1. says

    Looks like it was so much fun. All the Lovers is such a great song. The dancers should have re-enacted the flesh mountain orgy for Kylie to sing from.

  2. TANK says

    Too gay. Musto’s like a gay oracle…a goracle…AND he looks like punxsutawney phil.

  3. Toddyy says

    It pains me that Splash is the place where someone like Kylie has to do her “surprise” appearance. Madonna, Bette Midler, Cher, Beyonce all got to pop up at the Roxy well after midnight. Kylie should have come sooner!

  4. vinny Vega says

    it was a great night, and im the dancer to her right who also had the huge smile from the pic, and im not a douchebag, thanx though…air conditioner broke that night so it was 200 degrees but it was an amazing night

  5. bla says

    Someone said something about the Roxy. Maybe Kylie likes this kind of situation where, in America at least, she remains kind of “underground” with her almost strictly gay fanbase, as has been said by her many times, regarding America at least. (Especially about her US tour last year)

    Anyway awesome song! Kylie’s always gorgeous too

  6. SKOC211 says

    I refuse to spend $20 just to get into a club no matter how cute the boys are. Same goes for Rush.

  7. Alex says

    @Vinny Im sorry hun but you are not a dancer. Thrusting your hips from side to side and jumping up and down does not constitute dancing. I feel so bad for Kylie that they didnt give her actual dancers but she had to be on stage with a bunch of generic NY gogo boys who cant dance to save their lives. Im sure there are tons of real dancers in NY that would have died for a chance to be on the same stage as Kylie.

  8. Derek says

    Alex hun Vinny may not be a dancer but you sure ARE a total cunt.

    I feel bad for your mother giving birth to such a nasty turd.

    Fuck off….

  9. Alex says

    I know you mean well but I dont think the gogo boys need anyone to defend them. They all seem pretty pleased with themselves and their work.

  10. says

    Excuse me, Miss Thing in silver…could you please Move–you’re blocking my view of the naked dancing boys!
    So….must be some singer-d’jour or someone? She comes out, and lip-sync’s to her own song, and the crowd goes wild?!
    I don’t get it.


  11. Vinny Vega says

    Well i never claimed to be a professional dancer and none of us knew about kylie till the last minute so we couldnt plan anything anywayz, we were all supposed to just dance to the music and as with very limited space in there thats what we did…and i must say it was the time of my life! and bruce, thanx much : )

  12. Vinny Vega says

    and kylie was singing along to the backing track and ver well might i add, trust me lol

  13. Eugene says

    I WAS THERE!!! And geezus, what an amazing time. She just went nuts and soaked it ALL in! First, SHE LOOKS AMAZING! Always has and hopefully always will. So sexy and smooth. All The Lovers was fantastic… but the 6-song MEGAMIX was incredible (and she said it was the first time she had performed it ever!). It was soooo hot in Splash, she grabbed a bottle of water and poured it down her back, onto her chest, and sprinkled the crowd too. SUCH AN ENTERTAINER

  14. Amaezm says

    really…Bruce Wayne is referring to Kylie Minogue as a singer du’jour? This isn’t Rhianna or Ke$ha. Its fucking Kylie Minogue.. I really hate people that are that negative they have to hate on everything. MY guess is you are unhappy with your life and are projecting via the anonymity of the internet. Move along please

  15. princeofgaysia says

    Vinny, you are very talented and sexy! and just ignore negative comments from bitter and most likely obese and lifeless queens.

  16. FunMe says

    That actually looks like FUN. I am glad everyone who was there had fun, including the dancers. Interesting, how some people would rather throw negativity out in the universe. Let me them. Others who are much happier with themselves like Vinny will be enjoying life a lot longer and with a lot more FUN in their life than the Debbie Downers like Alex.

    Go Kyle! Go Vinny! Glad you all had fun.

  17. Eric says

    I was right there front row… one of the most amazing moments ever for a Kylie fan. I think it is funny all the negative comments… there are no other places in the city (Roxy gone) to do appearances like this. Splash isn’t my favorite, but after this night, elevated in my mind. SO MUCH FUN.

  18. says

    Amaezm ……

    The only hate is coming from You. Nothing I said was hateful. Just my opinion about the current crop of processed and shrink-wrapped singers that are being sold to the public these days.
    It looked like everyone had a good time, though. I’m glad people can still have fun! And, I suppose, standards being where they are in the world of ‘entertainment’ (I was in it, so give me points for some credibility) you are free to lower yours to any level.
    So, go on back to your hysterics. Screaming like a little girl is So attractive. ‘Move along?’ Very mature.

  19. KayCeyEff says

    Ew. Bruce you’re totally creeping on someone out of your league and hating on Kylie at the same time. Foolishness.

  20. Rocky says

    @ Eric

    “I was right there front row… one of the most amazing moments ever for a Kylie fan. I think it is funny all the negative comments… there are no other places in the city (Roxy gone) to do appearances like this. Splash isn’t my favorite, but after this night, elevated in my mind. SO MUCH FUN”

    Im sorry but you will never find me at Splash,even though its the only gay “club” in the city as of right now.I love Kylie,but splash would be last place Id ever go with the limited places in the city.And if anyone is being negative its the city itself.They are the fascists loons who have spent the last few years shutting down every club they can get their grimy paws on.And to this day,they are still doing it.If I had to choose between a trashy gay bar like splash and the str8 club Pacha (which is full of rude obnoxious bridge & tunnel heteros) Id most likely go to Pacha.


    “I refuse to spend $20 just to get into a club no matter how cute the boys are. Same goes for Rush”

    GOOD! The less of you cheapskate queens who dont think you should pay your way to get into places the better.Now granted Splash is one of the worst gay bars in the city,Ill give you that.I would never pay $20 to get in there either.Rush is a place for underagers who wanna look cool,thats why its 18+.Most of the little queens who go there arent even old enough to be at a bar or club anyway,some arent even old enough to vote.So going there should be out of the question for anyone over 21.But there were places in NYC at one time which had $15-$25 covers and believe me they were worth every penny.I cant put ALL of the blame on the city,with lazy,cheap promoters in the gay nightlife game,none of them have been reliable on getting gay nightlife back on its feet.So with both the city’s anti-nightlife fascism and lazy,money grubbing,cheapskate nightlife personnel,the city can bitch and moan all they want about how they’re not getting enough gay tourist dollars,but at the end of the day,they only have THEMSELVES to blame.They’ve already made themselves seem less of a gay-friendly city over the past few years and thats an embarrassment to a gay new york resident like myself.If they keep their slimy paws off our nightlife and stop chasing us gays out of our own fucking homes so those damn rich heterosexual slobs can move in and take over the whole damn city and rob New York of its soul and personality we wont have a problem.My rant is over

  21. says

    Those lucky boys at 6:30 – that’s better than getting splashed with holy water by the pope! Only in NY would this happen – the days of Kylie doing club promos in other parts of the world are long gone.

  22. Mayor McQueen says

    Vinny, was that a roll of bills, or were you just excited to see her? Stay sweet!

  23. JOE NEVAREZ says

    To Bruce Wayne, I am sorry you feel that way, But I was at her concert in Los Angeles where there was no backtrack of any sort. Kylie has some pipes on her. She can sing LIVE better than anyone else I’ve heard at a concert. She was applauded in all the newspapers for that when she did her American Tour. I GUESS YOU DIDN”T READ THEM… Also I hope you know no one copy cats the other. Each one has influenced the other since they both admire each other. Kylie Loves Madonna and Madonna Loves Kylie… Enough said… /Users/VIRGOLIBRA/Desktop/_41166301_madonnaap_203.jpg