GLAAD: O’Reilly Needs to Apologize for Comparing Gays to Terrorists

GLAAD is demanding an apology from FOX News and Bill O'Reilly after O'Reilly commented on a gay-friendly McDonald's ad earlier this week by wondering if the restaurant chain might soon be reaching out with niche marketing to al Qaeda.

Writes GLAAD:

"Instead of evaluating the commercial in a fair manner, O’Reilly used the occasion to defame the LGBT community, suggesting that McDonald’s might begin marketing to terrorists simply because the company produced a gay friendly television commercial. His lighthearted tone in the segment was equally disturbing.

Cable opinion programs like “The O’Reilly Factor” have a responsibility to cover issues with a level of respect and civility. Bill O’Reilly failed to live up to that standard in making these defamatory remarks. Fox News Channel is equally accountable for allowing O’Reilly a platform for this insulting and irresponsible commentary.  Please contact Fox News Channel and voice your concerns about Bill O’Reilly's history of verbal attacks on LGBT people including this latest incident of comparing the gay community to al Qaeda. Urge O’Reilly and Fox News to apologize and tell the network to stop allowing its airwaves to be used for anti-gay defamation."

You can find information on contacting the network here


  1. Mike says

    Clearly FOX NEWS knows it’s audience, and it is far from being gay friendly. In fact, it is openly hostile. The sad thing about this is the mainstream press CONTINUALLY gives FOX a pass on this nonsense. If that commercial had only black people in it, and the same type of comment had been made, the outrage would be deafening. I’m more upset with the mainstream press than FOX. FOX doesn’t care, the mainstream press is suppose to…

  2. wtf says

    Bill ORly needs to fucking apologize for sharing the same airspace with me. He is beyond apology. Eat lead motherfucker.

  3. woodroad34d says

    Aren’t Al Qaeda straight? By Bill’s rules that makes all straight people Al Qaeda, actually: they start wars, lie, cheat, steal…Just look at the Florida Gubernatorial candidate for instance.

  4. hugo says

    O’Reilly just needs to choke on his own overblown self-importance. Soon would not be early enough.

  5. LincolnLounger says

    I don’t mind that Bill O’Reilly is a homophobe. What bothers me is that he pretends that he is not.

  6. Dairyqueenuuen says

    Good Luck with that. He is not going to apologize. He feels what shit comes out his mouth is the truth. I think it a big waste of time for GLADD and this petition to pursue this. He Bill ever apologize for any anti-gay/trans remarks?

  7. Drew says

    Fox News is not real news, so who gives a fuck what this prick says. They’re all oportunists on that channel, so ignore them.

  8. BobN says

    I think GLAAD needs to stop issuing calls for apology and start sending thank-you press releases to people like O’Reilly for showing the rest of the world what a real asshat looks like.

  9. says

    Don’t encourage him, GLAAD! He loves this sort of attention. Demands for apologies from “PC groups” are his bread and butter. Instead they should ask him if McDonald’s is going to have ads next that celebrate old hacks accused of sexually harassing women with felafel. That would raise his blood pressure.

  10. Tom dempsey says

    I’m demanding a apology from GLAAD for giving Bill O’Reilly the time of day.

    Stick to the awards! It raises more money from the pigeons.

  11. Jim says

    Anybody who expects wingnut rant shows to be respectful and have any level of decorum is pretty delusional.