Jim Carrey – Ewan McGregor Prison Romance Pushed Again


The Jim Carrey – Ewan McGregor gay prison romance that you may never see has just been delayed again:

"California District Court Judge Dale Fischer has delayed the release because of a row between producers and distributors.

French studio EuropaCorp claims Consolidated Pictures owes $3m (£2m)…Once the movie was was screened at the Sundance Film Festival last year, Consolidated bought the rights to distribute it in the US.

However, EuropaCorp said it never received the agreed advance that it claimed Consolidated said it would pay last year.

Despite an apparent agreement, which allowed Consolidated to pay the money in three separate instalments, EuropaCorp said it is yet to receive any cash.

In April the French studio filed legal action against Consolidated alleging breach of contract and copyright infringement.

Consolidated argued that EuropaCorp had not delivered the film on time and had breached its agreement by entering into distribution agreements."


  1. james says

    Strange… my college’s film society did a screening already.

    It really wasn’t that good. But i guess it’s out there if you really want it.

  2. Rowan says

    @ Johnny

    It is a true story

    @ rest of posters

    I guess you don’t GET the irony in your comments? Yep, who cares when you can just download it. Power to gay rights eh?

  3. michael says

    Saw it on an Air France flight from Atlanta to Paris three weeks ago. Interesting — not what I expected at all (story), but thought the acting was quality.

  4. Tom says

    Was not a big fan of Jim Carrey before this. (There are only so many rubber faces that a person can take.)HOWEVER I liked this very much. Ewan McGregor and Jim work pure magic together somehow . . .

    Bought the DVD SEVERAL months ago.

    Hope that there will be a sequel!

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