us will end up dead if we start advocating violence. Let the law deal with these matters while at the same time we need to be more vigilent in raising awareness of the increase in violence in our community and ensuring legistlators and police forces respond with tough action and consequence.

  13. FML says

    Just because it’s two against two doesn’t mean you’re not going to be overpowered if the other dudes are whacked out on drugs or just bigger, faster, and meaner than you are. Stop blaming the victims.

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